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World of Warcraft: Winterpelt Hollow Quest Guide


Shiverweb Vale is one of the new areas to visit in the Dragonflight expansion. It is located in the Azure Span which is part of the new Dragon Isles map. As a completely new site, you can expect to find quite a few tasks in this area.

One of these quests is Shiverweb Vale which is a series of quests with many sub-tasks. Let’s find out how you can complete it.

Shiverweb Vale Mission Guide in World of Warcraft

To start the quest chain, you first have to talk to Lilial Dawnburst who you can find in this part of the map:

It will have two missions available that you can get. Make sure to get all of the missions that represent the Eight Legged Menace and the Ice Nets.


As for Icy Webs, you will need to free 6 survivors trapped in Shiverweb Vale. You can find a lot of them in the area, and all you have to do is interact with them to free them. In the Eight-Legged Menace mission, you will need to kill 10 Shiverweb Crawlers or Shiverweb Creepers. At the same time, you also have to kill 3 primitive tenders.

Similar to Icy Webs, you can find these monsters in the area. Since the monsters are close to the survivors themselves, you’ll be able to complete both missions relatively quickly. After completing both missions, be sure to turn them into Lilial Dawnburst to get some rewards.

After both missions are delivered, Lilial will give you a new mission called Grungnir the Explorer. This is very easy because all you have to do is search for Grungnir Ironspout. Simply follow the mission marker and interact with it to complete the mission.

The second half of the task line

After talking to Grungnir Ironspout, two new quests that are part of the quest series will be available: Dwarven Antifreeze and Primalist Tampering. Make sure you accept both. It is relatively easy to complete these two tasks as well.

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For Dwarven Antifreeze, you only have to loot 6 vials of Dwarven Antifreeze from Primalist Infusers within the area. As for the primal tamper, you need to retrieve three runes for the Frostcallers. You can get it by killing the three callers by Frostcallers and they are as follows:

  • Frostcaller Julh’ek
  • Frostcaller Nai’jin
  • Frostcaller Sin’tia

You can find them inside the area where the primary decomposers are located, allowing you to complete both tasks at the same time. As before, hand them over to Grungnir after completing both missions to receive some rewards.

last part

Once you have completed both missions, Grungnir will then give you the final mission of the mission line, Kill the Queen. The objective of this mission is very simple: just kill the Shiverweb Queen. Just follow the mission sign which will lead you inside the cave where the boss will appear.

If it is not there, wait a few minutes for it to multiply. Since this is a boss, it can be a tough fight, so make sure you have the right gear with you. Having teammates to confront the coach will also make defeat a lot easier.

After defeating the Queen, return to Grungnir and run the mission. It will then give you a Shiverweb Egg and a few Reputation Expeditions as rewards. This will also unlock achievement progression for Shiverweb Vale which is part of the Sojourner of Azure Span achievement.


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