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World of Warcraft: Rustpine Den Quest Guide

Survival within the game requires not only courage, strength and strategy. You must also learn how to take risks and invest money to make your character stronger in front of the enemy zombies.

Legendary weapons and technical parts are important if you really want to improve your defenses and offenses. However, it is relatively difficult to obtain compared to winning a tour. The only possible and usual place where you can get it is by completing daily challenges, in daily purchases, or in the gem shop.

On a more serious and competitive note, spending real money is the way to easily obtain this equipment and make it easier for your character to win in games. However, it is certainly difficult to decide what to buy in what context.

To help you solve this dilemma, we have prepared this brief guide to share some tips on where you can use your money in order to be more strict.

Items to buy | About what you spend your money on Survivor.io

Even in the game, you have to think and use your money wisely according to your needs and goals. We’ll start with items that you can get with a small amount of money and then increase the amount.

For $18, you can buy the Monthly Pass and the Monthly Super Card. Once you buy this, it will be easier for you to gain experience and gold. Having said that, you can develop and upgrade your talents faster and get high player stats.

If you have $20, you can already buy some items in your store. However, it won’t be much. But you can use this for the daily discount to buy the random parts chest. This will cost you $24.

In this chest, you will receive 3000 gems and 12 random tech pieces with a higher chance of getting epic pieces. This might seem like a little too much, but it’s already a good start because of the boosts it can give you.

Moreover, if your budget is not limited and you want to spend up to $100, these are the recommendations for you.

First, you can purchase the Random Parts Chest, as well as two monthly cards. After that, you can also buy Growth Fund. Doing this, you will get 40,000 gems. This huge amount of gems can be used to spend on S class equipment. After that, you can still buy another random parts chest.

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