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World of Warcraft: Generosity Abounds Quest Guide

Winterpelt Hollow is one of the new areas in the Dragonflight expansion. This is located specifically in the Azure Span, and completing its mission will allow you to advance in the completion of the Sojourner of Azure Span.

In this guide, I will show you how you can complete the entire Winterpelt Hollow quest.

Winterpelt Hollow Quest Guide in World of Warcraft

To get started, you’ll want to head to Camp Nowhere and search for NPC Radza Thunderclaw to receive your first mission. The first mission in this series is called “What of the Winterpelt Clan?” And, in this, you need to look for Sonova Snowden in Theron Watch.

Simply follow the task sign to get to the site. Talk to Sonova as soon as you arrive and complete the task. He will then have two new missions available: Aggressive Self-Defense and Hollow. You can complete the first by defeating 6 Winterpelt Furbolgs that you can find inside the area.

As for Hollow Up, you’ll need to uncover 6 clues inside Winterpelt Hollow. At the same time, you want to talk to Tyrnokos Sunstrike within the region and accept the Wayward Tools quest.

This mission will involve rescuing 6 stray tools. You can actually complete all three missions at the same time since they are in the same area.

Once the missions are completed, return to both Tyrnokos and Sonova to hand them over. Sonova will then give you a new mission called Bear With Me where you have to help translate Sonova.

There will be dialogue options for this option, although there is actually no correct answer. Just choose any dialogue you want.

After that, Sonova will reward you with some gold coins. Also, it will then give you the last mission in the chain.

last part

The Ice Cave quest you got is the last quest in Winterpelt Hollow. After accepting the mission from Sonova, you will then have to explore a specific cave in Winterpelt Hollow. Just follow the mission sign that will lead you to the location of the cave.

Inside, you’ll encounter some of the inmates of Winterpelt as well as Stormshackler Rynea. Defeat them all and talk to Kranac Sagesnow in the corner of the cave. Once you’re done, simply turn back to Sonova to hand the job over.

This will then end the Winterpelt Hollow quest.

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