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Who Killed Takeoff? Migos Rapper Is Shot Dead At 28

Alarming information has surfaced about the rapper taking off as the rapper is dead at the age of 28. Which has hurt all the take off followers and family members on notification. But how did the rapper die?

Read on to learn more about the rapper’s take-off after being shot at age 28.

Rapper Takeoff shot dead at 28

Take off was a member of the Migos group that was just recently at the bowling alley. It was only on Tuesday of this week that news broke of the rapper’s loss of life. According to a report by NewsJane, it was after an altercation that rapper Takeoff was shot dead.

The rapper was lifeless at 2:30 a.m. A shooting occurred during a Cubs game in Houston, Texas, killing one on takeoff. One of the many witnesses said the rapper was shot somewhere in the head or neck.

Quavo and Takeoff attended a mass at bowling alley

Takeoff and Quavo were each participating in a cube game at a bowling alley in Houston, Texas. According to estimates, there were around 50 people in the bowling alley where the shooting started. Which took the rapper’s life. Although Quavo was present with takeoff, he didn’t crash. In fact, Takeoff even posted a photo of the bowling alley on his Instagram.

At the time of the shooting, 911 was aware of the incident at the bowling alley. As soon as Houston police received a report of the late evening shooting, the couple died at the scene of a takeoff shot. Nevertheless, two others had accidents due to firing just as effectively. However, they were present inside the hospital to deal with accidents.

Followers pay tribute to late rapper Takeoff

News of the rapper’s take-off loss hurt and upset all of his followers. It was unbelievable for them to just accept that the take off was not an extra. The rapper was a prominent member of the group Migos who adopted the style for the 2013 hit “Versace.”

Meanwhile, now that the rapper is dead we have the rapper’s followers paying tribute to the late rapper. Not to be missed, netizens are expressing their heartfelt condolences to rapper Takeoff’s family. Additionally, this is not the first time a rapper has been shot as there have been similar incidents and attacks on rappers before.

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