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Virall La Varita De Emiliano Video La Barita De Emiliano

Virall La Varita De Emiliano Video La Barita De Emiliano – Dr. Mohammad Marandi argues that the United States, which supports most dictatorships, is not capable of dealing with Iran’s electoral process.

Almost every coup in Latin America is known to have been promoted by Washington.

Virall La Varita De Emiliano Video La Barita De Emiliano

Virall La Varita De Emiliano Video La Barita De Emiliano

You could argue that the CIA and other yankee war agencies are a threat to any nation that doesn’t go along with the empire’s agenda.

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The following is: Iranian political commentator Mohammad Marandi said that the US, which supports a global dictatorship, cannot judge Iran’s electoral process. “The United States does not criticize Israel for its apartheid regime,” En Marandi told Press TV on Thursday. and Qatar, which “have no democracy, no elections, no constitution. In North Africa and Syria.” Marandi added that the U.S. also backed former Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak and ousted Tunisian dictator Jean Ravidin Ben Ali, referring to Washington’s support for militants in Syria. , Marandi said the United States is funding the same terrorist and al-Qaeda forces that the United States is using as a pretext to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. “So there is no reason to believe that the United States does not care at all about the will of the Iranian people,” said an Iranian analyst.U.S. State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said on May 21 that a total of 686 people had signed up to the Iran Guardian Council. Iran’s presidential election, which will be held on June 14. May 7-11 Earlier this week, Iran’s Interior Ministry criticized background checks on presidential candidates approved by Iran’s Interior Ministry for the June 14 presidential election. A list of eight has been released.

In 2003 May 30 the writer Miquel López Crespí first called to fight the PP after the defeat of the Progressive Agreement.

All the newspapers of the island highlight and appreciate the strong speech given by the author of Sa Pobla Miquel López Crespí at the opening ceremony of the 21st book fair in defense of our culture. Journalist Sebastià Bennasar in Diari de Balears (31-V-03), “Book fair 2003: a call for the social use of Catalan, was born. López Crespí, Sampol [Balearic Government] and Munnar (Mallorca Parliament Speaker) are crying. ) strongly He requires “verbal fighting power.” He wrote: Yesterday at the opening ceremony of the 21st Book Fair, where 31 exhibitors gathered in Passeig del Born until Sunday, June 8.

Writer Miquel López Crespí, a party envoy, explained that “although this article was written before the fair, now it has a different meaning and can be interpreted in different ways.”

La Forja De Un Maestro

“López Crespí said: “Francesc de Borja Moll helped us to serve the Word and the fighting spirit in dark times. Despite the current progress in the normalization of our culture, we must always keep in mind the great philologist’s spirit of incessant resistance,” he is convinced. For the team of collaborators that eminent philologists were able to assemble, they played the most important role in preserving our cultural heritage.

In 2003 May 30 the writer Miquel López Crespí first called to fight the PP after the defeat of the Progressive Agreement.

The local writer also noted that the continuation of Monsignor Alcover’s work on the discontinued Catalan-Valencian-Balinese dictionary is one of the most important milestones in our history in terms of preserving the Catalan language. We must remember that at the time of the post-war revival, the Obra del Diccionari was truly one platform for the national reconstruction of the Catalan state. The key to the reorganization of the survivors, dissemination and awareness of the general public, especially the new generation.” López Crespí also provided an important overview of the work done by editor Moll in promoting literature and publishing a book in Catalan in Mallorca. “It” that the artists of the 70s will accept us.

Virall La Varita De Emiliano Video La Barita De Emiliano

The opening of this book fair was more politicized than ever, as Mayor Joan Fageda, Vice President of the Government Pere Sampol and Speaker of the Parliament Maria Antònia Munar addressed the public from the podium. […]

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Sampol explained that “as the social use of language declines, only one approach is possible. Now is not the time to cry, but the time to do pedagogy to increase the social use of Catalan. We must use our cultural, linguistic and even political militancy to help all newcomers and islanders to love and understand our language.

Munnar closed the event and opened the fair, explaining that “every spring, it’s a joy to see books that go out into the streets and culture to reach all citizens.” But he also said: “The readers are gone, but more and more are being published. For the time being, it is necessary to encourage the reading of published books, especially in an age when new technologies are not favorable.

In her case, on the cultural page of the newspaper Última Hora, the journalist Laura Moyà in a big headline announcing the opening of the XXI book fair, “Miquel López Crespí in the manifesto of the larger “uso social” book fair. in Catalan: “The manifesto of Francesc de A, commissioned and read by Miquel López Crespí, centered on the defense of B. Moll’s symbols and language, opened the day’s activities.

“Francesc de B. Moll helped us preserve the word and maintain the fighting spirit in dark times,” said López Crespí. Unos tiempos reales “because even now, despite the many advances made in our linguistic and cultural normalization, we must always bear in mind the indomitable spirit of resistance of our great philologists.” To López Crespí: “Nothing is more powerful than the important and enormous work of Molo to disperse the ashes that still hover over our identity.” Above all, the artist emphasized the need to restore the “social use of the Catalan language”.

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Bel M. Riera is having lunch at work with four colleagues. After dropping them off at their respective homes, they parked their cars in the second row in front of the family business, intending to get into the car immediately. At that point, two city officials stopped and began formalizing related complaints. Riera took to the streets and lamented that the officials were fined “if you have two minutes”. Neighbors and onlookers soon took to the streets to watch the spectacle. Soon after, the police demanded “documents” from him. Citizens and local police clashed. Disgusted, Riera finally asked the policeman to speak to him “because in Catalan you are an official of the city council and we pay you”.

The agent’s response was “Do you want to speak Andalusian?” in Spanish. A few minutes later, another patrol car arrived at the scene. One of the new agents asked Riera if she had any problem taking a breathalyzer test. The citizen passed the negative test. Quan l’agent li tornava el broquet per on s’insufla l’aire a l’alcoholímetre, retragué a Riera, parlant en català: “Si no t’agrada l’espanyol, te’n vas a viure al Marroc”. Another agent said: “She (meaning Liera) works at the Catalan Institute.” Meanwhile, the car recovered and Liera was unable to move because her license was found to be expired. His business client proved he had a valid driver’s license and eventually moved the car into the correct parking space. The agents denounced Liera as a “contempt of the authorities”. lyre,

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