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Video Tiết Lộ Thông Tin Nạn Nhân án Mạng ở Hải Dương


Video Tiết Lộ Thông Tin Nạn Nhân án Mạng ở Hải Dương – There are very simple behaviors that can reveal our personal information, for example, we participate in social media games such as fortune telling, facial photography, etc.

Not only receiving fraudulent messages, fake links, users are also harassed by phone calls offering different types of services. There are many reasons for increasing the disclosure of personal data. which recently showed the situation of users exposed to information harassed by technology taxis.

Video Tiết Lộ Thông Tin Nạn Nhân án Mạng ở Hải Dương

Video Tiết Lộ Thông Tin Nạn Nhân án Mạng ở Hải Dương

How to protect personal data, not to be deceived, PV discussed this issue with Mr. Nguyen Quang Dong, director of the Institute for Political Research and Development of Communication, member of the executive committee of the Vietnam Number Media Association.

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Sir, what is your comment on the fact that there is a public opinion that it is enough to spend 600 dong to buy personal information with full name, phone number or email?

Mr. Nguyen Quang Dong: Buying and selling personal information is very popular nowadays, this is due to the fact that the activities on the Internet and social networking environment are increasing every day. We shop a lot of businesses online. Now when we do something, all service providers ask for our phone number, address and email to facilitate transactions and contact.

However, the associated result is that many business entities do not understand the provisions of the law and, when collecting information about customers, sell it to third parties.

So do you think collecting personal data and then selling it to a third party is one of the reasons for the rise of online fraud?

Làm Gì để Tránh Bị Rò Rỉ Thông Tin Cá Nhân?

Mr. Nguyen Quang Dong: You can say that, but of course it is not only basic personal information, but it comes with more sensitive information like identification number or identification characters, other forms like the photo of the face, date of birth, the bad security of our social network account…. Different information will lead to hacking of our network account or lost password. Losing basic information and accounts can easily lead to fraud.

According to a recently published report on the digital economy in Southeast Asia, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, 8 million new users of digital technology have been added to our country until the first half of 2021. More than half of them are in rural areas and many of them are children. What’s the relationship between the numbers and the privacy story we’re talking about, sir?

Mr. Nguyen Quang Dong: Vietnam is one of the fastest growing digital economy countries in the world. Vietnamese people are characterized by a young population, very knowledgeable and love to use technology, so access to our technology platforms is very fast. The percentage of social network users is very high. Another thing, the rate of people accessing the internet and using smartphones in Vietnam is also very fast.

Video Tiết Lộ Thông Tin Nạn Nhân án Mạng ở Hải Dương

But it creates a great impetus for economic and business activities in the digital environment. We have seen very explosive e-commerce, or the use of technology in the areas of education, health care, tourism very well. This will bring great economic benefits. However, the implications related to digital skills, i.e. technological knowledge, technological knowledge, awareness of security and cyber security, are not equipped with a proportional acceleration, which brings a higher risk for us.

Danh Tính Nạn Nhân Tử Vong Trong Vụ Tai Nạn Liên Hoàn ở Cầu Thăng Long

I have such a comparison, we have a very good highway network built. People with smart phones and social networks, as equipped with a large volume car, drive very fast on the highway, but we are not trained in safe driving skills and safe driving. This of course leads to a very high risk of an accident. .

Population groups such as the elderly in rural areas or even people in less developed areas are particularly vulnerable to technological risks.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Dong, Director of the Institute for Policy Research and Communication Development (Photo: Dang Khoa)

: There is an example like this, if you drive a technology taxi, then the customer’s personal information from home address, phone number is published publicly online. What can customers do to avoid harassing calls or is there a law to protect customers or is there a way to delete information online sir?

Luật Sư Tiết Lộ Tội ác Của Dì Ghẻ Và Cha Ruột Bé V.a Không Chỉ Dừng ở 283 Clip, Càng đọc Càng Sợ

Mr. Nguyen Quang Dong: The situation is very common and real, it is also very difficult to manage this stage because of the following reasons:

First, when businesses disclose such information, it is very difficult to investigate and process users. Along with that, we will not suffer much from the loss of such basic information. Because of this, we often ignore, can’t, don’t want to sue or have complaints and reports to address violations.

In itself, it is very difficult to determine which party has violated, how to process such a procedure or complaint. If you do, if there is a long-term risk and millions of people have their technical personal data breached, breached, sold, it will become a social problem. My personal experience shows that we should choose a transport company with a good reputation

Video Tiết Lộ Thông Tin Nạn Nhân án Mạng ở Hải Dương

When users themselves fill in personal information and fake websites are sent or involved by fraudsters in promotions, but the information is then sold to websites that provide user data. So how do we deal with violations on this site sir?

Quyết Tấm Kết Hôn Khi ‘người Tình’ Tiết Lộ Nhiễm Hiv

Mr. Nguyen Quang Dong: We need many activities at different levels. For example, users may be due to hotlines or websites of the Ministry of Public Security, Cyber​​​​Security Department, High-Tech Crime Prevention or some Vietnamese consumer protection associations. Information may be recorded.

All associations or such cases will collect information and forward it to investigative authorities to help them investigate violations. These are things that any individual can do. Second, each individual must also increase their knowledge and understanding of technology. For example, they should choose reputable service providers; Do not provide too much personal information unless necessary.

There are very simple behaviors that can reveal our personal information, such as participating in social media games such as guessing or taking a photo of our face and giving our date of birth. This is essentially a form of personal data collection. We lose the date, year of birth, lost photos, … if we lose the whole residential address, identity card, it is very dangerous to connect such a series.

Finally, in terms of level, legally, Vietnam is also

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