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Video Syrian Kid Gets His Head Chopped Viral

Video Syrian Kid Gets His Head Chopped Viral – Lebanon has arrested a man who encouraged his two-year-old son to beat up a Syrian boy, after a video of the shocking beating went viral, state media reported on Sunday.

A cousin of the boy named Abbas, whose video was posted online on Friday night, was also arrested, the National News Agency said, citing a police statement.

Video Syrian Kid Gets His Head Chopped Viral

Video Syrian Kid Gets His Head Chopped Viral

In footage posted by the Ya Sour website, Abbas punches Khalid, punching him in various parts of the body, punching and kicking him, as adults, who can be heard but not seen, call out to him.

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Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi ordered an investigation and on Saturday night police arrested “Abbas’s father and his cousin who recorded the video following an investigation by online activists,” the agency said.

The video sparked protests across Lebanon with angry comments posted on Facebook and Twitter, with one user saying he was “ashamed to be Lebanese”.

In the video, Abbas grabs a fist with his fists, punches the other boy, punches him in the face, slaps him and kicks him.

The adults and children offscreen want a more violent beating and order the boy, who repeatedly tries to protect himself with his hands, to shut up.

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Abbas, who has a ponytail and the characteristics of a girl, is told to slap the boy and he does, then tells him to slap him in the stomach and acts like a game again.

The old man says, “No, he’s not strong,” and asks Abbas to “box” the other boy. “Yalla Abbas,” he says in an Arabic word that means “continue.”

“When I saw this embarrassing video, I felt ashamed to be Lebanese for the first time,” said one Facebook user.

Video Syrian Kid Gets His Head Chopped Viral

Another commenter accused Abbas’s parents of “raising the boy as a racist from an early age.”

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Lebanon hosts more than a million refugees from Syria’s civil war, and Rifi told AFP the boy was likely a Syrian from the eastern Bekaa Valley, where many Syrians have taken refuge.

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