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V Recorder Editor MOD APK 6.5.8 (VIP Unlocked) for Android

Can’t wait to get great shots on your mobile screen properly captured and recorded in the highest quality? Are you looking for a great mobile app that provides in-depth features for you to effectively record any of your onscreen actions, mobile gameplay or in-app experiences? Then you can not leave Screen recorder and video recorder editor The app offers a lot of exciting features that allow you to optimize your entire records and final exports.

However, with this new VideoShow app, the Android user will find themselves having access to simple and easy screen recording experiences on all their mobile devices. Moreover, you can also use the built-in recorder to take amazing shots with many enhanced visuals. Enjoy creating awesome videos with the app and also make use of its amazing editor to customize your photos the way you want.

Find out more about the great mobile application of V Recorder Editor with our reviews.

What do you do, or what do you do?

As you can imagine from the name, V Recorder Editor is a mobile app dedicated to taking screenshots on your mobile devices, along with recording videos using the camera options built into the app.

Here, Android users can enjoy capturing everything that happens on their mobile screen and taking the useful video recorder to collect amazing snapshots on your mobile devices. Meanwhile, feel free to use the editor available in the app while making certain changes to the videos recorded in different ways.

But most importantly, you will find Screen Recorder & Video Recorder Editor offering simple and accessible features for you to take full advantage of its editing capabilities. Thus, you can easily edit the recorded videos and make any changes to the clips as you like.


For those who are interested, you can easily install the application on your mobile devices completely free of charge. And it will only need an Android device to run the screen recorder.

However, if you plan to record dangerous contents using your devices, it is recommended to use a decent phone with a high-quality screen to deliver high-resolution images and realistic colors with your records.

Also, when you are playing games, you will also find reduced gaming performance due to the recording app. Hence, having a decent device is also an important requirement.

Cool Features

Here are all the exciting features that the app offers:

A powerful and well-optimized recording app

To start, Android users will find themselves with access to the powerful and useful recording features on Screen Recorder & Video Recorder Editor. Feel free to dive into the app’s intuitive and efficient recording and screen capture options to enjoy your final records to the fullest.

Start by turning the recording window on and off, or go through the frameless videos to create a unique feel for your records. Change the aspect ratios to match the display, perspective, and platform on which you will be sharing your records.

Moreover, to enhance your recording experiences, V Recorder Editor also offers a fixed recorder feature and intuitive tutorials for capturing stills. Also, simplified control options with convenient one-touch control will allow you to pause/resume your recordings at any time. These handy and accessible options allow you to capture your videos in the easiest and most convenient way.

And last but not least, with powerful recording options, users can easily capture high-quality videos at the highest customizable settings at 1440p, 60fps, etc. Flip your videos and enjoy them in landscape and portrait modes. And of course, the audio settings will be available to you to either record your footage with or without sounds.

Dive into professional editing features

With your recorded videos ready, users can instantly import them for editing on your computer, or take advantage of the handy editing feature also built into the app.

Feel free to use trendy filters to add a certain feel to your photos. Change the smoothness, brightness, and other elements of your videos to give them certain effects. Make the videos as natural as possible or use a more exciting approach as you enjoy all the features available in the app.

Enjoy the cute stickers with funny GIFs in the app whenever you try to make your own videos. Enjoy easy, accessible edits that can be made directly on your mobile devices in just a few simple steps. Or unlock the monotonous themes that are only available in V Recorder Editor and include various customizations for your records.

And to make the app even more interesting, in Screen Recorder & Video Recorder Editor Android users will also find themselves capturing thousands of officially licensed music and audio tracks that can be perfectly used in your edits. Or alternatively, feel free to use the local audio files available on your mobile devices. Turn the boring sounds captured and make the videos more attractive and exciting with cool audio customizations.

And of course, with V Recorder Editor, the Android user will find themselves having access to basic and advanced video editing tools, which will allow you to cut, trim, merge, duplicate certain videos, etc. Take advantage of speed controls to create unique fast-forward or slow-motion videos. Open the Magic Brush in the app and have fun with your cool doodles during your recordings. You can use your uniquely designed stickers to replace pre-installed stickers.

Enjoy professional editing features that can only be found in computer editor apps.

Feel free to share your records with others

When you are done recording and customizing the videos, it is time to finish your edits and enjoy the recorded videos. However, Screen Recorder & Video Recorder Editor allows you to export your videos in different formats and enjoy the videos with multiple resolution settings. Just give it a few minutes and the well-optimized features will bring you amazing videos with great settings.

Feel free to share your videos on any of your favorite social media with a simple click, using the sharing options provided. Show your stories to friends and family using stunning records masterfully edited in V Recorder Editor. Or alternatively, enjoy cool mods from others while you join the online community.

Free to use

Despite all the amazing features, Android users of Screen Recorder & Video Recorder Editor can still make available their favorite mobile video editor app without having to pay anything. However, it is entirely possible to download the app from the Google Play Store whenever you want.

Enjoy the unlocked version of the app on our website

On the other hand, to take full advantage of the great app of V Recorder Editor, users have to pay for the full version of the app. However, since it costs real money, you may want to go for the mod version of the app with fully unlocked features and free pricing. However, all you have to do is download a file V Recorder Editor Mod APK on our site. Follow the instructions provided and you should be ready to go.

Final judgments

For a fast and efficient video recording and screen capture experience on your mobile devices, Android users will find themselves quite satisfied with Screen Recorder & Video Recorder Editor. However, the app provides simple and easy-to-access interfaces for you to take advantage of all the available features. Meanwhile, the powerful and optimized app allows users to fully immerse themselves in their in-app experiences and enjoy amazing records.

But most importantly, now you can enjoy the free and fully unlocked version of V Recorder Editor with our mod. Feel free to sign up with ad-free trials and unlimited features on the app.

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