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Update New Full Video Veronica Ferraro Giulia Torelli Rockandfiocc

Update New Full Video Veronica Ferraro Giulia Torelli Rockandfiocc – Giulia Torelli, known as RockandFiocc, is a very popular influencer since 2009 who never stops giving advice on fashion, lifestyle, furniture, movies, TV shows, the beauty, travel and more.

In 2019, she can be considered the Italian Marie Kondo, since she has taken on the profession of clothing organizer with great success. He approaches his clients with the aim of not only taking up space in their drawers, but also giving them style, determination and confidence by organizing their things. clothes.

Update New Full Video Veronica Ferraro Giulia Torelli Rockandfiocc

Update New Full Video Veronica Ferraro Giulia Torelli Rockandfiocc

She cleans up to seven dresses a day, including discussions and style and tips for her adopters. But let’s take a step back and take a closer look at the Giulia. Likes, dislikes, mistakes on the internet and his success on the internet.

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How did he reach 170,000 followers on Instagram and 100,000 monthly views on the RockandFiocc blog?

Giulia was born, in 1987, in Parma on November 13 and spent her youth in the Emilia region. He went to high school in his town, and here the fruits of the reorganization were seen. Of course, he enjoys reorganizing his classroom and organizing text.

After graduating from college, he chose economics. He also studied for a year in Lyon with the Erasmus program. After his return, he had simple ideas: to pick up and move from Parma to Milan, not only because it is a city of economy, but above all, it is considered it is one of the champions of European styles: it is one of the most important for youth. daughter. evil lust

Giulia’s first jobs were in the city of Milan as a baker, shipping to several clothing stores and then ending up in various businesses where she was mainly involved in design. as a media manager.

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We live in 2009 and that’s when he opened his blog RockandFiocc. Inside, he created several columns and began to gain more and more followers until he decided – 10 years of articles and posts later – that he could see blogging as a career. really

It was the same years when Chiara Ferragni and her boyfriend Riccardo Pozzoli opened the fashion blog The Blond Salad, which is expected to become the most read blog in the world. At that time, blogging was just a hobby for him. The association with important brands is unthinkable, and the idea of ​​spending hours on social networks every day is unprecedented.

Although the numbers are not the same as the blonde digital business, Giulia stands out from the crowd and quickly creates a strong and active community. The blog receives hundreds of unique visitors every day, and the first invitations to Milan art shows come. Fashion magazines seek her out to interview her and are interested in the topics she covers.

Update New Full Video Veronica Ferraro Giulia Torelli Rockandfiocc

Giulia doesn’t just talk about clothes, although many people visit her blog to read her fashion guides. His articles are from various topics. Movies, books, music, travel and personal thoughts.

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Thanks to the work done on the pages of his blog, he became an IT blogger for Grazia. At that time, Naistenlehti takes care of its digital nature and tries to provide an opportunity for young girls who can not only follow fashion but also catch trends or create a personal style of their own.

They are looking for a guide to please the readers of the website. This experience lasted for Giulia for four years, during which she blogged and at the same time worked for a fashion and real estate company in Milan.

After nine years, it’s time to leave my job as a social media manager and dedicate myself to my social media sites full time.

On Instagram, he opens the page @rockandfiocc, where he shares advice on fashion, lifestyle, beauty, movies and more. But the turning point comes after you read Japanese author Marie Kondo’s The Magical Power of Tidying. Reading inspired him to create his next piece: a clothing organizer.

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In addition, the reading will make him understand that nature cannot be reduced to the amount of clothes to collect every day to make new clothes. Fashion, on the other hand, is something that expresses the person and recognizes the personality of each person. This is why cleaning clothes becomes a priority for him. And so he’s been helping people get rid of and keep only the things they need for four years now. Many people question his advice.

Giulia’s advice also lands on the radio every Thursday at 9pm, on Latt & Fiocc on the LatteMiele frequencies, managed by Claves. During the broadcast, Giulia collects the listeners’ stories and comments about them, as well as tips and advice.

While his online work goes to more and more people to appreciate the new internet, love and recognition for the influencer comes, it goes online. In fact, in 2017, he met his current partner, Beppe, where he lives in Milan, on Tinder. And he is the one who furnishes the house according to his taste and needs.

Update New Full Video Veronica Ferraro Giulia Torelli Rockandfiocc

He doesn’t like to stay quiet, he also organizes trips with his followers or themed shopping trips, such as vintage tours of Paris, together with his girlfriend and his travel blogger Elisa from Confetty1981.

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But his successes did not end there, in 2021 he wrote the book “The new you starts from the wardrobe” for the publishing house Vallardi, a manual after Marie Kondo, in which he explains and how to strengthen one’s style – and why not, the calm itself – the rearrangement of spaces.

In 224 pages, Giulia explains step by step how to remove things, organize what we want to keep and how to create a personal style with the remaining clothes. It explains how to remove unnecessary elements to arrange your locket in a more functional way. The point is to get rid of what doesn’t make us happy, to truly become who we are meant to be.

New job as a bathroom organizer? However, Giulia Torelli did a real job. More precisely, since 2019, when he decided to create the website www.giuliatorelli.it to help all those who have full clothes and nothing to wear. He has a small team with him to help him in this task.

Who are the people dealing with Giulia and why are they doing it? For those who can’t dispose of extra clothes themselves, need guidance on cleaning, want to find their own style or want to organize their wardrobe and life . Here are the influencer’s loyal customers. Because Giulia knows that cleaning the outside also helps to clean the inside… herself!

Giulia Torelli, L’influencer E Le Frasi Choc Su Instagram

Some invite Giulia to reorganize all areas of the house, not only their clothes, but also the living room, study, bathroom and kitchen. This is done by entering the house and physically emptying the house. In addition to cleaning, the second goal is to rediscover the style of its own, buried by the amount of clothes thrown in boxes or piles of something that has not lost its meaning over time.

Rockandfiocc’s idea is to start with a good cleaning, that is, first take all the clothes out of the closet and then go to what you have.

They are recorded one by one, carefully, and a decision is made whether to throw away, donate, recycle or keep. The rule is to keep only clothes that give happiness and well-being. If this process is difficult at first and unthinkable, after a few minutes you will begin to feel the sense of well-being that comes from removing the clothes. useless or defective or unused items. Just sold and never used.

Update New Full Video Veronica Ferraro Giulia Torelli Rockandfiocc

Broken, small or large, uncomfortable or unworn clothes are not given away, but you must have the courage to give them away or throw them away. All unused clothing should be removed.

Giulia Torelli Archivi

Everything that remains should be rearranged and grouped by shape, color and material. The new configuration must be valid and functional.

Giulia recommends keeping clothes that appear folded or hung. Clothes that are not your size should be removed. They should not be left for when – in the end – you become depressed or depressed. And in the end, no one will think – assure Giulia Torelli – the lack of discarded and donated clothes.

However, during the pandemic, his advice changed as a clothing organizer and became “virtual” as well. In fact, if before you made an appointment and Giulia appeared at home to separate the clothes, now thanks to the video call can rearrange the clothes remotely. A couple of hours was enough to show the house and get the necessary instructions from Giulia and her team. In the end, everything is right and useful.

The goal is not only to separate your drawers, but also the effect of them.

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