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Update Link Kiz Oktoberfest Video On Twitter

Update Link Kiz Oktoberfest Video On Twitter – Yesterday, K.I.Z played a sell-out “Women Only” concert at Cologne’s Lancs Arena, the second band today without admission. Meanwhile, K.I.Z released a new single titled “Oktoberfest” and enlisted the support of their Frankfurt friends Mehnersmoos. Song Tagline: Hands-up techno beat and musical parts à la “O’zapft! Lederhosen are hurting everywhere!”

If you listen closely, you’ll quickly realize that Oktoberfest isn’t just a tribute to the world’s biggest folk festival. For example, in the episode Tarek K.I.Z:

Update Link Kiz Oktoberfest Video On Twitter

Update Link Kiz Oktoberfest Video On Twitter

“My dream never came true. Lying in the little bushes, boy ‘Miasanmia’. I’ll shoot my pears today. Beer jugs flying from the lawn tent. Pigs hanging from the dirndlins. I ate white sausage and sweet mustard. I welcome the git And deal differently, with the boys, I broke a fist.”

Oktoberfest: Lauterbach über Corona Wiesn Welle In München

K.I.Z has also released a music video for his new single. But it was so offensive that the band’s entire YouTube channel, including previous music videos and other clips, has now been deleted. The video for “Oktoberfest” features a collection of wild Oktoberfest moments that match the song’s dystopian mood. Therefore, the video may be deleted for nudity or other “violent or graphic content”. K.Y. In Munich, the number of corona cases has suddenly increased. The city’s health officer estimates the number of unreported cases is high. The criticism comes from the federal health minister – via Twitter.

Two weeks after the start of Oktoberfest and a day before the end of Wiesen – the corona numbers in Munich are very scary: the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported on Sunday 768.7 cases for the city of Munich. The price is slightly lower than that of Mother’s Day (792, 8). According to the RKI, this is because health authorities cannot send current figures by the end of the week.

On Saturday, the city of Munich reported 12,412 new coronavirus cases in the past seven days. It is not known how many people are infected at Oktoberfest or around Vienna. Many smaller folk festivals, such as the Straubinger Gäuboden folk festival, have shown that visits to beer tents often lead to higher levels.

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Tuesday Urban Kiz Level 1, Allegro Academy Of Music, Etiquette And Dance, Sarasota, October 18 2022

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) said on Twitter about the spike in cases in Munich during Oktoberfest: “Self-examination before entry would not be necessary. Each event would cost 2-3 euros. He advocated voluntary self-testing even Before Oktoberfest began, Lauterbach said the measures were timed for the cold season: “However, if countries wait too long with mask requirements indoors, it shows progress.”

Munich health official Beatrix Zurek (SPD) estimates that the number of infections is “four to five times higher”. This is because the RKI’s statistics only include “cases” of corona disease confirmed by PCR testing. According to Zurek, the number of unreported cases is high because not everyone with symptoms gets the PCR test.

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Update Link Kiz Oktoberfest Video On Twitter

However, the proportion of patients in Munich’s Covid-19 intensive care units remains low – 7.28 percent on Sunday (as of 10:18 A.X.) of the Divi intensive care list. There were 30 people in the intensive care unit with the virus today, compared to 23 on Friday. Of the 422 intensive care beds in Munich, 384 are currently in operation.

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Across the Free State, the disease rate on Sunday was 692.5, slightly higher than on Mother’s Day (654.8). Due to late reports from health authorities, numbers here will not be updated until the middle of next week.

Evaluating Oktoberfest: What Cell Phone Data Reveals About Oktoberfest Attendees The flow of information is overwhelming during Oktoberfest. User analysis now shows that the visitors in Schleswig-Holstein are the most personal and the name “Italian Weekend” should be changed. More than 150 journalists report on events in Germany and around the world around the clock.

The pros at Oktoberfest (archive photo): Although the so-called Puke Hill isn’t quite as crowded this year, it’s part of a K.I.Z video. (Source: Ralph Peters/Images)

The provocation went too far for YouTube: hip-hop group K.I.Z’s new “Oktoberfest” video. Forbidden. This is about “Coke with Markus Söder”.

Wiesn Als Suff Koks Kotz Party: Riesen Ärger Um Berliner Rapper

Provocation is the business model of K.I.Z: racism, glorification of violence or hatred, even if it is always foreign, are just some of the boundaries crossed by the texts of the three Berlin rappers. The fact that one of their songs, above all, is unusually close to the truth in terms of lyrics and video, fits the concept of the band in a mocking way.

What happened Holiday K.I.Z. New song “Oktoberfest”. Crew member Tarek talks about heavy leather pants, Hitler’s salute and dead children. The video, which was quickly blocked by YouTube, shows pixelated genitalia and a line of visitors. Sometimes the entire YouTube channel of the band was blocked.

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Update Link Kiz Oktoberfest Video On Twitter

The video can still be seen on Telegram or on the Twitter channel of the hip-hop duo Mehnersmoos, who was involved in the production. The full song is currently available on YouTube – though not the video. This suggests that text is not a problem for the platform; But the images shown in the video.

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K.I.Z. His work was not well received by Oktoberfest hosts: spokesman Peter Inselkamer called it “cheap sensationalism”, according to “Bild”: “The images and words do not match the reality. Unfortunately, the tendency of people to use Oktoberfest is to pay attention . . .” Oktoberfest chairman Clemens Baumgärtner (CSU) urges the rappers: “Stay where you are!”

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However, the video shows where the YouTube video platform takes its limits. Rappers show explicit, sexual content in their videos. Although these are pixelated, the resolution is not good enough for a video platform. For example, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports that YouTube blocked the video for violating its guidelines on pornographic content.

This song is still available on YouTube now. The text is still legible, although it has defamatory tendencies. After all, it says: “Play with Uli Hoeneß, cook with Markus Söder.” There are also lines that disparage homosexuality or rape.

Oktoberfest: So Lustig Twittert Die Münchner Polizei Von Der Wiesn

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Ironically, this behavior is clearly condemned. However, the same law should be applied on the video: the intention of the rappers to show their complete disinfection as an obstacle for some vision guests is wrong. According to YouTube guidelines, this is not allowed, but there is almost no text limit. “The festival will definitely lead to an increase in infectious diseases,” says the secretary general of the German Society of Immunology.

In the worst-case scenario, Oktoberfest 2022 – if it happens – could cost around €13 million more than usual. Why do guests suffer?

Update Link Kiz Oktoberfest Video On Twitter

Whether Oktoberfest will take place in 2022 is yet to be decided – a decision will be made at the end of May. But one thing is certain: if it happens, it will be the most expensive event for the city, at least as an organizer. It is a legal obligation to pay the costs to spectators, market traders and gastronomies. So, Oktoberfest is also a lot of fun for the guests.

Oktoberfest In Munich: Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the pandemic, the show, which will be held from September 17 to October 3, should be available only to those who have been vaccinated and are recovering. The task of the city council, which met last Friday, agreed. According to the municipality responsible for work and economy, 2G Plus is rolled out because in this case up to 200,000 tests are needed and monitored every day.

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However, the controls are more work than ever. In addition to the already 600 security forces, there will be another 500 units. The city expects additional costs for this to be 5.5 million euros, with another 900,000 euros needed for additional buildings at the entrances. A solution with anti-fraud types can be implemented by Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD).

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