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Township Mod Apk 9.5.0 ( Unlimited Money )


Build a dream city and harvest crops from your farms. Process them in your facilities and sell them to other companies to develop the city. It all download Dreamdale

town After a day of work, many people are looking for simple games that are fun and can be played while sitting at home. Farm games are a popular choice among people who are tired of fast-paced games. It is also an excellent way to simulate a peaceful life, as the game revolves around the farm. In today’s game, we are going to talk about Township, which is a simple farming game that requires you to build and manage a city.

Build the city of your dreams

In addition to Hay Day, it is also a popular game on Google Play. Like Hay Day, you are allowed to start with a simple task such as plowing the soil or feeding the cows. After that, you will start to grow and harvest your crops and sell them to other people for money. You will then continue to use this method to build a more comprehensive farm.

Play the game TOWNSHIP

Township is an excellent game for you if you love animals. There are many types of animals that you can choose from, such as chickens, ducks, and pigs. Besides, you can also raise different kinds of animals, such as goats, dogs and cats. To keep your farm healthy and happy, you must feed these animals regularly.
After each harvest, you will be able to level up and unlock new livestock and crops. You can also sell your farm produce to other people for money. There are also different ways to earn money, such as building a factory that produces bread.

One of the primary factors to consider when building a warehouse is to find the necessary materials. In you will get a repository that does not have enough space. However, this is not an easy task, as many raw materials will fall from the warehouse as production and harvest continues.

The goal is to allow players to exchange different items with each other. I encourage you to interact with your friends to get the materials they need.

Zain the city

In a town, you are the mayor of the town. Your task is to make sure that the residents are happy and the city grows. It would be better if you take care of the happiness of the city to help it grow.

Township Zoo

In addition, you can also help the residents by building various recreational facilities, such as a zoo, cinema, and museums. You can also decorate your city with works from famous cities around the world, such as the Statue of Liberty and Big Ben. However, before spending money on decorations, you should focus on the development of plantations.


The Harvest Time in Township is fast, harvesting only a few minutes. Construction and production may take longer, but you can use your dollar to complete projects right away.
Two types of money are available in Township: Gold and Dollars. Gold is the most used type of cash in the game, and it can be used to buy various items, such as plants and buildings. Dollars are used to accelerate the production of other products, and they can also be purchased with special tools.

beautiful paintings

The beautiful, vibrant colors and 3D graphics are sure to add warmth and comfort to gamers. It will be a great game for you if you are a fan of farm games.

How to install

1 download Town Mod APK

02 Go to the download page and get the latest version of the app.

03. Open the file manager and start town -aldohermaya.com.apk.

04. Turn on Allow from this source. The tab in the device settings if the APK file is installed for the first time.

05. Complete the Next installation process On-screen tips.

credits :- Playrix (Owner and Publisher).

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