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Torque Burnout Mod APK 3.2.6 (Unlimited money) Download

Do you want to test your track shredding skills? Download Torque Burnout mod APK for Android now to take your car to the right track, pedal to metal and brake to the ground for a great burn.


You can rotate your tires to your heart’s content and create tons of smoke and noise to impress the crowd. Choose from dozens of unique cars and hundreds of customizations to create the perfect car for exhaustion. You will also have to drift through obstacles and try to perform specific stunts to get extra points.

The game is perfect for fans of cars and racing, as well as anyone looking for a coordination challenge and a bit of harmless exhaustion fun.

Why play Torque Burnout?

You will have access to many cars, with more added in updates to keep you entertained. Moreover, you will also be able to access all the customizations that you could possibly want, which makes the game more interesting.

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Realistic graphics: You will love the game’s ultra-realistic graphics – it’s basically console-level 3D graphics, which makes the game even more entertaining. The view over the cars is great and the smoke from your combustion is great to see.

Realistic physics: In a game like this, it’s clear that physics really matters. The developers have put a lot of effort into making sure that the physics in the game are right. This is important when it comes to the end result of the game.


Great sound: Sound effects are often overlooked in games. Fortunately this was not the case in Torque Burnout APK. The sounds the cars make are great and you will definitely appreciate the amount of work that went into making the game as polished as possible to ensure maximum fun.

Tips for playing Torque Burnout APK

When it comes to playing any game for the first time, you want to make sure you have some solid tips and tricks under your sleeve to make sure you are playing at your best. Here are some of our top tips to run Torque Burnout APK.

  • Forget the little controls: The game’s controls can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. There are four different brake buttons, as well as accelerator and spin buttons. It’s actually better in the early stages of the game to ignore the smaller control buttons and stick to the big guns. Then you can start introducing new controls as you get better at handling the car.
  • Stay away from obstacles: You’ll want to make sure you have enough room to perform the pathological burnout. Try not to do this in crowded areas – no one really wants to see you hit the back of your car with a lamppost…
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  • Go home or go home: Your tires aren’t unrivaled, so eventually you’ll wear out from all that rolling on the tarmac. It’s important to make your best moves early on while your tires can still handle them. You should also invest in better tires so that your car can perform more movements before it wears out.

Torque Burnout Mod APK – Unlimited Money

Do you want to play the game like a hero from the beginning? Download unlimited money mod APK for Torque Burnout now to play the game without limits and explore all the different cars in the game right from the start!

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