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The Baby In Yellow MOD APK 1.5.3 (Unlocked Skin) for Android

Are you looking for an exciting and exciting horror simulation gameplay that you can enjoy on the go? Enjoy a story as good as its intuitive and indulgent features in the game? Then you will definitely find this amazing mobile app The Baby In Yellow a great game that you can have on your mobile devices. Feel free to turn to it whenever you are looking for a little fun and adventure with the naughty kid.

Enjoy addictive horror game play with unique babysitting job setup. Everything seems normal until you discover the strange behaviors of the child and the scary atmosphere that is happening around the house. Get ready to dive into this amazing title of horror simulator on mobile and enjoy its exciting gameplay whenever you want.

Learn more about the great game from Team Terrible and all its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.

story / gameplay

The game starts with a familiar setup for you to work as a daily babysitting, but the only difference is that this kid is not an ordinary kid. In fact, there are signs depicting it as something doomed by evil itself, signs that you may have discovered a little too late. But will you be able to escape from the monster before it turns on you? The question is still unanswered.

Dive into this addictive and exciting mobile title of horror simulator, where you will find yourself completely immersed in the frightening and frightening environment inside the house. With the baby still appearing in random places even when you put him to bed to scare you, along with the strange and devilish expression on his face, you will definitely find yourself terrified.

Enjoy a great story with many exciting twists and exciting experiences in this awesome horror mobile title. Remain calm and in control of the situation as you try to uncover clues that might help you escape from Hell itself. The game will surely impress any horror fan by letting you live this horror movie. Mobile mechanics make the game accessible to all players whenever they want.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive touch controls

To start off, Android gamers in The Baby In Yellow will find themselves having no problems getting to know the game. Thanks to the virtual buttons and gesture controls, you can easily move around the house and look around without any problems. This will ensure that you don’t have annoying situations when you’re stuck with the baby chasing after you. And with customizable control sensitivity, you can now freely customize the control sensitivity to suit your own preferences. Thus, it lets you enjoy the game in your own way.

yellow baby monitor 4

Scary and scary environment to improve the gameplay

Throughout the game, Android players will find themselves constantly immersed in the frightening and frightening environment of a well-made horror game. With sudden sounds happening below your expectations, scary music with sudden changes in tempo to wake you up, and very well timed scary sound effects will definitely make you totally addicted to in-game experiences.

Unruly kid with strange behavior

And for those of you who are interested, you could now have an opponent worth taking on. Your battles will be legendary. Well, to be honest, you will run away from him/her most of the time rather than the other way around. Can this unbridled recruitment of evil itself outwit and outwit you, or will you be able to trick death itself and walk out of the house alive? Everything will be revealed in this amazing horror adventure in The Baby In Yellow.

Baby monitor in yellow 3

Interactive in-game environments to explore

Here in The Baby In Yellow, Android players will find themselves enjoying the interactive environments within the game, which will allow them to explore freely available rooms and objects. Discover their various interactions and possibly use them against the child to interrupt his plan to eat you alive. Enjoy exploring the maps with their different settings during each challenge, finding your way to beat the puzzles, and making sure to get out as fast as you can before things take a turn for the worse.

Many chapters with great stories to enjoy

With The Baby In Yellow, Android players can enjoy many exciting chapters within the game, which offer them great horror simulation stories. Here, you can enjoy playing the thrilling gameplay while engaging in different settings and unique stories. As kids are getting increasingly intimidated and aggressive towards you, the game will make sure that players are always under constant threats of being consumed by evils.

yellow baby monitor 2

Interesting puzzles that you need to solve

For those who are interested, you can now enjoy the action with many unique and interesting puzzles from The Baby In Yellow, which will make the horror escape game even more fun and exciting. Feel free to get involved in the many levels within the game, in which you get to know many creative and interesting puzzles. But be quick because you don’t have time to enjoy the puzzles or the person who made them, with demonic children nearing.

Many unlockable items to make the game more fun

To make the game more fun, The Baby In Yellow will contain many unique and unlockable items, which are available in the main menu. Just set the game up, complete the challenges and you may be able to unlock some unlockable items. Feel free to use their various apps to customize the gameplay, bring excitement to the challenges, and let you have more fun.

yellow baby monitor 2

Enjoy playing offline whenever you want

With the offline gameplay of The Baby In Yellow now available to all Android players, you can now freely engage in the great mobile title and make the most of the in-game experiences. Enjoy playing this addictive horror game whenever and wherever you want, without having to stay connected to the internet.

free to play

And to make the game more accessible, Team Terrible also features the free game on Google Play Store for all Android players to enjoy without having to pay anything. Here, simply download and install the game, you can immediately engage in the fun and relaxing gameplay of the horror simulator. Just keep in mind that a freemium title will contain ads that may annoy you.

Access to our mod

So, if you want to enjoy the free game without getting caught up in the ads, you may want to go for our mod version of The Baby In Yellow instead. Here we provide fully unlocked gameplay with all its content and features with no ads. You only need to download a file Baby in Yellow Mod APK It’s free on our website, follow the instructions provided to install it, and you can start diving into the game’s ultimate horror experiences.

Picture and sound quality


Get ready to get engrossed in this great mobile title The Baby In Yellow, where you will have fun and addictive horror gameplay. With spooky 3D environment settings, dark and frightening visual designs, and well-designed characters with their demonic appearance, the game will ensure that you are completely happy.

sound and music

In addition, by combining stunning visuals with powerful music and sound effects from The Baby In Yellow, Team Terrible has provided a complete horror experience for mobile players. Don’t find yourself too intimidated and satisfied with the sound quality and overall gameplay of the game.

last thoughts

Along with Evil Nun and Five Nights at Freddy’s: HW, the game will make another great mobile title for Android gamers to enjoy on their devices. Just dive into the game to enjoy this addictive horror simulation game for just a few minutes. Different chapters with exciting stories and fascinating puzzles. Offline play with accessible features. And of course, our modded app with completely open and ad-free content will ensure that you can enjoy this awesome mobile title to the fullest.

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