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Terraria: How to Get Starfury in 1.4.4

There are a lot of equipment you can get and equip in Terraria. One of them is the Starfury sword which is a unique sword that summons star projectiles every time it attacks. Needless to say, it is a very rare weapon as there is no way to craft it.

In this guide, I’ll show you exactly how you can get this gun quickly and easily.

How to get Starfury in 1.4.4 in Terraria

Starfury is a rare sword that you can’t craft in the game. Instead, the only way to get them is to loot Azure Crates, Skyware Crates, and Sky Crates. The Azure Chest will give you a 100% chance of getting this sword every time you open it.

Meanwhile, the other two chests had a 33% chance of containing the sword.

In update 1.4.4, you can get this weapon very quickly with a new seed. This new seed is, thanks to Udisen Games for the info. You can check out his video for a full summary.

After loading the seed, go left until you come across a damaged biome. Next, go left until you reach the boundaries of this particular biome. Once you reach the border, start going to the right and count how many holes you come across.

You want to stop at the third hole just below the top of the mountain. Next, stay on top of the mountain and fly your way up until you notice a floating island. Here you will find the Azure Chest containing the Starfury sword.

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