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Terra Invicta: Alien Threat Level Guide | How to Avoid Total War


From the latest Terraria update, the game has released its version 1.4.4. This update includes some major changes to the game. Some of these are newly added achievements, titles, and items.

The speed of your movement is one of the most important characteristics of your character. This is essential for fast travel, escape and pursuit. If you think you’re fast enough already, you might not believe it.

From the last update, they also added a new element to increase your movement speed. And through the anklet of the seed of the wind.

Learn here and how to get this item in this guide.


How to get wind seed anklet in terraria 1.4.4

Before you can get the new Wind Seed Anklet, you first have to create a new world. Entry single player, then choose your launcher. After you choose a player, select a world and Copy the seed.

After copying the seeds, click new. You will see a small table with the name and seed slots. Go to the seed slot and paste the seeds you copied earlier. Next, make sure it’s a file young The world, the evil world corruption. In terms of difficulty, it can be any of the options. Then create.

Join the world you created. Head west and you’ll look for a tall tree with a walkway under it. Once you see the path, keep going down until you reach the bottom.

When you come down to the bottom of it, keep walking left and there should be another path down. Go down to another flat surface.

Once you get there, there will be a small chest that you have to open. When you open it, you get a quick wind anklet.

What you can do after getting this item is to craft a file lightning shoes. All you have to do is get Specter Boots, Aglet, and of course, the Wind Anklet. Go to the TInkerer Workshop, and there, you should be able to craft your own Lightning shoes to get a 10% movement bonus,


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