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Terarria: NPCs Guide | Max Happiness


in terraria, Not only are there monsters and bosses to defeat but the game also has NPCs that each presents to the player Amazing perks And the Elements for sale. Each NPC has its own purpose and ways to help the player in his missions terraria to help the player.

However, as you may have noticed, there are a lot of non-playable characters. there 25 characters, Each has its own way of transitioning into a favorite biome and home. This guide will help you through each NPC.

Terraria NPC . Guide

1. Guide

It’s easy to get this NPC. he is the First player character faced by the players. born in Jungle It provides the player with tips, hence the name.

2. Merchant

move to open house If you have more than 50 silver in your stock. It sells many cool and vital items to the player such as glow stick It can serve as an underground light source.

3. The nurse

The nurse moves after the merchantt has and after player has More than 100 health. This NPC will be very useful throughout the gameplay.

Can the nurse player recovery for the price.

4. Painter

You can open Paint after 4 characters moved to. The painter will sell different pains and his favorite vital area Woods.

5. Party Girl

You will then move on 8 or more characters They moved to it. There is a 1 in 50 chance you will give birth. She sells things that are cool to her Decorate.

6. Terminator

The Demolitionist is one of the easiest ways to get it. All you need is to have a file explosive material in your stock.

7. Dye dealer

The dye dealer sells dye. It will then move 1 dye ingredient In stock.

8. The Dryad NPC

Dryad NPC gives you a healthy rejuvenation. It also tells the player how evil the world is. Something useful to achieve a certain achievement.

9. Animal World

The animal world will move on if your favorite animal is 10 percent off. They sell all kinds of amazing items

10. Arms Dealer

arms dealer sell lead. It will then move 1 bullet in your inventory.

11. The golfer

sells everything to Golf side of Terraria. You can find it in Underground candy.

12. Designer

The designer can change a file Hairstyle and sell it hair pigment.

13. Witchdoctor

The Witchdoctor will move on after You defeat the queen bee. He sells cool stuff like leaf wings and prefers the jungle biome.

14. Clothes

Sell ​​clothes and styles. He moves to live after Skeletron.

15. The mechanic

The mechanic sells wire-related items and buttons.

16. Steampunk NPC

It sells items like simultaneous carriers. Steampunk prefers candy. You move in after defeating one of the three mechanical bosses.

17. The Truffle NPC

Sells items like the pen version of himself and mechanical hammer. To get this NPC, you need to create a likeMushroom biome at urface level in the forest.

18. Pub key

He will move after defeating the cannibals of the realms. The NPC will sell you Ancient Army Summon Items.

19. Tinker imp

You have to go and Rescue him in the den of the cave After defeating the Elf Invasion. Can Reformation Weapons, tools and accessories.

20. The Wizard

Born after the defeat of the junior coach wall of flesh. You need to save him in the cave den. Go to NPC for Magic related items.

21- Tax collector

You can get tax collection to go to what you need Cast purification on the tormented soul.

22. Pirate Character

Unlocks after defeat pirate invasion. will sell pirate items.

23. Cyborg

Cyber ​​will move after you are defeated Plantera. He sells things like the portal gun station and prefers the snow biome.

24. Angler NPC

This non-playable character will give you hunting missions.

25. Finally Princess NPC

The princess will only move when you have all the others Personalities.

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