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Terarria: How to Get Climbing Claws in 1.4.4

terraria It is one of the best sandbox games in the world. It contains many fun items and players can use and explore worlds. The claw climb It is one of the new items you can get terraria It gives you a unique movement, and thus new ways to explore the terrain. Climbing claws allow players to “stick” to the side of the blocks as they slowly slide down. However, this item is not easily found in the game. In fact, the way to find it in a file Very mysterious site.

This guide will help you find a file your location To get Climbing Claws terraria Update 1.4.4. Let’s get started.

How to unlock Climbing Claws in 1.4.4?

First, you have to create a new world. This ensures that the world you traverse exists terraria 1.4.4 Updated worlds.

To get started, you have to find a file bio ice. Ice Biome is like a snow biome but Underground.

To find this location you must first head to the right until you see the snow biome. Snow biome area can be recognized by continuous snowfall, with grounds made up of snow And the ice blocks. So, if you are sure if you are in a Snow biome, just look for blocks of snow and ice to be sure.

Once you reach The end of the snow biome. Just between the snow biome and the new terrain, Dig straight down. This will lead you to Ice biome.

Keep digging until you see a cave pattern leading either left or right. You need to go to the right. At the end, you will see a box. This box contains climbing claws called lucky climbing claws.

Climbing Claws is a fun accessory that allows users vertical mass scale By sticking and jumping repeatedly.

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