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Tachiyomi APK 0.13.6 Download for Android [Latest version]


Tachiyomi APK provides great online manga reading experiences which are hard to find in other apps. This app provides both online and offline content from more than a thousand different reputable sources. So, you can find any manga you want using this app.

Note: Find more apps with similar functionality on our website like Manga Dogs or MangaToon.

Introduce Tachiyomi

Tachiyomi – the popular online manga reading support app for Android

Don’t miss Tachiyomi’s appearance if you are a fan of reading manga on Android devices. Here you can find and read thousands of different content online or offline absolutely for free. It is important that new content is constantly updated to give users the best experience. All the resources in this app are reliable which will definitely satisfy your manga reading needs. Currently, you can download this app through the link at the bottom of this article and start using it right away.

Feel free to read the comics

Basically, there are not a lot of apps that allow users to enjoy free manga on Android devices. You will have to pay an annual fee or an opening fee for a particular series. That’s why you should try to use Tachiyomi to enjoy this attractive manga series for free. This app has a rich database of comics from all over the world. Hence, you can enjoy story types like action, romance, drama, adventure, mystery, horror, and much more. Just download it and use it right away.

A variety of manga stories

Up to the present, Tachiyomi provides users with a large number of manga compiled from many different sources. Thanks to it, you will not spend much time searching for popular series like Batoto, KissManga, MangaFox and more. The special thing is that the string is divided into many different categories so that users can easily search.

At the same time, each item will be divided into several smaller subcategories, including year of release, newest, most liked, genre, and more. All relevant information is presented very intuitively, which will certainly make the search process more convenient. Hundreds of thousands of exclusive manga series in Japan are waiting for you to discover in this application.

Track your manga automatically

Track your manga with the help of MyAnimeList, AniList, Kitsu, Shikimori and Bangumi. This will help users not to miss any new content related to their favorite manga series. Here, you can refer to a lot of information regarding the manga reading progress by specific parameters such as reading plan, start date, end date, score achieved and more. With a simple one-touch operation, you can instantly add any manga to your favorites list.

Customize reading mode

Your manga reading can be easily customized with the wide range of customization features available. This is the feature that makes this app more appreciated than other competitors at the moment. Accordingly, users can customize parameters such as full screen display, vertical horizontal ratio of book pages, flip touch pages, clear cache, and more.

According to the announcement from the publisher, Tachiyomi’s reader is configurable with multiple reading modes and custom color filters. All these customizations are aimed at getting the best manga reading experience and are best suited to each user’s needs. Whatever your needs, this app can meet them effectively.

Simple and elegant design interface

There is nothing to complain about Tachiyomi’s interface as it is very well designed. The design and overall content is great, which will surely leave you satisfied from the first use. On the main screen, users can easily see the covers of manga books. Thanks to that, you will know the exact content and title of any manga before you decide to read it. Besides, this app also allows users to customize the interface according to light or dark themes to suit each reading time frame.

How to install Tachiyomi

Step 1. Download the APK version of Tachiyomi on MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2. Click on the Install button to install the application.

Step 3. After the installation is complete, the Tachiyomi icon will appear on the home screen.

Step 4. Finally, just click on the app icon to use it right away.

Note: If you have any questions during the download and installation process, please comment below on this article. We will do our best to help you as soon as possible.

Download Tachiyomi APK for Android

With the above-mentioned features, Tachiyomi is truly one of the highly regarded mobile manga reading apps. This application works in the direction of open source code and all content is completely free. Therefore, you can access thousands of manga books from Japan as well as many other countries around the world. Moreover, you can also download any content you like to your device and enjoy it offline quickly.

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