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Super Starfish MOD APK 3.10.2 (Unlimited Money) for Android

here in super starfishAndroid users will have the opportunity to join the interesting Starfishes in their ultimate missions of interstellar exploration and revive your space aquarium. Explore the simple and very addictive gameplay of space action, as you try to get our beautiful sea stars through amazing spaceflights.

Collect tons of different rewards on your way and learn how you can improve in-game experiences with tons of different upgrades, consumables, power-ups, and more. Take your beautiful sea stars through many exciting challenges with unique settings and in-game challenges. Meanwhile, also enjoy working with the aquarium in the wonderful space where you can keep all these beautiful creatures and interact with them freely.

story / gameplay

Here at Super Starfish, Android users will have the opportunity to explore the swirling universe where beautiful sea creatures are everywhere. They live and evolve by bringing together cosmic forces while showing the world their beauty simply by glowing in multiple colors shining towards the planets. Join the adventures of Starfish, along with the help of Space Clam, you can rebuild Starfish Sanctuary and restore its former glories.

Collect the only sea stars living in the endless universe and bring them to your space aquarium. Take advantage of the available updates to expand your aquarium, customize its appearance, and enable a better environment for beautiful creatures. Meanwhile, by collecting new sea stars, you can also learn more about these aquatic creatures in real life, thanks to the in-depth wiki on Super Starfish, which is very useful for sea lovers.

Enjoy addictive action game play, as you navigate through exciting challenges, dodging meteorites, black holes, quasars, and the like while searching for important and exotic resources to collect. Master your swimming skills to compete with the best Super Starfish players. Collect and expand your beautiful haven. And don’t forget to have fun competing with your friends for the ultimate starfish collection. All of that would keep you fully connected to the great mobile address.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple but very fun and addictive gameplay for all players

To get you started, Android players in Super Starfish can instantly enjoy playing the mobile title, thanks to the simple controls and gameplay. Here, just tap and slide your finger left and right to navigate the paths of sea stars when dodging meteors, black holes and other obstacles. Move and collect stars, clams, and other special loot along the way. And feel free to interact with your fish using the many intuitive touch actions while staying in the sanctuary. In addition, the beautiful and convenient gameplay for mobile devices will make Super Starfish a great game for everyone.

Explore the infinite universe with many locations

Here in Super Starfish, Android users will have the option to explore the infinite universe with multiple areas to play with. Enjoy exploring the fascinating areas, which feature unique settings and enchanting environments. Also discover their unique interactions with sea stars that will allow you to enjoy the game even more.

Exciting levels with escalating challenges

Besides discovering new locations, you can also take sea stars on a whole new adventure with new challenges, gameplay, and tons of special loot. Enjoy addictive dodge game play through escalating levels, featuring increasing levels of difficulty and dynamic elements. Unlock the exciting and fun levels in the game that will surely keep you fully in touch with the mobile title.

Register groups and unlock all kinds of resources

For those who are interested in gameplay, you can freely perform your amazing combos and score huge points with Super Starfish stacking rewards. Master your swimming techniques and enjoy the thrilling Super Starfish to the fullest with your mega moves.

Enjoy customizing your own space aquarium

Here at Super Starfish, Android users will have the option to work with useful customizations, which will allow them to freely build and design their own aquarium. Have fun adding new fish to the community, have fun interacting with them or watch them interact with each other. Take advantage of gorgeous star vegetation to create a deep, life-like aquatic ocean for your fish. And have fun playing with colorful items and unique designs to make your aquarium really cool.

Many colorful sea stars to play with

And to make the game more fun and interesting, Super Starfish also features colorful sea stars with unique looks and movements, which can accompany you on your space travels or make your aquarium more dynamic. Feel free to work with more than 30 colorful stars and have fun making them float and swim inside the aquarium in your own aquatic space.

Learn about fish with wiki . album

For fish lovers, you can also learn more about the beautiful creatures and their unique appearances from the wiki album, which provides in-depth details on the types of fish that inspired these stars, along with their aquatic nature and traits. Enjoy working with in-game items and make the most of the experiences by trying to fill your entire album.

Compete with friends and players online

For those who are interested, you can now connect with friends and online players to share your amazing discoveries in the aquatic world. Enjoy competing with each other for your ultimate in-game rewards. Share your beautiful pictures of space aquarium or brag to your friends about your wonderful fish. And don’t forget to compete with each other to get the highest score in the dodge game.

Unlock your daily rewards in the game

To make the game more useful, Super Starfish also features a variety of different daily rewards for Android users to take advantage of. Here, you can easily get your free rewards simply by accessing the game. And also discover many special offers for every day, which will allow you to earn many great rewards at the lowest prices.

free to play

For those of you who are interested in the awesome Super Starfish title for mobile, you can now enjoy the free game from the Google Play Store, which is available for all Android users to download without any issues. Just keep in mind that there will be ads and in-game purchases if you want to unlock the full trials.

Enjoy modified gameplay on our website

To make the mobile gameplay of Super Starfish more interesting and interesting, we also offer our modified version of the game, which you can easily pick up and enjoy without having to pay anything. Here we’ve got rid of unwanted ads, in-game purchases, and unlocked content. All this should allow you to enjoy the absolute enjoyment of the mobile title and its features. You only need to download a file Super Starfish Mod APKFollow the instructions provided, and you can start enjoying your starfish adventures.

Picture and sound quality


Super Starfish uses advanced technologies to deliver stunning visual effects. Be fascinated by the swirling color ripples as starfish soar across the galaxy. Featuring beautiful and relaxing graphics, similar to the likes of Fishing and Life and other great mobile games, Super Starfish lets Android games enjoy its healing effects, as you can fully immerse yourself in the beautiful scenes and mesmerizing levels. Not to mention, the beautiful fish with their realistic interactions will definitely make the in-game visuals more relatable.

sound and music

Along with the stunning graphics, Super Starfish also offers its own amazing soundtracks and beautiful sound effects to keep you fully engrossed in the adventures of the starfish. Enjoy the action with the stunning in-game visuals while also enjoying the superb interstellar music wherever you are in the game.

last thoughts

Get ready to join our lovely sea stars on their ultimate space adventure, where you will be able to enjoy this addictive space evasion game with lovely creatures. Enjoy building and designing your own wonderful aquarium with beautiful plants and fish. Explore exciting adventures with addictive gameplay and in-game elements. All of that will be available completely free of charge, thanks to our available mod.

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