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Super People: How to Get Early Access

Super People is a new battle royale game by Wonder People. The game was called Super People because you will play as a super soldier inside an island called Orb Island.

Just like any other battle royale game, each character will have their own unique skills and special abilities that you can use within the battlefields.

Closed beta testing took place in February 2022, and the game will now be available to the public for early access.

Join the battlefields by learning how to get early access to Super People on October 11, 2022 for free.

Aim and shoot your best and experience victory by being the last man standing on the battlefield.

October 9, 2022, in KST, Super People will be available for pre-download. And on October 11, 2022, however, in Korea official time, the game will be released and will be available to play for people with early access.

Now, the question is how do you get early access to Super People.

The first thing you need to do is log into your Steam account and search for Super People in the Store tab. Once you see it, select it to add it to your library and continue installing it.

That easy, you have already downloaded Super People previously in your Steam account. However, you should keep in mind that the game will start on October 11, 2022 KST. So you just have to wait there and keep your game in your library while you wait for the calendar to stop on October 11th.

You can also add it to your wishlist, and when you start the game live, you will receive an email from Steam letting you know.

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