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Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK v1.29.2 (Frozen Enemy) for Android


Despite dealing with the threat of shadow forces in the previous games of Shadow Fight 1 and Shadow Fight 2, people still don’t know much about this new force. Thus, many are trying to experience the power and discover its true potential.

During this time period, the major powers challenge each other while vying for complete control of the energy source. Find yourself caught in the struggle between different factions and engage in epic battles with powerful enemies.

Find out more about this great game from NEKKI with our reviews.

a story

The game offers players a whole new adventure after the events of the previous games. Now, when people started to know what to do with their new powers, new factions appeared.


First, we have legions, a warrior trained with excellent combat skills, sworn to protect the world from dangerous energies. On the other hand, people from the dynasty find themselves using powers to explore the art of crafting. Finally, only a few shadow fighters chose to explore the darkest and most hidden secrets of the powers. We call them, missionaries.

Choose your characters from one of the three main factions and discover the amazing powers they have. Engage in epic 1v1 battles that will take you to the end of the world.

Shadow Fight 3 screenshot


Here we will find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Polished shadow combat experience

Fans of the popular mobile action game series will surely find it Shadow Fight 3 Great improvement in gameplay compared to before. Apart from the realistic and stunning 3D graphics, players are also introduced to realistic and accurate physics that make the battles more engaging. Enjoy taking down your opponents with smooth combos and satisfying skill moves.

In addition, the game also offers simple touch controls that allow you to make easy combos and unleash devastating blows on enemies.

Try 3 different fighting styles

In Shadow Fight 3 players will have the opportunity to experience 3 completely different fighting styles from the masters of 3 different classes. Learn about powerful and unstoppable attacks from the great generals of the Legion. Discover the art of crafting and crafting potions with a descendant of the family. Finally, learn the secrets of shadow arts from the Heralds

Combine 3 different styles into one of your own or choose your favorite style and develop it to the max. Be the master of yourself.

Access to a huge arsenal of different weapons

In addition, players in Shadow Fight 3 are also introduced to a huge arsenal of all kinds of powerful and unique weapons and gears. However, you are required to complete tasks to access those. Choose the ones that fit your styles and personalities to take advantage of their strengths.

Additionally, if you spend time on the crafting path, you will have opportunities to craft your own items from the various materials you have collected. You can also upgrade your weapons and gear to make them more powerful. The possibilities are always limitless.

Shadow Fight 3 screenshot

Utilize your special abilities and shape your own paths

Besides weapons, players in Shadow Fight 3 can also use their special abilities to help them win battles. Choose from dozens of useful abilities to launch devastating attacks on enemies. In addition, as you progress, you will also collect experiences that can be used to level up. Choose from different special abilities and upgrade them to your characters to make them more capable during battles.

Explore the huge map with all kinds of exciting gameplay

Follow their journeys, players in Shadow Fight 3 are also introduced to a huge map with many different locations to travel to. Choose your destination and travel across the vast landscape. Everywhere you will meet new characters and have opportunities to spare. Discover a variety of different gameplay mechanics in Shadow Fight 3.

Shadow Fight 3 screenshot

Spend your time enjoying a captivating story

With each new character you come across, you will also discover a new side of the whole story. You find yourself immersed in exciting and exciting missions and quests in Shadow Fights 3. Make use of your unique and refined powers to deal with the enemies. Complete missions and challenges to earn epic loot.

Take part in many exciting in-game events

In addition to that, the game also features random in-game events that you can participate in to earn some of the most rewarding prizes. Collect unique rewards by winning our events. But make sure you pay good attention to them as these events will not always be available. Each event will have its own theme, and you will be required to take on certain tasks or challenges to complete your events. But don’t worry because the prizes are worth it.

Challenge other players to exciting duels

And since this is an action-adventure game with lots of exciting battles, you won’t be surprised to find yourself having a chance to take on some of the most powerful enemies. As if that’s not enough, players are also allowed to battle players online through battles using AI anytime they want.

Win your duels and show your opponents who Shadow Fighter is. Compete with players from all over the world as you all join the leaderboard of the 100 most powerful fighters.

Shadow Fight 3 screenshot

free to play

The game is currently free to play any Android users to download and enjoy. However, you can easily install it on your devices. However, the free version will come with ads and in-app purchases which may not seem very enticing after all.

Unlimited purchases with our modifications

And if you want more with your game, Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK should be what you are looking for. Start by downloading the file on your devices and then install the APK file on your mobile devices. Make yourself explore all the in-game content without having to pay anything.

Picture and sound quality


Shadow Fight 3 is one of the few good fighting games that has interesting mechanics and addictive gameplay. However, players can now enjoy epic shadow battles in 3D graphics. Enjoy amazing skill moves, HD images, etc. However, this may make the game a bit demanding for players who use Android devices with low hardware.

sound / music

With realistic sound effects and powerful soundtrack, Shadow Fight 3 offers gamers a totally refreshing experience. In addition to the great 3D graphics and smooth mechanics. It is arguably one of the greatest mobile games.

Download Shadow Fight 3 Mod latest 1.29.2 Android APK

Shadow Fight 3 is one of the great fighting and action games on the mobile platform that you are likely to find interesting. Make yourself discover the new features in the latest version of the popular franchise with our reviews. In addition, our modified version of the game will allow you to enjoy unlimited gameplay absolutely for free. What more could you ask for!


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