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Reddits taylor jevaux leaked videos onlyfans

Reddits taylor jevaux leaked videos onlyfans

Meet the OnlyFans Creator Who Said She Slept With Instagram Employees to Get Her Account Back

Reddits taylor jevaux leaked videos onlyfans

IT’S FAIRLY COMMON for adult-content creators on social media to get kicked off various platforms, even if they’re not doing anything that violates terms of service. It’s so common, in fact, that there’s a thriving black market of third-party vendors who are willing to get influencers’ accounts back for a fee.

One enterprising creator, however, says she found a far more effective way to get her Instagram account back after it was removed: By having sex with a Meta employee. And then, when her account was removed again, she found another employee, and did it again.


Kitty Lixo, an OnlyFans model, podcast host, and adult-content creator who had more than 150,000 followers before her account was recently removed by Instagram for a fourth time, recently went viral for an interview she gave on the podcast No Jumper. When asked by host Adam22 what the sluttiest thing she ever did was, Kitty recounted sleeping with a Meta employee (someone she already knew) to successfully get her Instagram account back after it was removed, then seeking out other Meta employees through her podcasting and Bay Area connections to do the same when her account was again removed.


“There was no quid pro quo,” Kitty tells co-hosts Ej Dickson and Brittany Spanos of Rolling Stone’s podcast Don’t Let This Flop. “There was no like, ‘Hey, if I blow you, will you put it on review for me?’ There was no explicit exchange for services for sex or whatever,” though she says getting her account back was “absolutely” in the back of her mind. She also says she has not heard from Meta since her story went viral, nor does she expect to: “I don’t feel like I exposed anything,” she says. “There’s nothing technically against the rules for fraternizing with friends outside of the company. I feel like what I kind of did was just, I socially engineered a situation that was beneficial for me.”

Kitty says she has heard from many people who have expressed support for her entrepreneurship, as well as others who have accused her of not representing sex workers well. Yet she believes the interview struck a chord because it highlighted the inconsistency of Instagram and other social platforms’ content moderation guidelines, as well as the difficulties of being a creator dependent on the platform for income.



“As a creator, you work really, really hard and whether you’re a sex worker or just a normal lifestyle blogger or whatever, you work really, really hard to create this brand for yourself and to sell yourself and you need these platforms to continue your growth and to your business,” she says. “These platforms need you because you’re a creator on their platform. And it kind of just seems that like, when, when something like this happens, the platform doesn’t appreciate what their platform is built off of, which is the creators. I think that’s ultimately why this story resonated with people.” As for her former paramours, she says they’re not mad at all. “They were really amused” by her interview, she says.

This week on Don’t Let This Flop, Dickson and Spanos also discuss Halsey’s TikTok battle against her label, the unveiling of Deux Moi, pro-breastfeeding advocates capitalizing off the nationwide formula shortage, and an extremely talented parrot who sings through his pain.

DLTF is released Wednesdays on all audio streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Stitcher and more.

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