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Ragduel MOD APK 1.10.7 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Ragdwell It is a unique 3D action game. You will become a cowboy in the West, and you will take part in exciting physical gun battles for mobile devices. The game was released by VOODOO – a producer known for its unique games. The game brings a lot of new things due to the exciting gameplay. If you are bored with traditional shooting games then you will enjoy the game with simple gameplay and it will be very exciting. Of course, you have constant smiles and fun with random headshots.

about playing

Ragduel emphasizes that the physics component is attractive but functional. It would be helpful if you shoot wisely based on the actual physics. It’s your time to create the right shots, and aim to take down the opponents in the shortest time possible. Currently, the game has 20 levels of crafting, and each set has interesting opponents/challenges. In each level, you have up to 4 confrontations and a bonus match. It will take a long time to overcome the challenges of the game. And you also know that publishers are constantly updating new content in new updates. You are trying to unlock all the weapons and become the most feared gunman in the far west town. The game is suitable for everyone who has cute cartoon pictures. The game works on all smartphones or tablets.

Ragduel offers fun entertaining fights. You can control the character “face to face” with another opponent, which brings you the exciting experience of a real man. You will fight others by touching the screen, and hope that the gun line will reach the right target. The higher the number of shots, the greater the movement of the arm. If you connect the head, you will kill the enemy instantly. So it will help to control the angle to make the final shot. Of course, if you are lucky or you have a good picture, you can use the headshot to finish the game faster than usual. Keep calm and focus on the bullet’s path!

Ragduel offers a lovely ride as a cowboy in the West. The game is about adventure in arid deserts. You use guns to destroy opponents and take missions against Indians. Indians are trying to get you into trouble, and you have to prove your shooting skills to win the title of Best Sniper of the Wild West. You must be fast, or you must be defeated by the opponent. If you die, you will have to pay the first part of the level again. Perhaps no one wants to fail, but you will face the inevitable failure many times. Therefore, you have to act more carefully. If you play at higher levels, you will have to play against a more talented ADC. All opponents are great shooters, with many years of experience venturing into the western meadow. After defeating your opponents, you will unlock more unique and powerful weapons.

Ragduel provides an RPG element. You collect rewards after each battle to upgrade your character. You can optionally increase health and agility. You can become a quick gunner, or you can become a steel armor with abundant health. The faster you defeat an opponent and the minor damage you get, the more money you will get. Therefore, you need to achieve accuracy in every match. Thus, each head injury adds more rewards to your pocket. After passing four opponents, you will participate in a bonus match. The content of the bonus matches is very interesting. You will shoot animal dolls (such as rhinos and horses), or destroy a wooden tower to earn money.

Ragduel has an easy-to-use matching interface. You look at the top of the screen, and you’ll see the health bar for you and your opponent. If you shoot in the leg or arm, the opponent only decreases 1/3 HP. If hit in the body, the opponent loses half. If you shoot yourself in the head, you can kill your enemy with a bullet. The game is a mortal battle, so you cannot defend or dodge. To win, simply defeat your opponent before you are defeated. If you have combat experience, you can shoot the opponent’s arm to destroy the gun.

Ragduel shows attraction with millions of downloads. However, the game gets a lot of ads, and this negatively affects the player. Besides, the game also does not have instructions on how to play. As a result, players get confused at first. Some people may feel depressed when they cannot find direction.


Ragduel has a simple control mechanism. You need to click to play. However, the game does not have a guide for beginners. The cowboy is armed with a laser pistol and the arm looks completely loose. It may help if you pull the trigger quickly when the character’s arm swings back, and the next swing will be in a higher position.

Graphics and sound

Ragduel has detailed 3D graphic wallpaper and has a cartoon pixel style. In general, the graphics are not great, but everything is striking and sharp. You will venture across deserts, rainforests, and the sea. The game has sound light effects and realistic physics. The play depicts the cowboys of the West well, and the fights are conducted with the greatest authenticity. Most of the details are static, with the exception of always moving the arms and eyes.

If you like simple fighting games, try “Slap Kings”. The game is fun, and allows you to achieve the most powerful blows. Try to win first place in a challenging tournament, and unleash many special powers.


Ragduel is an excellent third-person shooter arcade game. The graphics are made of 3D pixel animation. You are trying to beat your opponent with your pistol in a combat match. Both your opponent and you have limited health points. But a person will die with a bullet to the head. The game is very entertaining and has a lot of laughs due to the interesting gameplay. Get ready for realistic physics-based battles in some crazy locations in the far west. Swing your character’s arm and wait for the right moment to fire a bullet at your opponent’s head!

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