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Pokemon Go: How to Get Shiny Shedinja

Shedinja’s shiny variant of Pokemon Go was newly released on October 1st. The Nincada and Ninjask’s Shiny versions were already made available two years ago. In Pokemon Go, Shedinja is a rare Pokemon that cannot be found in the wild.

You will never be able to encounter Shedinja, not even in areas where insect species are usually found or when incense is used. My research achievement must be accomplished to obtain Shedinja.

How to get Shiny Shedinja in Pokemon Go

In other Pokemon games, you had to evolve your Nincada into a Ninjask to get Shedinja. In addition, you have an extra Pokeball in your equipment bag and a vacancy on your team. The game of Ninjask and Shedinja that is produced when you evolve the shiny Nincada will also be shiny.

This is not the case in Pokemon Go. Shiny Shedinja can’t turn into Shiny Shedinja. Shiny Shedinja can only be accessed through a research hack.

Get Shiny Shedinja

You will receive a field research mission every day in Pokemon Go. You receive a stamp for completing each one, and getting 7 stamps unlocks a quest for a breakthrough. Very rare or Legendary Pokémon may appear in Research Breakthrough.

Pokemon Go users will be able to find Shiny Shedinja in October. Shedinja will always appear after a research breakthrough. However, that won’t be guaranteed glossy. It may take some research breakthroughs, but it will last until October 31.

Start finishing your fieldwork and keep your fingers crossed when you make a research hack Shiny Shedinja will appear.

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