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Overwatch 2: Improve Your Aim and Visibility by Changing This Setting


world war 3 Playable now and we’re just as excited as you. However, don’t jump into playing now and get killed by the enemy, we have prepared for you a series of tips that you must know to make sure you get the best out of yourself. world war 3 expertise.


From your home screen where you can see Quick LaunchAnd the exerciseAnd the career path career pathAnd the Shop etc., they are all pretty self-explanatory areas. Besides them, you will find the Personalization section, and in it, you will encounter various options that we will guide you through.

The first and the simplest is Letter. It will lead you to a screen with three slots for the characters where you can see their names and make changes to most of their aesthetics: be it their faces or their clothes. The Letter The screen also comes with staffwhich are predefined characters that you can get from a file Shop.

Another of the options in adjust or adapt And the thing you’ll be spending the most time on is equipment.

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From here, you can manage everything related to your gadgets, such as your primary and secondary guns, what materials your helmet and jacket are made of, gadgets like ammo, medical packs and the different types of grenades that you will carry in battle, also as items such as reflex sight And the echolocation Machine.

What you have to keep in mind is that all of these things have a file gearor what is the same, Weight. The more equipment and heavier, the more it will affect the speed of your movement during the game: a person with an assault rifle and a pistol will be faster than a person with an RPG and the same pistol even if the rest of their equipment looks the same.

Trying to carry everything is also impossible. If you equip something that will put you above your own gear Limit You will get a popup telling you that the change cannot be made.

Weapon customization

Along the same lines with the characters, you can customize your weapons. They have a different number of attachments You can add, change or remove. Some of them, like view They can have gameplay effects such as changing the way you view a scene, while others are purely aesthetic.

You will need to level up First before you have every option at your disposal and you can experiment with modifications to your weapon to maximize it to achieve your goal, whichever it is.

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Blows customization

In Strikes I got three classes: DronesAnd the the support And the vehicles.

For newcomers, drones mean an unmanned aerial vehicle, they are units that will assist you in the field by providing effects such as radio noise to prevent the enemy from calling their own support or airstrikes (jamming), or scan the area to detect the location of enemy units etc. (Radars).

on me the support, We are talking about Air raidsAnd the Artillery or Bombingall kinds of files Attack areaSome are more effective against infantry, and some are more effective against enemy vehicles such as armored tanks.

vehicles You have a plethora of namesakes, allowing you to choose between aerial or ground drones, tanks or tank destroyers. They are basically your counterpart in the support zone. Vehicles, like weapons, can be customized: you can modify their armor, turrets or cannons, depending on what you have. These options must be unlocked before you can make any adjustments.

General Tips for World War 3

  • You can have up to two sights on the same weapon and navigate via the middle mouse button. This will cycle views in vehicles as well
  • Grenades can be cooked by pressing G (if you have not changed the buttons)
  • Ammo can be swapped by pressing the R button. This will only work if you choose another ammo type in Personalization Monitor.
  • gear It is divided into three weight categories: light, medium and heavy. What this means is that inside a class there is no difference in your recovery from jumping and moving speed, so you can improve the loading by getting as heavier as you can inside the class because it won’t have any effects, as long as you don’t. Move to the next weight class.
  • If you are a squad leader you can give commands by aiming at the target and right clicking on the deployment map or pressing X. Giving commands is important, as band members Whoever follows them gets 75 points for the following orders, and you get 75 points the same if they follow them. While you are a captain, you also get 200 points for every kill that a member of your squad makes at your request. Points are one of the most important resources when you use the ones you request strikes.
  • Leaving items for members to use gives you points, regardless of whether you Team leader or member As long as the item you left is used.
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