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No Man’s Sky: How to Get Trade Rocket | Waypoint Update | Rename Save in 4.0 Update

No Man’s Sky 4.0 update is here now, and it has fixed gameplay elements like inventory usability and size, plus savings!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the pace, teach you how to change the save difficulty and name, and how to upgrade your storage.

Adjusting the difficulty of memorizing

One of the changes was a reworking of the preservation system. Where the game was previously saved when getting off the ship, you will now get an automatic save during regular play, keeping saves the game made before, such as getting off your ship.

Thanks to this and to more easily distinguish saved data, give them a custom name. To do this, go to Options list and below Saving data The area you will find a button called Rename Save and type the name. After approval, you will be taken to another screen, File Difficulty settings.

It will have options for almost all game elements: how many survival elements you want, how many natural resources, how fast the scanner recharges, how much damage you take, the consequences you face when you die…

When you’re done with your changes, just tap Progressing. You’ll need to do a save afterward to make sure your changes are saved the next time you load your game, so head to your ship or wherever else you can.

By the way, the difficulty of the changes is not permanent. You can always tweak it again, so try to your heart’s content.

How to upgrade storage in No Man’s Sky

Part of the stock redesign made No Man’s Sky clear and divide slots better. Upgrades are now limited to tech slots, and storage has been increased across all inventories: Exosuit, Multi-Tools, and Freighter.

To expand the slots you got in any of the categories, go to the corresponding category upgrade station For options Installations slot And the purchase slot. If you have the corresponding expansion slot, you will be able to increase your storage capacity by 1 in the inventory, if not, you can buy it at the station.

Note that for each slot you buy, the price will go up for the next slot, so bring all units you have.

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