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No Man’s Sky: How to Get Maximum Suit Inventory 4.0 Update

No Man’s Sky’s patch 4.0 contains all-new updates. The game has undergone an extensive revamp and is now playable on Nintendo Switch.

Overhaul of designs, including space and planets visual effects, inventory layout and many more. We’ll show you how to get the maximum opening for an outer suit in the new patch.

How to get the maximum Suit Inventory 4.0 update in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky’s current inventory is completely different. Now, the charging and technology slots are displayed on the same screen. The user interface has been improved. All inventory can now be as big as it can be.

Upgrades should now only be entered into the tech slots, though. You can have 60 tech slots and 120 cargo slots in your Exosuit inventory.

Get the maximum slot in the outer suit inventory

The Exosuit Inventory Slot will become available after the Exosuit is upgraded. You can decide if you want to add a place for technology or merchandise. There is currently a bug that prevents you from increasing the tech slot.

To get around it on the Playstation, simply press the left or right button on the D-pad. The Exosuit can be upgraded in two different ways.

space station

Going to a space station or something anomaly in space comes first. Two upgrades are available in the same system. When you upgrade your Exosuit, you will have to pay in units. As your inventory slot expands, so will the prices.

drop the horns

The second method will not cost the units but needs different materials.

Find these orange cubes on the space station; They will provide you with nanites or navigational data.

For the Exosuit Upgrade Scheme, you will need three navigational data. Get the chart, then apply it. The location of the Drop Pod will become known after you use it.

Find the Drop Pod there by going to the place. I still need to fix the system to access the inventory slot once inside the Drop Pod.

If you have many units, you can only buy the Exosuit upgrade. But it is better to do the other way because it is free and you only need to use some materials.

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