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No Man’s Sky: How to Get Free Upgrades 4.0 Update

No Man’s Sky 4.0 update has finally been released. The update, called Waypoint, will radically change the game. The design and balance have been updated, along with some quality of life improvements.

The inventory system is one example, where the level cap has been raised significantly. We’ll teach you how to access the free upgrades that are included in the latest update.

How to get Free Upgrade 4.0 in No Man’s Sky

The No Man’s Sky 4.0 upgrade includes some quality of life improvements. The analysis guard does not make scanning faster. Jetpack movement improvements are more powerful. Technology modules can now be stacked in inventory and more.

Memory Fragment is an item that gives you a free upgrade at random.

Get a free upgrade

The memory portion is now available from Traveler Graves in the latest edition of No Man’s Sky. The location of the Traveler’s Tomb can be located in several ways. Finding a traveler on a space station is one of them. They will give you a piece of memory when you first talk to them.

Then, for 100 nanites, you can inquire about their origins. Paying 100 nanites will make you a destination of the traveler. To get to the tomb, visit the place.

For a portion of memory, interact with the grave and select “Extract Avatar”. The portion of memory it consumes will give you a random free upgrade.

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