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No Man’s Sky: Best Hidden Inventory Locations in 4.0 Update

The inventory has changed in the latest Waypoint update from No Man’s Sky. The aesthetics of the game have also changed due to the 4.0 update.

The planet and space visual effects of the game become more subtle and fluid. We will show you all the secret inventory in the new patch of the game that you can use.

Best Hidden Inventory Locations in No Man’s Sky 4.0 Update

Inventory has been improved in the latest version of No Man’s Sky. In addition, they forced Cargo and Technology to appear on the same screen.

There is now more space available in each stock. However, upgrades can only be added to the technology. You can use three hidden inventories in the game.

hidden inventory locations

The maximum capacity of these items has also increased in No Man’s Sky’s 4.0 version. These are the three secret inventories of the game.

Nutrient processor

The Nutrient Processor has separate storage space. It simply stores food and has 50 slots. All the items you have stored remain when you store the food processor. As long as you don’t destroy it.


We only had access to the technology before the update. Now, merchandise inventory spaces are available in every Exocraft. This means that you will have individual inventories for every Exocraft you own.

storage container

Inventory increased in storage container. You can access the storage container in the cargo ship inventory if you place it there.

No Man’s Sky: Best Hidden Inventory Spotted in Update 4.0 has debuted on Games Fuze.

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