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New World: How to Get 590 Greatsword | Greatsword Expertise Guide

On October 18, the Brimstone Sands expansion will be launched in the New World. All new regions, weapons, and missions are included in the expansion.

The experience in the new world will also be enhanced by some new mechanics. We’ll show you how to get 590 Greatswords, one of the new weapons.

How to get 590 Greatsword, New World Greatsword Experience Guide

You’ll need to improve your Greatsword experience once you unlock the new Brimstone Sands expansion. Your Greatsword experience is 500, and an orb or orb must be used to raise it.

The amount of experience you can earn increases when you have 580 experience. You can also store Outpost Rush Cache for later use because doing so will boost your experience.

Get 590 Great Sword

Specific items that drop when the expansion first appears in the New World will earn 590 Gear Points. The Blackguard’s Greatsword is a great sword that you can get once the expansion is released. It may be brought down by Ekheke, Miniboss. The Tempest Heart Expedition is where you can find the little boss.

This boss can be found early in the dungeon; Thus, you can simply repeat the expedition after fighting it. Although not the best, The Blackguard’s Greatsword has respectable stats and is suitable for use as a great starting point.

You will have to wait for your chosen Greatsword because there is currently no information on what fans can drop called Greatswords.

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