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New Video Marelen Castillo Rodolfo Hernández

New Video Marelen Castillo Rodolfo Hernández – Rodolfo Hernández is already the surprise opponent of the leftist Gustavo Petro in the second round of the presidential election on June 19. Although he was third in the last polls published before the electoral ban, his rise in noise in the last round has turned this . Sunday’s election, which he narrowly won. With that motivation, he surpassed Federico Gutiérrez, the right wing. In a surprising surprise, the path of Hernández, student and researcher Marelen Castillo (Cali, age 53), is the most popular among the candidates for Vice President.

A professional with a limited political career, Rodolfo, as everyone knows him, does not claim to be right or left, but has emerged as a popular phenomenon that should be taken very seriously – until others compare him to. Donald. Trumpet. The former mayor of Bucaramanga, who made his fortune in construction entrepreneurship, used his social network, and in some of his videos he is seen lifting weights to show that he is like an oak even at the age of 77. , however, the applicant very big , so the biography of the second son-in-law becomes important. In a convention that did not have real-choice women’s elections, Hernández always chose to vote for a woman.

New Video Marelen Castillo Rodolfo Hernández

New Video Marelen Castillo Rodolfo Hernández

Castillo is a Catholic teacher who has not been recognized in Colombia’s public debate. A specialist in biology and medicine at the University of Santiago de Cali, and an industrial engineer from the Autonomous University of the West, he became head of the Lumen Gentium Catholic University Foundation. With a master’s degree by distance learning from Tec de Monterrey, he moved to Bogotá in 2008, and later studied engineering at Nova Southeastern University in Florida, USA.

Marelen Castillo, Nueva Fórmula Vicepresidencial De Rodolfo Hernández

In the capital of Colombia, he worked with the Minuto de Dios University Organization, Uniminuto, founded by the late father, Rafael García Herreros, where he worked as vice chancellor when Rodolfo Hernández (a foreigner) asked him to accompany him. . Since then, Castillo has not attracted much attention, as elections only started to topple the former mayor of Bucaramanga in the last two weeks.

Castillo is also of Afro descent, which is unusual in Colombia. But in a campaign that has been unusual for several vice presidential candidates from Africa in the Pacific region, so far he has been surrounded by some of his opponents, known and experienced in politics. Among them, the big surprise of the election that has been Francia Márquez, an environmental activist who accompanies Petro of the left, the leader of all elections, or Luis Gilberto Murillo, the former minister of the environment who was number two in the middle. candidate Serge Fajardo. .

The student who joined the campaign during the chaos, when the engineer was competing to participate in the negotiation of three large blocks that he decided to leave, was not his first choice. Hernández appointed him in March, after failing to publish an opposition profile of Paola Ochoa, a controversial economic journalist with conservative positions. The famous speaker, who used to start heated debates on social networks, dismissed the request after a few days, citing family reasons.

Castillo himself said he did not know Hernández. A friend from UniMinuto called him to tell him that he was looking for an engineer, who supported his desire with anti-corruption slogans, or “stopping theft,” as he likes to describe it. “And I: ‘ah, the chief of Bucaramanga’. I know that he has done that. Then he told me that I can be there and that, without being a politician, that’s what he wants. There I presented my CV,” he said in an interview with Caracol Radio. “I wanted to help education,” he said several times. “There are a lot of complete strangers,” he defended himself.

La Caleña Que Podría Ser Vicepresidenta De Colombia: Marelen Castillo

Diana Saray Giraldo, who was the director of Vanguardia, a Bucaramanga newspaper, and who closely followed the work of Hernández, confirms that “Rodolfo, before him, gave the Vice-Presidentship to many women in the country.” “It was clear that he wanted a woman, preferably black, who was not over 50 years old,” said the journalist, who is now part of the Caracol Radio desk. In his opinion, Castillo’s election took place in the face of the opposition of some of the main figures of the national race, and it did not have a significant impact, “unlike Francia Márquez, who has transferred votes from Petro.”

At that time, expert and consultant Andrés Segura admits that, “the image left by the former mayor is that it was time to fulfill wishes,” especially considering that the first woman elected refused to be invited a few days after the announcement. “Castillo is a student who is interested in resuming management and teaching at the university, but without being present in the national political debate, and in these weeks things have not changed, the campaign plan is focused on the engineer Hernández”, he says. . out.

Although Marelen Castillo has been in the second tier so far, the presence of Rodolfo Hernández in the second row will put him forward. “It can be expected that the opposition campaign will try to improve the discussion of Hernández’s ability to govern, which is based on the lack of knowledge of various issues in the country, to his age and the non-political group,” says Segura. “In the coming weeks they will take advantage of Castillo’s reputation to attack him,” he predicts.

New Video Marelen Castillo Rodolfo Hernández

Subscribe here to EL PAÍS newspaper in Colombia and receive all the information you need about current events in the country. Castillo said that when he arrives at Casa de Nariñ, he will help Rodolfo Hernández in the fight against corruption and poverty.

Rodolfo Hernández Pide Que Colombia Sea Potencia En Marihuana Medicina

Presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernández is appointing Marelen Castillo Torres to the position of vice president, who most recently served as vice chancellor of Minuto de Dios University.

The announcement of the engineer on the selection of a student in Cali as a team in his Casa de Nariño project took place at the beginning of March, as his first choice was the journalist Paola Ochoa, however, the late left his desire to fight personally. problems. and her husband Juan Ricardo Ortega, former director of DIAN.

Marelen Castillo is a biologist and chemist from the University of Santiago de Cali, with a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Autonomous University of the West.

The daughter of a clothier from Buenaventura and a worker from Valle del Cauca, Castillo has also been a teacher, department, and professional doctor, with an emphasis on organizational leadership, at Nova Southeastern University.

Fuerte Discusión Entre Rodolfo Hernández Y Marelen Castillo

The 53-year-old researcher has said that if he wins the election next Sunday, May 29, he will support Rodolfo Hernández in the fight against corruption and poverty.

“We will help young people to be able to participate in matters of health, culture, sports, business and education. We will work with women to get opportunities and make their own decisions in social, political and cultural fields. In addition, with my knowledge of 32 years in the field, education will be the way to change the country of Colombia,” Castillo confirmed at the time.

According to his biography, he graduated from Colegio Nuestra Señora del Pilar de Cali, then started his first job and returned to his school, but as a teacher. In 1992 he completed his undergraduate studies and dedicated himself for more than ten years to teaching at the Colegio Mayor Santiago de Cali.

New Video Marelen Castillo Rodolfo Hernández

Castillo graduated in industrial engineering in 2001, and until 2007, he worked as principal, vice chancellor and rector of the Lumen Gentium Catholic University Foundation, an institution located south of the capital city of Valle del Cauca.

Marelen Castillo, La Mujer Que Acompaña A Rodolfo Hernández Como Candidata A Vicepresidenta De Colombia

In 2011, he took the leadership of the Uniminuto de Dios Virtual y a Distancia University Organization, and after five years in this position he moved to the vice of government and from February 2021 he positioned himself as the director of Uniminuto Strategies. However, during his career, a request was made by Santanderean representative Rodolfo Hernández to be his presidential ticket in the leadership race. were posted on the internet by those who were labeled as ‘macho’ and ‘masculine’. PHOTO: Colprensa / YouTube photo (Meet Colombia)

Three days before the first round of the presidency, a piece of discussion that the representative of the League of Governors Against Corruption, Rodolfo Hernández, had on the radio, where he spoke, among other topics, about political participation.

The interview was conducted by Marcelo Cezán at the Bésame station. When asked about the importance of women in the national administration, the candidate for the presidency of the Union of Governors Against Corruption said, “it is better for her to express her opinion at home; a woman who is responsible for the government.

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