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New Video Blueface And Chrisean Rock Full

New Video Blueface And Chrisean Rock Full – Was buzzing last weekend as social media users followed the drama unfolding between Blueface, his mother and sister, and Chrisean Rock. From the appearance of video footage on his social pages, a full fight broke out, where Chrisean believed that Blueface’s mother, Karlissa, and his sister Kali, fought.

Fans first learned about the physical fight from Karlissa and Kali’s social media posts on Saturday. Mom ended with a close-up video of an eye left apparently blackened. He then submitted his Insta Story with a message about someone who has his child around his family.

New Video Blueface And Chrisean Rock Full

New Video Blueface And Chrisean Rock Full

“I know my son will never bring this person around my family in his life, and that’s all that matters. Keep going,” Karlisa wrote. She added, “and neither the police nor the judge” in a separate post. Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by The Shade Room (@)

Blueface And Chrisean Rock Had A Physical Altercation And The Rapper Offered Her $100k To Split

In the comments section under her eye post, Karissa clarified that the messages were not about her husband after insinuations from her followers. She wrote, “if he [were] my husband, he certainly wouldn’t be at my son’s house or at the restaurant today, so he wouldn’t be playing with me.”

Hours later, a post-and-delete video of Kali resurfaced. She openly accused her brother of causing physical harm to her and her mother.

“All you dead** blueface is lame a**n***a,” said Kali. “The N***a dead** punched me and my mom in the face and the N***a is lazy as f**k and gets no respect.” Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by The Shade Room (@)

So Karissa took the path of her daughter and undid her son. She wrote on Insta Story that she will “never forgive” for “what [she] did” to her sister and her husband.

Blueface Artist Chrisean Rock Arrested In New Orleans

A short time later, Blueface took to his own Instagram Story to clarify the allegations made by his mother and sister. In a video recording of Chrisean lying on the bathroom floor, she admits to putting her hands on Karlissa and Kali. At the time, he expressed that women were given “no option”. Meanwhile, Blueface responded to the comment from behind the camera, asking Rock why he hit his mother and sister.

“I beat him, but I’m not happy,” Chrisean said in reference to Blueface’s mother. He replied, “Nah, it’s nothing to be happy about.” Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by The Shade Room (@)

After publishing Chrisean’s confession, he came on camera with an almost sarcastic smile as he continued to deny the hand on his family members.

New Video Blueface And Chrisean Rock Full

Blueface also said the police were called and determined that neither he nor Chrisean were at fault. Then various videos of the altercation started making the rounds. Supplied in a clip

Blueface’s Artist Chrisean Rock Not Taking Slick Woods’ Illness As Excuse For Starting Altercation

Viewers can see Chrisean punch Kali as she lands at the end of Blueface’s house. Kali’s husband appears to be unconscious a few feet away from his wife.

The drama continued to unfold on Sunday, with Karlissa and Kali giving more details about what led to the incident and how it unfolded. In a long post, Kalissa teased her son. She insisted that Blueface had told Chrisean to attack her and that he had beaten her sister and her husband “until they were hospitalized”.

“Jonathan, you need help and if I allowed you in any way, I ask God for forgiveness. You brought that garbage bag and his dog where I put my head and paid rent by helping to build your business and I asked you more than 10 times to get her out of my face and you have this sick girl on me like a bad dog,” Karlissa wrote. “I never believed it about you, but now I see. You are the living devil I got pregnant after that abortion.

Kali explained that “seven dudes,” including her brother Blueface, jumped her and her husband. He then accused Blueface’s manager, Wack 100, of paying people to post videos of the fight. Viewers can see pee stains on Kali’s gray body in one clip. By his account, he was not present during the dispute between his mother and Chrisean. So, to defend her mother, Kali says that she went to Blueface’s house with her husband.

Blueface & Chrisean Rock Attend ‘baddies South’ Premiere In Houston

“My dead husband a** tried to fight 7 men and he couldn’t help his wife because they didn’t escape for his bags and the car, we jumped and stole my blood brother’s house and you let it pop. up Your mom like wtf is gangsta about this,” Kali wrote.

“Fighting grown men wasn’t my plan, I just wanted to touch my mother. But you know that’s the life of a gangsta crip that’s beaten by your blood,” wrote Kali. READ KALI’S FULL STATEMENT BELOW: Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by The Shade Room (@)

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New Video Blueface And Chrisean Rock Full

Ohio woman indicted on murder charge after sleeping with two of her children, leading to their deaths

Chrisean Rock Comes Out With Alleged Texts From Blueface After He Jokes About Her Possible Pregnancy

The video shows Blueface in bed with the mother of his child while Chrisean Rock posts sex acts with him online

Ray J Leaves Fans Concerned about his Mental Health After Video Posts About Suicide, Jumping Of A Ledge Chrisean Rock posted a very steamy video of her in blueface just hours after announcing that she had left because he cheated on her.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface were trending again on Twitter on Sunday after the reality TV starlet said she was “going to jail” for their latest feud.

The pair’s tumultuous relationship has seen them make headlines for getting into alleged physical fights. In August, they promised to stop the fight because Chrisean does not want to go back to prison after his arrest for the Blueface attacks.

Blueface And Chrisean Rock Caught On Video Fighting In Hollywood

However, on Sunday (October 2), the Baddies South star took to Instagram Live to share details of her latest fight. Chrisean claimed she took her phone and accused Blueface of cheating on her with a “broken b####”.

She says she ransacked her hotel room and had to flee before she was arrested. “We had to run from that hotel to another,” he said.

Elsewhere during the IG Live, Chrisean Rock spoke to his friend’s mother who was worried about Blueface. When asked if his son was okay, Chrisean replied: “Maybe, maybe not. I can leave his mutilated body. See his comments below.

New Video Blueface And Chrisean Rock Full

Shortly after, she announced on Twitter that she and Blueface are no longer together. “You can have it all. ChriseanRock is single,” he wrote. “Chrisean is enough for you 🗣🚶🏽‍♀️”

Watch Rapper Blueface Punched By Girlfriend Chrisean Rock In The Face At A Bar, Full Fight Video Goes Viral On Twitter And Instagram

However, Twitter users shared their shock just hours after that tweet when they came back with another update. Chrisean Rock shared a video on her IG Stories of her and Blueface making out in the bedroom before it apparently went live.

Today October 3rd Chrisean said don’t post regular shit fuck here 😩😩 all this time Sis was alone like what??? Like hhhh

What is the chrisean sign why is she fat asf 😂 why did i post this on my cf or something not for the public 😂😂Blueface offers his girlfriend chrisean rock $100,000 to leave after their fight caught on video went viral .

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the incident between Chrisean Rock and rapper Blueface. Both were spotted on the floor on Monday night, and they also shared after they each had scratches on their faces.

Blueface’s Artist Chrisean Rock Shows Off Her Latest Tattoo Of His Government Name

Chrisean Rock was seen tugging and pulling Blueface by his shirt as he tried to get away from her. He can be heard telling the rapper that his car is on the other way as he goes in the opposite direction and then proceeds to punch him in the face.

The fight doesn’t stop there as Blueface gets angry and punches Rock in the head, knocking him to the ground. The necklace he bought her is also torn from her neck.

Despite this, Rock still pulls Blueface around a corner by the shirt, and ends up throwing her against a wall and hitting her several times around the head and body.

New Video Blueface And Chrisean Rock Full

The two are also seen holding each other as they roll around on the floor, and at one point Blueface is seen with his fist and hand suspended in the air as he punches her.

Blueface Responds After Viral Video Shows Him And His Gf Chrisean Rock Getting Into A Physical Altercation

It’s unclear why the pair are fighting in public, but Blueface shared a video on Instagram of him talking to Rock. The pair is seen in the room with Blueface who says that Rock is talking to other men. According to him, he snooped on her phone and said she was talking to other men.

In another video, Blueface can be heard asking Rock to leave. He offers her $100,000 to get out of the relationship without drama or problems.

“You need to let me f**k alone… $100,000. That’s going to make this end nice and pleasant.”

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