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New Link Video Colegio Mayor Viral

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New Link Video Colegio Mayor Viral

New Link Video Colegio Mayor Viral

When the beauty known as Jenny69 released her first single on YouTube in late September, it immediately went viral, though perhaps not for the reasons she expected. “La 69” has an interesting melody: a lively Spanish guitar plays in the background of the corridor. In the video, the singer shows off her God-given gift to a beautiful plastic surgeon in a stunning outfit. Jenny69’s apartment delivery, by the way, can’t sing with the Internet heap. Millions of Venezuelan students return to school after Covid-19 lockdown

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At one point in the song, Jenny, born Jennifer Ruiz in Riverside, shouts the inner kingdom. YouTube viewers expressed their condolences to Rivera in the comments. The comments did nothing to stop Ruiz from releasing a beautiful remix of the song last week.

Her future as a singer may be limited, but Ruiz has made a strong statement with her style.

The video, which has over 9 million views as of writing, shows him in a white suit and matching white cowboy hat. Her heels were very high and her nails were very long. Her beauty is flawless. And above her wide cleavage, she sported a shiny pendant along the lines of an AK-47. In the artwork that accompanies the release of one, Ruiz gets a glowing cock.

Jennifer Ruiz, better known as Jenny 69, went viral with a 14-second clip celebrating her first Instagram success. ‘La 69’ became a meme. It was also a hit. Arrow Regional Medical Center

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Jenny69, “la chingona que salió de Riverside” – bad from Riverside, in English – became the visible ambassador of the face called “buhona”, according to her.

As part of her transition from beauty to singer, Jenni69 (born Jenni Ruiz) adopted a bucona style.

“Buhona” is a slang term first popularized in the Mexican state of Sinaloa as a way to describe the mysterious girlfriends of the 21st century generation, a man called “buhon” or “buhon”.

New Link Video Colegio Mayor Viral

Sinaloa, of course, is the home of the Pacific Coast Sinaloa cartel, once led by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán (now serving a life sentence in the United States). Guzmán’s wife, former beauty queen Emma Coronel Ayspuro, is a buhona whose name is easily on everyone’s lips: the ultimate buhona, if you will. She recently pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges in US federal court and is awaiting sentencing, but her appearance and lifestyle remain the talk of the Internet. Pdf) A Qualitative Analysis of E-Learning Implementation During the Covid 19 Lockdown

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If in its early days “buhona” referred to a drug girl, the word has expanded to include women who have an additional meaning, participate in the organization or play a key role. Buhona can also include women who have mastered the style: well-dressed women who don’t hide their love for partying, money, or men.

Buchona Cosmetics, a brand launched by South Texas beauty Xiomara Tellez, recently posted a photo on her Instagram account with the words “Buchona-Boss”. The caption describes a “strong woman who kicks ass”.

Emma Coronel Ayspuro, wife of Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, is in New York. Her carefully cultivated appearance inspires others.

Drug culture has long had a way to go mainstream without similar concerns about glorifying addicts. Buhona culture is still interesting because it focuses on physical style rather than poster management. Video of male students sexually assaulting women sparks outrage in Spain

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And, like all drugs, the defining feature of the style is excessive: the colors are big, the entrance is round, the waist is thin and the lips are plump. Hair is worn waist-length, and nails (also long) often have a degree of baroque decoration. Make-up is also a big responsibility, focusing on big eyes with big eyelashes. Clothing requires a certain level of sausage tying, and unless you’re flaunting luxury goods, preferably Versace or Louis Vuitton, you’re not stupid.

Elements of rural life in northern Mexico, such as the cowboy hat, are incorporated into the look, albeit more colorfully.

It’s all about “overthinking,” says Alejandra Leon Olvera, a Mexican theorist who studies narcoculture and is pursuing a doctorate in the field at Spain’s University of Murcia. “It’s not about being an honest consumer. It’s not about being green or being responsible. It’s about using something that’s energy efficient.”

New Link Video Colegio Mayor Viral

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Buhona’s style is an aesthetic that Ruiz embraces more than just the structure of his song “La 69.” On her Instagram account, @jen_ny69, which has 2 million followers, Ruiz promotes a bucolic fashion style with body-hugging pieces, some of which are Versace-meets-Hermès scarf style. The clothing company’s Instagram account, @jennysixnine (122,000 followers), featured Ruiz in a cowboy hat look. The description reads: “Bukona…not for everyone.”

Last month, after releasing her first single, Ruiz posed for an interview with internet personality Pepe Garza wearing a white body suit and white cowboy hat. “You don’t do the function, I say,” he says, in Spanglish, face planted. “I love the dirt. I love the Buhona vibe. I love this lifestyle.” (Translation: “I don’t do funk, that’s who I am. I like weed. I like to have a bucona vibe. I like this lifestyle.”)

A man prays in 2019 at the Jess Malverde Church in Culiacan, Sinaloa. Culture is related to drugs, and Sinaloa is the main source of influence.

How did the Riverside-born and well-known beauty influencer – in 2017 she appeared in The Times magazine, talking about pink lips – take on the drug-related trend? Fiu Thirteenth Conference on Cuban and Cuban American Studies

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Ruiz did not respond to several questions from The Times. But the answer is easy to find in popular culture. All you have to do is look.

There are many drug shows on television, and one of the most popular, the 2011 telenovela La Reina del Sur starring Kate del Castillo, has a woman at its heart. Her character, Teresa Mendoza, was one of the first TV hosts: a tough, business woman who dresses to the nines while looking for love and building a drug empire. Others have gone their own way, such as “Las Bujonas,” a 2018 collaboration between Univision and Televisa networks that tells the story of four beautiful women involved in drug addiction.

The late Jenny Rivera (she’s in Los Angeles) often wore her chic styles, sometimes in a white suit while holding a gun (Jenny69’s comment probably credits them all. – white suit). Eli Quintero, Sinaloa’s newest singer, hits glam songs as he sings about women dealing with drug addiction. In a recent contest with reggaeton star Rosa Pistola, the two appeared in a church in Culiacán, dedicated to Jesus Malverde, the Robin Hood saint who is the patron saint of drugs.

New Link Video Colegio Mayor Viral

Bucona even directed all the fragrances. The 2010 jam “La Buchona” by the band’s singer Chuy Lizarra (also from Sinaloa) is one of them: Ay viene la buchona vestida y a la moda / Sus uñas decoradas su boca bien pintada. Senior Health – Directory of Services and Programs – Grays Harbor County Public Health

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(English: “Here’s a lady, fashionably dressed / Her nails manicured, her lips well painted.”)

The lifestyle of the Buconas, their extravagant styles and taste for plastic surgery, are often reported in the Spanish-language press. Bloggers create special tours for the best buconas. And globally, people have embraced the trend, funny and not.

A popular theme on social media is “fiestas buchonas” or “buchifiestas,” where participants wear bright dresses and pose against a black and gold background, sometimes with guns. (Some are blatantly false; others are hard to tell.) Social media was ablaze last month over a video of a party for an 8-year-old girl.

Just type the word “Buhona” into any e-commerce search engine and you’ll find collections in Buhona style. TikTok, YouTube and Instagram are full of promising beauty tutorials

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