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New Link Video Anak Neelofa Viral


New Link Video Anak Neelofa Viral – Today is exactly 5 months for the son of former lawyer Melet0p and also an entrepreneur, Nelofa and Haris Ismail.

Although Nelofa and Harris have agreed not to reveal the face of their son, Muhammad Bilal, fans are still excited to follow Bilal’s progress.

New Link Video Anak Neelofa Viral

New Link Video Anak Neelofa Viral

After becoming a mother, Nelofa often shares her experiences and baby care tips with her followers on her Instagram page as a way to share knowledge.


Ramai Terkejvt Lihat Resepi Mak Neel0fa Buat Untuk Menu Berp4ntang Anaknya

Recently sharing Nelofa’s Insta Story expressed her gratitude and informed her that she will fully focus on her child’s nutrition.

“During these 5 months God blessed Bilal with good health and gratitude. I have learned a lot during this period and there are many things I want to improve for my next child with God’s permission.

“I really like new knowledge, especially if we are very interested in it, from February to June I went to several classes to update myself on how to care for and raise children.

“I hope that with the knowledge that God has given me to understand, the children will be able to grow up better physically and emotionally.”

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MashaAllah, grow up healthy dear Bilal. Fair kid ❤️ ctto: seorannur pic.twitter.com/9SYBYutSwO — viral video (@viralv297) June 29, 2022

“I had time to study with @babylanguage ma’am uswatun so Bilal could sleep.” Alhamdulillah, now I don’t need to directly support Bilal to sleep, put him on the bed a little pat, hug the scented pillow, keep closing his eyes, MasyaAllah.

“I’m starting a private class with Dr. Amalina @amalina_mohd_daud next week, God willing. I want to learn the best method of feeding children, so that children can get enough nutrients, vitamins and everything they need, and children can enjoy eating instead of being picky, not picky, they can eat themselves and to be adventurous when it eats,” Nelofa said.

New Link Video Anak Neelofa Viral

The fruit of the heart of Umi and Abah 🥰 The wealth of the world and the afterlife ❤️ ctto: seorannur pic.twitter.com/PIccr9jTbP — viral video (@viralv297) June 29, 2022

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“May Bilal be a pious son who is devoted to religion, his mother is his father in this life and the afterlife.” amen so cute even toes can be seen”


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