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New Link Video Affaire Troadec Twitter – Hubert Quissin was sentenced Wednesday to 30 years in prison for killing the Trodeck family with a crowbar.

Hubert Quissin avoided life in prison and was sentenced Wednesday to 30 years in prison for killing the Trodeck family with a crowbar, according to his lawyers. After more than seven hours of investigation, the Assize Court upheld the defendant’s conviction, thus giving him a lesser sentence. The prosecutor asked for a life sentence with 22 years in prison. His former accomplice, Lady Trodek, 52, who appeared to be free, was sentenced to three years in prison, including for changing the scene of a crime and concealing a body. During the investigation, he was detained for four months, and after the trial he was again imprisoned.

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New Link Video Affaire Troadec Twitter

“It’s a relief for us and for our client,” replied Mi Thierry Filion, Hubert Cuissin’s lawyer. “Justice has been served.” I Olivier Paso, a lawyer of the civil party, congratulated him on the “very important” decision, so that the families of the victims “try to finally turn the page of this judicial history”. “The decision shows that Couissin’s approach is not convincing,” said Cécile de Oliveira, a lawyer for the civil parties.

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At the end of two weeks of deliberations, the accused, a former employee of the Brest Arsenal, said he was “deeply sorry for what happened in Orvalt and what I did afterwards” before he “deliberately retired”. “I apologize to Sebastian, Charlotte, Brigitte and Pascal,” he added.

Hubert Cuissin’s guilt was beyond doubt. Brigitte, 50, and Pascal Trodek, 49, and their children Charlotte, 18, and Sebastian, 21, admitted beating the crow at their home in Orwalt. Nantes, on the night of February 16-17, 2017. At his farm in Finisterre, Hubert Cuissin then spent three days cutting up the carcass with a kitchen knife and throwing the muscles and viscera into the brambles, hoping they would eat them. with wild animals, they burn the bones, skin, and fat in the cauldron.

“Hubert Cuisin is in a cage, he’s in a mental cage, obsessed and delirious”

In his argument, Mr. Filion emphasized the long-standing mental pathology of the client, “chronic delirium of the paranoid type,” which is unanimously recognized by psychiatrists and psychologists. A day earlier, the prosecutor told the jury to “disregard” the pathology when reaching a verdict. “Hubert Cuissin is in a cage, he’s in a mental cage, obsessed and delirious. He didn’t intend to kill his victims. He’s not free, he’s caught up in this violent paranoia. You have to take him ‘Think about it,'” the lawyer said.

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Citing the various expert reports produced during the investigation, Mi Filion cited “114 pages of expertise.” “114 pages of cards, Mr. Solicitor General? What do you mean? Is that a painting or a salad?” the lawyer began. He said it was “stupidity” that forced the accused to travel to Orwalt “on this evening in February 2017”. Convinced that his fiancee had stolen a fictitious hoard of gold bars, the accused said he went to his in-laws to get “information” about the scam.

As soon as he entered the house, he was attacked and then killed in self-defense. “Every time Mr. Cousins ​​is charged with a crime, mental illness is hidden,” Minn. Fillion said. “I cannot conclude that wisdom has changed. Otherwise the law must change!”

Liddy Trodek’s lawyers asked the court to announce a suspended sentence for their client. The maximum sentence, three years in prison, was requested a day earlier. “He never wanted his brother to die. He never wanted his family to die,” pleaded Mi Alexis Krestin, stressing the importance of freedom for her son, who was celebrating his 13th birthday. years Thursday. His father’s crimes, he pretended to be “Trodek’s job boy” and painted sick portraits. His son, a co-defendant now 12, attends Trodek’s trial despite his absence.

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After the tragedy, he changed his identity, but the media started calling him “Jean”. At the wheel, the people responsible for children’s welfare in Finisterre call him “the kid”. “The boy was drawing on (his grandmother’s) porch,” said Finisterre County Council Team Leader Tiffany Blondel, who went to pick him up on March 8, 2017, shortly after his parents were incarcerated.

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Ms. Blondell remembers the picture as “a very uncomfortable thing,” with “bleeding tubes.” “He came with us without difficulty,” he continued, describing the “boy” loggia in the car, speaking “in a very elaborate speech” to the knights and medievals.

In the frame, her father Hubert Cuissin, 50, listens without reaction. He was convicted of murder along with Crowbars Brigitte and Pascal Trodec, “Jean’s mother and sister”, and his cousins ​​Sebastien (21) and Charlotte (18). His mother, 52-year-old Lady Trodeck, appears free to change the crime scene and hide the body.

After the murders, on the night of February 16-17, 2017, in Orvalt, near Nantes, his parents left 8-year-old “Jean” at their isolated farm in Pont-de-Bois (Finister) for a few nights. and raise the crime scene. In the coming days, the boy is responsible for monitoring BFMTV in search of information about the police investigation. He told the learned man that he saw “a sharp and bloody iron bar.” “Dad threw him in the water,” she says.

“His arrival was remarkable: he introduced himself without the adults knowing,” said Joel Siffer, director of child protective services. Jean reveals the facts her father told her without filter or emotion.

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“We had to go with it so it wouldn’t look like Trodec’s baby,” he adds. “Very modest, very respectful, in his youth,” the boy “leaves little room for influence,” according to Mrs. Siphier. His teachers say he was identified by a question from his father, who before his arrest asked him if he preferred a “dead dad” or a “lifer in prison.”

This father will see him in prison in the summer of 2019, two years after the crime. “The meeting was peaceful, without any special poisons (…) He knelt down, they did not say for some time in the forehead,” said Magli Wend, the executive in charge of designated minors.

According to him, Jean “could have received educational assistance earlier.” Until 2017, the boy lived alone with his parents, missed several months of school, and suffered from his father’s “excessive” educational demands, which forced him to drink, for example, 8 glasses of water a day.

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His mother, Ms Troidek, admitted to an “involuntary” form of psychological abuse at the bar. Today, according to Mrs. Wende, Jean “loves” to see her mother again during a “warm” visit.

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“He has a lot of friends at home, he feels good,” described Pascal Chenoin, a psychiatrist at the hospital. “He knows that he is his own person, that he has the right to grow and develop. He is working for him today, and I hope he continues,” Ms. Wendt said.

An excellent student, he plays basketball, loves French, Latin and history, and plans to become a doctor, researcher or writer. “It’s a positive development,” said the ad administrator.

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