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New Link Video Adam Schefter Twitter

New Link Video Adam Schefter Twitter – When Dwayne Haskins died Saturday, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter became a part of the story when he referred to the former Ohio State quarterback as “struggling to catch up” in the NFL when sharing the news. of his death.

The unnecessary framing sparked a strong backlash against Schefter, not only from NFL fans but also from Ohio State players and community. Schefter deleted the tweet and reshared the news, but the damage has been done. NFL insiders were silent on the issue Sunday but publicly apologized on their podcast, which was released Monday.

New Link Video Adam Schefter Twitter

New Link Video Adam Schefter Twitter

“It was insensitive, it was a mistake, and I can assure you it was not my intention,” Schefter said on his podcast. “I wish I could get that tweet back. The focus needs to be on Dwayne, who he is as a person, husband, friend, and more. I would like to apologize to Dwayne’s family, his friends, the players in the National Football League and express my condolences to everyone close to Dwayne.”

Nfl: Espn’s Adam Schefter Admits Fault With Wft Emails

Since this is just the latest in a series of mistakes and blunders by ESPN’s top NFL reporters, it starts a conversation about why this keeps happening and what ESPN thinks about it.

Schefter appears every Wednesday on The Fan’s Rothman & Ice show in Columbus, Ohio, but he ended up making a guest appearance on Tuesday of this week. Given the negative reaction to Schefter’s tweet and the perception by some that he waited too long to apologize, there is likely a desire to speak directly to listening Ohio State fans in light of the Haskins connection.

“It was my fault. That’s not what I meant in any way, shape, or form. I wish I could have tweeted back. Unfortunately, I can’t,” Schefter told host Anthony Rothman and Matty “Ice” Hayes on Tuesday. “That’s why I deleted it and reposted it as soon as I found out. The focus needs to be on Dwayne, who he is as a person, as a husband, friend, more. And like I said, I apologize to his family, his friends, everyone in the NFL, Ohio State.”

“There was no intention and I am sorry that it detracts from the conversation about the man who lost his life. That is the story. The fact that I will be a part of this is very disappointing to me.”

Adam Schefter Discusses Apologies Over Dwayne Haskins Tweet

When asked why he sent the initial tweet the way he did, Schefter just wanted to stick to the apology.

“Again, it was a mistake,” Schefter said. “I was working with several people that morning. I realized. I should have fixed it, and I didn’t. You made a mistake, Anton.”

One of the remaining questions is why Schefter waited two days to apologize for the initial tweet, and whether he considered apologizing sooner.

New Link Video Adam Schefter Twitter

“What happened was I talked to multiple people and I didn’t feel comfortable being a part of this story,” Schefter said. “In doing that, that day when I was so fresh, it didn’t feel right at the time. So we talked, and I decided that I’ll do it on Monday during my podcast. We recorded it during the day, it came out at a later date. That is the situation.

Jakobi Meyers Blasts Adam Schefter For Dwayne Haskins Tweet

“I apologized that day to many people behind the scenes. Many people. I don’t feel like I have to do everything in public. But then again, I wish I could get it back. It was a mistake. That’s not my intention. It is not sensitive. I recognize it. And we learn from it.”

“I talk to a lot of people behind the scenes,” says Schefter. “And he apologized to a lot of people. I made that very clear to a lot of people.”

As for whether or not the people he personally contacted were happy to hear it, Schefter said at least some of them appreciated it.

“It sounded like that when I talked to some of them,” Schefter said. “I’m sure some people are very angry. I understand that. It was a mistake. That’s your right. I understand that.”

Adam Schefter Vindicated

Given the public’s reaction to tweets from various NFL players, including Lamar Jackson, Dez Bryant and Jakobi Meyers, is Schefter concerned that players and athletes won’t want to talk to him in the future?

“I hope not, but we’ll find out over time,” Schefter said. “And if they choose not to talk to me about this, that’s a decision they make and we’ll see.”

Toward the end of the interview, Rothman returned to the deleted tweet, asking Schefter what his intentions were and if it was just an attempt to add the wrong context. Schefter sounded like he was frustrated by the question and responded with a repeat of his original response.

New Link Video Adam Schefter Twitter

“Antonio. I’m insensitive. I made a mistake. Okay? I made a mistake. And I’m sorry. And I feel bad about it. And I felt bad about it all weekend.”

Adam Schefter’s Twitter Picture Of Jason Pierre Paul’s Medical Chart An Example Of How Far The Media Has Crossed The Line

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SMAC Entertainment streamed 12 episodes of “Coach Prime” on YouTube in association with Barstool Sports. They have now announced that they have four new episodes on Prime Video in December. Adam Schefter’s fake account heavily scammed ESPN during Black Monday, the day most NFL head coaches were fired. We say great because 1) ESPN employs Schefter, so it should be easy to see if the report is accurate, and 2) The Twitter account doesn’t go to great lengths to disguise itself.

The account changed its Twitter name to Adam Schefter and changed the profile picture. But the account name is @TuaNeedsHelp. Usually when you see a fake account, the Twitter handle changes, giving writers everywhere memories of @AdarnSchefter.

New Link Video Adam Schefter Twitter

But they weren’t removed before ESPN broke the news. The network wrote an article online about it, crediting Schefter for the report. The network also broadcasts the news in a “SportsCenter” issue.

Adam Schefter Shuts Down *that* Tom Brady Rumor And Explains Why He Slid Into Will Zalatoris’ Dms

The link to the story still works, but the story has been replaced with a statement from ESPN.

ESPN published a false story Monday involving Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Chan Gailey. The story was removed from ESPN.com and replaced with this fix. The story was also mentioned at 1 pm. ET edition of SportsCenter. No ESPN reporter reported on Gailey or the Dolphins, or if he was involved in any wrongdoing, it was done internally. He was on ESPN.com for about 20 minutes. It also runs on the bottom line. ESPN regrets the mistake.

This is not the first time ESPN has been run under fake accounts. During the 2016 NFL free agency, Schefter himself was the victim of a false report about Olivier Vernon. In 2019, a Twitter user mocked LeBron James’ fake comment on Instagram and went to “SportsCenter.” NFL reporter Adam Schefter has come under fire on social media for some of the insensitive comments he made about Dwayne Haskins, a young footballer who was killed in a car hit Saturday morning in South Florida. .

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Haskins, 24, played college football for Ohio State and was selected by Washington with the 15th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. He turns 25 next month.

Adam Schefter Salvages His Pride As Tom Brady Retires

Instead of focusing on the tragic loss of a young life or the effect it had on his friends and family, ESPN’s Adam Schefter’s tweet about the news emphasized Haskins’ struggles to make the impact in the NFL that was expected of him. when he was recruited. .

Dwayne Haskins, who excelled at Ohio State before fighting to catch up with Washington and Pittsburgh in the NFL, was killed this morning when he was hit by a car in South Florida, according to his agent Cedrick Saunders. Haskins will turn 25 on May 3. .” Schetter’s tweeters.

Schefter immediately deleted the controversial tweet, but not before it was captured and shared with harsh criticism from many.

New Link Video Adam Schefter Twitter

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