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New Link Natalie Nunn And Scottie Video Twitter


New Link Natalie Nunn And Scottie Video Twitter – Many came before the tweets. It dulls the sting of gay people who found them, or other basketball gay people.

By Jim Buzinski, Cyd Zeigler and Alex Reimer Updated March 5, 2022 at 4:58 p.m. PST / new

New Link Natalie Nunn And Scottie Video Twitter

New Link Natalie Nunn And Scottie Video Twitter

Share all communication options for: A gay NBA fan found 78 homophobic tweets from 40 players from 23 teams

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Dozens of NBA players across the league joined gay news and brawls shortly before entering the NBA or playing in the league. Players and fans say they should all now answer questions about these tweets. Compiled from Getty Images

These comments are among 78 tweets from 36 current and active NBA teams criticizing homophobic language, nature or even intentional (four other players were on the list when the list was compiled last month, but are no longer part of the teams NBA.).

With very few exceptions, all of these messages were sent by players from 2009 to 2013, a few years before they joined the league.

While we don’t think what these players think of LGBTQ people today – we don’t know until they tell us – all of the tweets were still active as of March 4 (some were deleted after players felt this urgent story, although the screen captures all the tweets).

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Players include CJ McCollum, president of the National Basketball Players Assn., who called “no man” and superstar Kevin Durant who tweeted “fag boy locked up.”

“I don’t care how long it’s been, it shows the character of the man, in my opinion,” said Derrick Gordon, who publicly came out as gay while playing basketball at the ‘UMass and which is currently playing its role in Germany. “Alapa is against me, the others in my community. It is to be despised. I’m not for people losing their jobs, but words like that can’t be tolerated.”

“Unpleasant but not surprising,” Chris said of the number of homophobic tweets he found. “The cult of homophobia runs very deep in sports, especially in a hyper-male league like the NBA.” confirmed the identity of Chris, but requested anonymity for fear of online attacks by players or teams of players.

New Link Natalie Nunn And Scottie Video Twitter

Being a huge NBA fan, Chris decided to check the accounts of some of his favorite players and found several homophobic tweets. Then he spent the weekend scouring every NBA roster, looking for keywords for issues in the tweets.

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“It was a deal I was very familiar with, and I was watching mine as well,” Chris said. “I wanted to make sure I was overthrown at the right of the people.”

According to his research: “Fag” appears in 29 tweets, “gay” in 40 (and not a compliment), and this phrase “no man” in 17.

Patrick Beverley of the Minnesota Timberwolves, for example, tweeted “fag” 13 times in 2011 and had been in the league since 2009.

The Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz each have four players on the NBA Athletes List who have created anti-gay tweets, while the Chicago Bulls now have three players who have defeated homophobic posts.

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Four of the players on the list – Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Zach LaVine and JaVale McGee – represented the United States at the Tokyo Summer Olympics. This is the third year for the US Olympic team.

Of the 20 NBA teams featured in the video, 90% of them have at least one athlete on their roster who has tweeted anti-LGBTQ language or messages (the Celtics and Bucks currently have no one on the roster). listing).

Most of the tweets received virtually no interaction at the time, which might explain why they’ve remained hidden until now.

New Link Natalie Nunn And Scottie Video Twitter

This tweet of Durant from 2009 when he was playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder has over 25,500 retweets and over 600 likes, and is still on his timeline as of March 4 PT.

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It’s no coincidence that Jason Collins became the first active NBA player to come out as gay in 2013, significantly raising awareness of LGBTQ issues — and the presence of gay players — in the NBA.

Mentalities seem to be turning towards elitr. For example, Durant sent Collins support in 2013, but also made homophobic comments in 2021.

The NBA could also draw a stricter line on homophobic comments from players. So it’s possible that players with anti-happy views simply aren’t expressing them publicly today.

“The whole culture has changed,” said Anthony Nicodemus, a successful New York high school basketball coach who came out publicly as gay several years ago. “Our culture as a nation has changed over the past 10 years. And certainly, if you come across several of these players, they have something to regret. Some of them don’t even remember they tweeted.

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Collins — who clearly enjoyed the final two months of the regular season and the 2013-14 season — has been promising NBA rookies at the league’s annual conference since 2015.

“What I’m trying to do is decompress that language, and how harmful and harmful that language is,” Collins said. “I started doing this in 2015, and it’s been a better year.

“We usually start with a simple question: ‘How many of you personally know someone who is part of the LGBTQ community?’ From 2015 to the last time I spoke to players, hands are going up more and more, and almost all of them in person A close family member or friend who is a member of the community has these breakout sessions I think that only speaks to the country.

New Link Natalie Nunn And Scottie Video Twitter

Collins also remembers a time — about which most of these tweets were sent — when attitudes were different.

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“When I was at Boston Celtics games, I went out with my friends and family, but I wasn’t in public,” Collins said. “Before October-November [2012], I kept a diary. I had heard these words before, but it was never fully confirmed. While reading [these tweets] I mentioned a lot of my diary that I kept, and after two weeks I quit, because it was just… what you hear, but you don’t know really how random homophobia was. Attention, it was in the box in 2012.

“But some of the same guys I heard using those words were some of my biggest supporters – my partners, who publicly had my back. In my experience, sometimes there is a disconnect between someone using casual homophobia, and then once you show them who you are, they will step in and support you.

For Chris, the fact that these tweets are still publicly available will hurt him in 2022. He apologized for the athlete’s age when the comment was made, although he said he s expected the players to be adults.

“Because it’s not right and now he’s found guilty, so it doesn’t hurt,” he said. Chris said he was bullied when he was younger and stopped acting because of the bullying. Seeing tweets from players who were around the same age when he was bullied “brought back negative memories, but now I’m safe and successful.”

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“I don’t care how long ago, when you talk about someone being shot in the head or someone in that language, it’s totally dishonest,” he said. “For many years I was openly happy. Seeing a lot and hearing a lot, I have a short game when it comes to things like that.

As for the ages of the players when some of these tweets were posted, Christ said his personal experience does not excuse bullying.

“Call someone an insult when I was 14? I saw 12-year-old classmates who were hilarious.”

New Link Natalie Nunn And Scottie Video Twitter

Indiana Pacers’ Oshae Brissett, now 23, was 12 and 13 when he posted nine homophobic tweets in two years. Some examples:

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A common slur used in various tweets was “no man”, which was popular 10 years ago as a way to honor another person, rather than “in the wrong way”. Many try to excuse it, but Chris isn’t buying it.

“‘No man’ as a negative phrase promotes a brand about gay men, like we’re less,” Chris said. “It’s also very harmful and anyone who thinks otherwise should be alarmed.”

As a coach and educator, Nicodemus said he still hears “no men” around teenagers – even introducing him as a gay man – even though basketball culture has improved.

“Kids today sometimes say ‘no’ or something like that, but there’s definitely been a change,” he said.

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Gordon agrees that this term was common in some circles, although it is said that the term should be dropped. It’s just disrespectful.”

The worst tweets sent by Torrey Craig, 31;

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