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Mystery 1.45.7700 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

The Secret Society: Mystery MOD APK is a puzzle game that combines many genres in one game. Using your concentration, patience and problem-solving skills to the fullest, you will reveal many amazing secrets in the game.

Presentation on The Secret Society: Mystery

Solve puzzles and riddles in a hidden object free mobile adventure game!

There are many such puzzle games on mobile. But not all games do a good job of driving, telling stories, and stringing situations together. If the game is not done well, it is easy to be abusive and cause you frivolous feelings. On the contrary, doing it well will create a wonderful story with depth and bring many attractive experiences to the players.

One day you are bored of fighting or going to the platform scene then you should play The Secret Society: Mystery to get some new experiences. This puzzle game is not easy, but once you play it, you will understand why the story here is unforgettable.


The secret society includes individuals with transcendental abilities. They have superior minds. Excellent judgment and they can see what is hidden in the depths of the ordinary scene. In The Secret Society: Mystery, you are a girl who is a descendant of this secret society, but you are still unaware of it until a great event occurs.

You play as a little girl. One day your dear uncle suddenly disappeared for unknown reasons. I went to Uncle’s mansion to investigate this strange disappearance without a trace. After a period of desperation for not finding any evidence, I gradually realized that you have more abilities than others: the ability to see things that others cannot see, the ability to reveal unusual secrets, and sufficient observation to solve strange situations. In this vast palace.

After all, you were a young member of the Secret Society by inheriting your family’s genetic imprint. Everything was so unexpected that it happened at the same time. I’ve learned that it seems that only by following the mysterious details about this building can you find your uncle. Will you be able to free your uncle and solve the mystery of your identity?

When you realize your responsibility and know that this place hides a great secret, that is when you really play this game.

What will you do in The Secret Society: Mystery?

One of the greatest pleasures that players can have is indulging in many different activities in the game. It can be a variety of gameplay mechanics with many attractive upgrades, or it can be a variety of in-game missions. Secret Society: Obscurity is the second case. This is also the biggest attraction of this game.

In The Secret Society: Mystery, you can do many things, test your skills in many different areas. A series of different missions appear as the plot progresses. And when you’re all done, you’ll move on to a new episode, or unlock an important clue related to the disappearance case.

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Specifically, your puzzle skills will be demonstrated by the following forms: finding hidden objects, combining different items into a complete set, solving challenging logic puzzles, completing conservation missions, protecting the sacred artifacts of the Secret Society and stopping secretly threatening dark forces. the whole world.

You should focus and give a lot of attention

The game is attractive because of the way it leads the players into every part of the story. Each episode is associated with an event, and different types of challenges (from easy to hard to very hard). Secret Society: Mystery requires you to be really patient and focused. This is not a lukewarm puzzle game. Entering the story that hides countless secrets from the disappearance of an individual to the danger that threatens the world, you can imagine how deep and multifaceted it is. In contrast, the challenges here are not so easy that you can play and get distracted.

You also need to provide yourself with a good memory and high thinking ability. For example, you have to find the hidden objects, and memorize them so that next time you can deduce an important clue when you reach the next scene. When you are asked to put the pieces of notes together, you also need to think about what you observed while observing the building to find the logic of the pieces of paper and put them together reasonably. Even collecting gems, and then merging them together, should be very clever and observant, and should be based on previously heard details, not random guesses.

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The Secret Society: Mystery has many attractive characters. Each person embodies a character, a secret hidden behind many allegorical sayings. Each of them when appearing will bring you a challenge or “reward”, never ignore anyone. Chat, call and exchange with them, they will bring you a lot of valuable data. Some of them are also directly involved in your uncle’s disappearance and affect you later.

MOD APK version of The Secret Society: Mystery

MOD . Feature

Unlimited Money

Download The Secret Society: Mystery APK & MOD for Android

The game offers beautiful 2D graphics, poetic narration, and the ability to seamlessly combine several types of puzzles in the same game. The Secret Society: Mystery will surely bring you many interesting feelings and experiences. Let’s play and feel.

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