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Merge Dragons MOD APK 9.4.0 (Free Shopping) for Android

Hello dear friends! welcome back. Have you ever wondered: Is there a wonderland that exists parallel to the human world? And this world is the world of mysterious dragons? If you are interested in legends and dragons, then Dragon Merge It will be the place to satisfy your passion. Similar to Dragon City or EverMerge, Merge Dragons is also a collection of dragon fighting training games. Is she attractive enough here? Let’s explore this game with me!

an introduction

Once upon a time, there was a land that was abandoned for a long time. Everything can only be restored with the magical power in your hand. Once you hear the name of Merge Dragons, you can easily guess the gameplay of this game. Here, the primary task of the player is to unite everything. It can be dragon eggs, treasure, trees or magical flowers. In addition, dragons can also merge with each other. This vast world contains many things waiting for you to discover! Merge Dragons is not only an open world, but players also face quests in the game. When the solution succeeds, the abandoned lands will open. To restore peace, the player must build a dragon world by combining eggs to hatch adorable dragons. Gaia building opportunity is the puzzle tables in Merge Dragons. Try to win to get the reward. Use it to take care of your dragon, Merge Dragons are abundant; It is a journey of discovering mythical dragons, magic, missions and mysterious lands. Bring goodness by combining everything together!

a story

I don’t know which area of ​​the brain is active when playing Merge Dragons. But I’m sure of one thing: I feel happier when I put things together. At first, this game is easy to play as well. You will see the playing field filled with green grass and pull out three identical objects. Then one shot! Therefore, all three elements were combined into one piece with a higher value already. If you collect many things together, you will get bigger and better items. Soon you will join the larger and larger beings. After starting with small herbs and shrubs, you will be able to combine flowers to get a yellow core. You can combine these hearts to “restore” the gray areas. In addition, the Merge Dragon also contains dragons. These cute, insignificant creatures roam the levels to collect golden hearts. Therefore, you can incorporate it and restore more gray soil. Between levels, you can join the camp. Here an evil fog covers your homeland. You can only dispel this fog when merging proficiently and collecting dragons multiple times. You must combine eggs found all over the world to collect dragons.

Features of Merge Dragons

Each game has its own unique characteristics. Merge dragons too. This game has a lot of attractive features that any player would like to explore. I’ve tried Merge Dragons and here are some exciting things it gave me: Explore the land of dragons full of secrets from the start, the game will take you to a strange magical world that you didn’t know before. The mysterious world unfolds, which lies under a clear blue sky and clouds. It seems to be one of the many beautiful islands in the sky, where the Dragonia race thrives. This is the land of dragons and combinations. During the experience, players will be taken to explore each legend, the magic of a strange dragon from the ages. Combine all the items in the game, create items that are stronger than ever. But unfortunately, life in the Merge Dragons was not always peaceful. Villainous Zomblins have appeared on Earth, intent on taking over the island to destroy the dragons. Your mission begins here; It’s no longer time to see everything. The only hope to save the troubled Earth is only one hope. The secret lies in your magical power, but you will never know anything. Find and collect everything to create many kinds of trees, dragon eggs, treasures, stars and magical flowers that can bring life to life. Or even the player may suddenly encounter creatures only in legend.

Every mission is a puzzle

Merge Dragons offers an incredibly diverse number of missions for the game with simple gameplay. There are over 180 different levels, with all 900 missions to challenge your brain. Start by grouping plants together to create primitive life. Then collect many kinds of dragon eggs to spawn organic animals, and develop them into warriors to protect the earth. The puzzle process will accompany the development of the dragon farm. Puzzles always appear unexpectedly during the game. If you can complete the Gaia statue, this is a victory sign. It will bring huge gains to the upgrading and development of the land. Many hidden levels are randomly hidden in any item, discovering them will be fun. Evil Zomblins are always trying to destroy the area, so remember to pay close attention. Well, do not forget that rewarding tasks are still free daily. Join the entertainment, challenge and get valuable rewards with Kala. Participate in new events every two weeks with an interesting puzzle to complete. They can treasure, magic and hundreds of thousands of creatures, whether the player can collect them all.

Build a beautiful farm

Although Merge Dragons is a puzzle game, the building elements are also an integral part of the game. Unfortunately, the Army of Fog took control of the coup area and destroyed it. By all means, you must steal every island, and bring life back to the area. There are many different interactive objects with which you can decorate the beautiful island. Don’t forget to revive even the cute but sturdy dragon inhabitants. Learn nearly 100 distinct types of dragons with 8 levels of growth, leveling and evolution. Try to merge and hatch eggs on the farm; You will not know which dragon will appear next. This is interesting, isn’t it? Besides, Merge Dragon has some other notable features which you have experienced when playing this game: Dragon merge screen 3

Combine objects together

  • Drag objects around the beautiful world to match 3 and make the new things more useful.
  • Everything can be combined
  • Jigsaw Life Essence and touch to release energy and save the world.
  • Discover Gaia statues in each level, connect them to solve puzzles, and build a life.

Collect the new dragon

  • Discover 17 ways to raise and upgrade dragons through 8 levels.
  • Collect dragon eggs to hatch baby dragons.

wise riddle

  • Over 600 missions to challenge your puzzle and coordination skills.
  • Test your puzzle skills in over 140 “brain damage”.
  • Discover the hidden levels. Will you find them all?
  • Face the aggressive Zomblin to continue the journey. Watch carefully and carefully!

Some tips when playing Merge Dragons

Playing any game is the same; Tips will make the process of playing easier and faster. If you are looking to explore this game now, please first refer to some tips below:

Everything can be combined

Combining things is essential in this game. Trust me, I’m serious! In Merge Dragons, most of the gameplay involves merging items to create or upgrade new items. So, the first tip I want to give you is to combine whatever you think will work. And in each attempt, you must use as many items as possible. Although you and many other objects can interact, you can only associate one object with the same type. The minimum combination at any one time is three things of the same kind. If you increase the quantity to 5, the original output will double. Limit the number of components as much as possible and make the combinations. I must say that in comparison with individual reagents, the combination of versions of some subjects is much better. This goes for everything, even healing flowers or coins you pick up on the road. Dragon merge screen 0

Make use of your dragons as much as you can

Camp is one of the attractive elements of Merge Dragons because here, you can upgrade and interact with various activities such as planting trees or merging objects. This will make your area bigger and ensure life for the Dragon Land. Note, however, that most of the basic quests of the siege require little dragons. You may be the one who found the little dragons, or they are hatching on your adventure. A dragon puppy will be generated if you collect three dragon eggs in the camp. It will guard around the camp for you forever. However, if everyone worked hard, everyone was tired. So were the dragons. Although they are agile and resourceful, they will also be cumbersome when working a lot. Take time to rest and recover. So, you can make the most of the dragons to perform the task and level up. This will help you make the most of your energy and save as much time as possible to level up. After interacting with the dragons, let them rest for a while before they wake up with you. Every dragon house is in the shop, so you can buy it for them to rest!

The more dragons there are, the easier it is to upgrade and expand the farm

In order for the farm to have enough space to build tools comfortably, you must collect the dragon’s power and make the most of it. Mist surrounds every unexplored land. Therefore, to eliminate this mist, I tried to incubate and recruit as many dragon camp as possible. Although this investment will cost you a little at first, you will see its benefits later. Don’t forget that the result will double when you collect at least five eggs. Dragon merge screen 2

Punishing foreign things outside the border with combo attacks

While playing Merge Dragons, I had to account for many things. For example, dealing with the dead zones of the level. Combining with out of bounds to create a combo is the first option to solve this problem without using dynamism. You can use many ways to interact with them, but I’ve already created groups with dead zone objects. If you work with them, you will get the resulting solution and keep the floor clean under these items.

Deal with everything before leveling up

You can earn money, bricks exceed normal thresholds when you are on the farm. But if you are not in the camp, you will not collect any coins or bricks. This is a waste! The amount of bricks and money depends on your level in the game. By merging and grouping items, this is easy. Before leaving the camp, you must buy some dragon eggs or buildings, as this will increase your ability. Dragon merge screen 1

questions and answers

How do you get dragon power when merging dragons in the fastest way?

First, remember that you have to collect the whole fruit from your fruit tree. You can then take money from them and use that money to buy dragon eggs. Note that you must combine coins to the maximum to get the highest value.

When the dragon unites, how do you make money?

After merging, the system will give players random rewards such as magic coins or egg crates. When you receive the reward, open it. It can be a precious golden seed. If you own this item, you can combine them to create a golden tree. But remember to delete all countries inside.

If you want more Dragon Cups, what do you do?

When you are new to the game, each player will have 14 trophies available, but after that, you will have 7 trophies at most. Chalices will take an hour to spend the money. Also, watching ads will bring you more trophies. Another way to add credit to Chalices is to use gems.

last thoughts

Overall, after trying Merge Dragons, I must say that this is an attractive game. This game released by Gram Games Limited has been ranking very high on google play. This accompanies what has been noted and selected by the editor, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. Enter a colorful magical world, discover the legend of dragons and magic. We can combine everything and get stronger, just like the Merge Dragons. Sounds interesting, right, download and try this game now.

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