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Malwarebytes MOD APK (Paid features Unlocked) for Android

Initially, antivirus products are protected from computer programs or computer viruses, which spread through code injection into other applications. Using straightforward techniques, computer technicians can easily anticipate and detect these new viruses. On the contrary, these days, technology has become innovative, which necessitates the development of viruses. These new viruses can be ransomware, polymorphic malware, or other advanced attacks. You can’t identify them by looking at the files, and that’s not quite enough. What you need to do is analyze their behavior, and you can do this by Malwarebytes Premium. This application provides you with many layers of protection, which are proven. Individually, he scored highly on several practical tests, although he was unable to obtain excellent ratings from some independent test labs.

Malwarebytes Premium APK is the most popular anti-malware platform out there. In other words, it will protect your mobile phone, tablet or other high-tech devices from malware, unauthorized monitoring and infected applications. Similar to Trend Micro, Webroot, AVG AntiVirus PRO or many other applications, Malwarebytes will cost you a certain amount of money annually. But, if this money can help you protect your personal information or privacy, then this is a good investment!

Features of Malwarebytes Premium Apk

Compatible with other security apps

Some press materials recently confirmed that Malwarebytes can play well with various antivirus solutions. Thus, there will be no problem when using this application with other companions such as Bitdefender or Kaspersky. But the number of users who are willing to pay for the simultaneous use of two security products is not huge. So, what should you do to avoid being charged? Let’s read this explanation.

To work with Microsoft Windows Defender Security, Malwarebytes is used to show some tricks with the Security Center. Moreover, this application includes configuration options that allow it to work in tandem with other third-party solutions.

But this feature is currently changed in version 4. To be more specific, registration is now done in the Security Center by default. This means that when Windows Defender sleeps, it will turn on. Coming back to your issue, if you still want to use other security apps along with Malwarebytes Premium apk, you can change the settings. It will not register itself as a responsible antivirus.

Various layers of protection

One layer is signature-based detection. But the company’s researchers constantly cut out unnecessary signatures in order to reduce Malwarebytes scanning time. If a particular threat does not appear in the user’s logs for a long time, it may be for half a year or more, the signature will come out.

In addition, Web Protection also blocks routing to dangerous addresses, whether by a malicious application or by a browser. Ransomware protection monitors the behaviors that occur when an unspecified program prepares to encrypt your files. This means that Malwarebytes will face a ransomware attack even though it is just a zero-day attack. Any behaviors indicating ransomware will be detected without anything being recognized.

Exploit attacks usually take advantage of vulnerabilities in some typical applications. They use weak security for control. Although you can keep your software and your operating system patched, you cannot be sure that all vulnerabilities are completely patched. There are always some known holes that haven’t been patched yet. With Malwarebytes, you don’t have to worry about this issue anymore. This application can protect dozens of common applications and against attacks. This is comprehensive protection against exploiting behavior but it is protection against specific exploits.

If you do not have any clues about the protection exploit, go to the main window and click on Settings. Next, click on the Security link, and scroll down to the bottom before clicking on Advanced settings. After that, the Anti-Exploit window opens. It will warn that you do not have to change anything in the settings except for the instructions of the technical support expert. But the point here is that you can see Malwarebytes can enforce ASLR and DEP. Moreover, it prevents attacks using ROP and attacks on system memory as well. As you can see above, it has many amazing features.

Multiple scanning options

Malwarebytes Premium apk provides three main types of scan, including quick scan, custom scan, and threat scan. In particular, a super scan is a quick scan of startup objects and memory for malware. A custom scan enables you to select the areas of the system that you want to check. Threat scanning allows you to check areas such as memory, registry, or device startup, that are potentially infected.

In terms of the speed of the scan engine, it scans for threats much faster than many big-name antiviruses like Panda and McAfee. The scanning process only takes more than 10 minutes. The hyperscan only takes approximately 10 seconds.

Malwarebytes is also careful when you flag certain items on your devices despite their legality. Ensures that there are no missed threats. It’s also a way to see what’s not and what’s dangerous, and enhance the accuracy of future scans. In terms of custom scanning, it gives results similar to Avira or Kaspersky when scanning a malware sample file. Survey progress is shown by a diagram; And then you can see each step of the process correctly. This is a unique feature because other programs only show the number of scanned files.

Automatically update viruses and programming

For analysis and daily updates, Malwarebytes will collect samples of suspicious software from users’ systems. If you don’t like this functionality, you can turn off Usage & Threat Statistics in the Settings pane. The premium app will be updated every hour. But you can change the update frequency to any interval you want. The interval ranges from 15 minutes to 14 days. This feature may not appear in other programs, so it appears to be an excellent customization option. For those who are not using Malwarebytes Premium apk but the free version, you will need to check for updates manually.

Browser guard

Malwarebytes provides you with adware blocking support and additional ransomware protection. put it differently; It will prevent you from phishing websites and block dangerous websites that have been identified as malicious. Moreover, it also offers 4 times faster browsing experience due to its adware blocking capabilities. This was proven by many users who said that it was faster than the general ad blocking extension.

Additionally, you can see how many ads are blocked as you get an excellent interface with the stats page. However, this app only works on Firefox and Chrome which are the two most used browsers. There are no problems with it, but it is better to see its support for more browsers.

Interface and User Experience

This product has an easy to use interface. In the Dashboard section, you can easily find all the most recent information of interest, such as the next scan date, malware database updates, or real-time protection settings. Quarantine section shows all folders and files placed in one folder where there is no damage.

In the application tab, you can select the display language, update options, collect event data, manage notifications, etc. Moreover, you can choose the scanning priority. What else can you do? You can exclude some items from detection, such as folders, apps, websites, exploits, and files in the Exceptions section of Settings. Finally, you can see information about your account and product details in Settings as well.

There are a lot of things you can do with Malwarebytes Premium apk. It is even more exciting to discover it for yourself. In general, although sometimes there are notifications that appear on the screen about prohibited attacks, the scanning speed is still pleasant. The scanning process does not affect or slow down your device.

Overall Rating of Malwarebytes Premium Apk


An important advantage of Malwarebytes is its ease of use and its sophisticated set of tools. Basically, this application uses anti-malware, anti-spyware technology and security toolset to protect users from dangers by eliminating viruses in real time. Besides, users can be proactive with the program’s automatic scanning feature of the system arrangement.

With the latest tools, you can prevent your files from being locked or taken for ransom. Comprehensive defense can eliminate both known and unknown ransomware. In terms of software and browsers, it is encased in a four-layer defense. Therefore, it is difficult to break into and grab files.

Moreover, Malwarebytes also deals with infected or fake websites as it protects your download files from hacking attempts as well as contaminated ads. Some people often complain about lengthy scans that prevent them from using their computer. The manufacturer understands this concern, so they have provided the Ultra scan mode with a specific feature. You can run other tasks while scanning. And still this mode brings fast and efficient scans.


The first drawbacks of this powerful tool focus on its protective layers, which are difficult to test. In fact, exploit attacks work on a specific software version that contains the corresponding vulnerability. Sophisticated features such as ASLR or enforced DEP are only relevant when a sample of malware passes through other layers of protection. In addition, many independent antivirus testing labs attempt to create tests that simulate real-life situations. However, this simulation was not perfect yet. In other words, there is still simple recognition of files in tests.

The second drawback relates to customer support. Many users complain about the customer service. More specifically, the official website provides customers with live chat support and a phone number. But their performance still disappoints customers as there are often no agents available in chat. You always have to wait. They offer another support through Contact Support, which requires you to create a ticket. You describe your problem on this ticket, and of course this method is not helpful. Despite creating a forum, most users hate sorting in a lot of topics. Time is wasted to find an answer to only one question. In short, if this support can be improved, users will have a more satisfying experience.

questions and answers

How do I activate the premium version of Malwarebytes?

After purchasing Malwarebytes Premium, you launch the application and click on Activate License. It’s at the top right of the dashboard. After that, there is a notification asking you to enter the license key. After that, click Activate. If the premium license is activated, the word “Premium” will appear next to the application logo.

Does malware scan my phone automatically?

Yes, of course. Malwarebytes scans your device for any threats automatically. Additionally, you can set your own examination schedule. Scan mode includes hourly scanning, daily scanning, monthly scanning, and more. You can also choose to schedule multiple scans and scan for automatic quarantine programs.

What are the platform requirements for Malwarebytes?

The latest version of Malwarebytes is now version 4. So, for Android phone users, you need Android 4.4 (KitKat) platform and later. And with iPhone users, the iOS platform is 11 and above.

Is Malwarebytes Premium a good antivirus?

Malwarebytes Premium has been tested many times and has also received a lot of positive reviews from customers. The app offers powerful protection within the interface, making it easy to navigate and use. It ensures that your device is better protected than any other free antivirus. With its direct pricing structure, it gives you different plans and caters to different requirements. Overall, Malwarebytes Premium would be a good choice.

Will Malwarebytes Have a Money Back Guarantee?

After purchase, you can apply for a 60-day refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

bottom lines

Malwarebytes Premium APK is really a premium antivirus with powerful anti-malware ability. Although it does not seem to offer a wide range of additional features or customer support, it still deserves to be one of the best antivirus products due to its four layers of simultaneous real-time protection.

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