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Make It Rain MOD APK 8.27 Download (Unlimited Money) for Android

Welcome back, my dear friend! Today, I am going to introduce you to a very silly game. Wait, this isn’t blasphemy. I haven’t tested a game like this let it rain in my life. However, its simple and crazy features helped this game earn up to $50,000 in actual money every day.

Can we become billionaires and spend a lot of money every day? This question may take a lifetime to get an answer. But you can still answer this question with Make it rain: love of money.

Let me give a summary for easy understanding. In this game, you will just swipe, swipe and swipe. In this way, investing the right amount of money, you will soon become rich and find your way to become rich.

You feel interesting, right? Let’s explore this game with me!

an introduction

Game Make It Rain: The Love of Money is available in two versions for computers and mobile devices running Windows Phone 8 or higher. The game will bring you moments of relaxing spending like a billionaire with simple gameplay.

The game is suitable for all ages, and anyone can play it with just a few taps on the game screen. The developer released this game a long time ago and received a lot of love from players with a very simple interface.

In particular, the game is completely free to release, however, some players will encounter some third-party ads during the game. True to its name, money will be constantly dropped like rain.

At first, the players will get a huge amount of money, as a billionaire, we will participate in playing the game, constantly swiping the screen to let the money in the device fall.

The amount of money drawn while scrolling is the number of points scored by the player. The number of points scored by the player will be used to make in-game settings such as upgrading hardware in the game.

The most popular is a device that helps us count money faster so that players can score more points for every swipe on the screen.

You can use the money to upgrade devices and the money you receive for every swipe on the screen. With each upgrade, the earned money will increase rapidly. The task will not be so difficult once we find the base.


  • Type: casual
  • Size: 50m
  • Installs: 5,000,000+
  • Operating systems: iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows
  • Age: Not suitable for children under 12 years old
  • sexual allusion
  • Interactive Elements: Digital Procurement
  • Provided by: Space Inch, LLC

a story

According to information from VentureBeat, after exceeding 1 million downloads on iOS and Android, Make It Rain earns at least $50,000 per day from ads and in-game transactions. This result of the work would be even more “terrible” if compared to the cost of the studio Space Inch Games to produce it only about $ 1,000.

Why do I say “make it rain stupid and crazy”? It is very simple, that during the game you only have one thing to do and that is to swipe the screen to let the bills fall from the endless pile of coins – your score is calculated with the amount and withdrawable. Therefore, withdraw as quickly as possible.

The higher the score, the more you can spend on in-game upgrades. These upgrades fall into 3 categories: increase the face value of money for each pass, increase the level of automatic investment that increases money when the game is open, and investment to increase the money itself when the game is turned off.

And all of these kinds of promotions are labeled very big, like business investment – financial investment and political investment. For example, when you upgrade Business Investment, you can increase the face value of your deposit, from initially $1 to $2, then $5, $100, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars so that each swipe becomes more valuable. .

The interesting thing is that the promotions are named from the newspaper Giao, selling lemonade, selling flowers, opening cafes for low-cost promotions – for money-making businesses like the casino, and production.

Tobacco, smuggling, oil extraction and power plants will bring you more money every second. One detail that reflects the realities of life, the writer only wonders, is that the arms industry and the trade industry are nowhere to be seen.

In financial investment and political investment upgrades, players can invest in upgrades so that the money will flow to themselves even after the game is closed or the device is closed.

Make It Rain does not have a story set. As we mentioned above to bring actual entertainment moments to the players. It will satisfy you with infinite amounts of money that real life does not have, and that is counting money.

The game hit the psychology of money-loving players, using virtual money to become a billionaire player. Money will rain when you know the rules.

Maybe you’ll start selling lemonade on the sidewalk, or build a casino or university. Or maybe you’ll have to bribe a federal judge and count the dollars in rolls! Or maybe the FBI will show up at your doorstep and take your money. Be very careful or else you will need to prepare some kickbacks right away!

Is he making rain a stupid game? Or are you using this argument to justify failure? Do not forget to buy a bucket, because even talented players will not win forever. So, swipe, swipe constantly, swipe as fast as possible to get the score.

The amazing sales along with the huge number of downloads indicate the success of Make It Rain, but it will surprise you even more when you know that this game was created by Space Inch Games with a capital.

It costs no more than $1,000 and is seen as “paving the way” for the biggest investment line, Disco Biz. Besides, there are still some things that are hard to accept. The scene of throwing money and throwing money in the game is associated with many silly actions in hip-hop music videos.

The developer was surprised by the popularity of Make It Rain. Joshua Segall, co-founder and game developer at Space Inch commented:

“We don’t think (make it rain) will attract players and make big profits like this…what happened is unbelievable.”

The success of Make it Rain sent a cohesive message to game makers that they were wasting time. Instead of racing to release poor quality games, they should focus on developing a consistent game and improving its quality.


With simple gameplay, Make It Rain has a special charm. Here are some of the features that you will surely enjoy:

Make a rain of money when you swipe as much as possible

Make It Rain is an investment simulation game. While his gameplay can be easily understood by any player, it is undeniable that his appeal is exotic.

After a short period of trial, I kept swiping and swiping and getting free money. It’s embarrassing, but I couldn’t stop the claws.

What can be more attractive in just a few clicks, can you become a billionaire? You do not receive actual money. But whatever it is, this is an entertaining game. At least you will get a lot of virtual money every day with Make It Rain.

Consider the possibility of investment

Once you have a certain amount of capital in your account, you should think about what you are going to do next. If you scroll forever, you will quickly get bored. Especially since your profits will stop at these low levels.

Any capitalist is considered an investment, which is the last step on the road to becoming a billionaire. If invested appropriately, I am sure the money will flow like water.

Although you might start a lemonade stand or a casino, these are all potential businesses. All you have to do is click and tap until you buy a federal judge. Swipe Up, Tap Tycoon, Tap Riches!

Get a reward from your capitalist legacy

I know this is ugly but to keep the money flowing in this game you can swipe right and cheat your heart a bit. Be the person you want to be.

I became a capitalist to make friends with members of Congress. If you don’t like it, you can turn to an institutional investor. So you can easily grow your massive fortune.

Insider trading will make you nervous and risk-averse

s. Keep it, this secret must be kept secret!

Transferring assets as desired

The player’s property will last forever, passed down from generation to generation even when the player is a RIP. What could be better than building one hand for your business and your pedigree becoming the richest people on Wall Street?

You can get a lot of rewards when you transfer cash cows to your family. Swipe and tap to check asset increase such as number of piles for each member of the extended family.

Some tips to know when playing

Earn money in many ways

In Make It Rain, you can earn money in different ways than swiping. Focus on this and you will get a lot of money. You should try the following three methods:

swipe quickly

Although this basic method will yield the highest productivity, you will have to scan it regularly. If it were me, I wouldn’t spend all day playing games. Therefore, this is only the first method that we should consider other methods.

financial income

When you invest, the dollar flow slows down is the beginning of this method. When you access the app, it happens automatically, and you don’t have to scroll as hard.

political income

This third method is convenient because you can still receive income even if you close the application. But please note that you test it after a few hours.

Invest in virtual goods

Basically, Make It Rain is an investment game, converting coins into sales to deal with them in three different ways:

  • Financial investment: helps you increase your ability to earn money
  • Commercial investment: the higher the bill, the more effective the scroll
  • Policy: Increase the volume of the container and check it regularly each time it is full.

You can upgrade more items, and the amount of money increases accordingly. However, you must make the right decisions to get the highest income.

Graphics and sound

If the gameplay was too simple, the graphics and sound wouldn’t have much to say. Throughout the game, money, money and money are environmentally friendly. But the writer was particularly impressed with the Pre-Rain effect – which goes perfectly with its name Make It Rain – which felt…so divine.

The make it rain sound is also very simple. There is no background music and only creaking sound as each bill comes out of the money pile. Something similar to the flutter of the wings of a flappy bird. A little imagination said: make it rain you still only miss one thing, and that is…the smell of money to really make players “over the top”.

last thoughts

The first time I opened it, I felt hopeless, aimless, didn’t understand what game she was doing, what it was, and it kept counting virtual money forever. But in the end, I suddenly realized, that the game struck the right, deepest and most interesting greed of every human being: get rich and promise immeasurable money.

The mobile gaming platform always has a lot of people to invent and, above all, to take advantage of its power. Sometimes developers don’t need to come up with a game that’s too complex, too big, or too beautiful, but just needs to focus a lot on what people want.

The game has a simple sound, as well as the picture is not too picky, but still gives players a peculiar appeal. If you want to find a light and simple game to entertain after stressful working hours, then Make it Rain: The Love of Money is for you.

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