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Link Fotos De Vítimas De Serial Killers


Link Fotos De Vítimas De Serial Killers – , starring Evan Peters as a serial killer, the production has already become the 5th biggest debut of all time on the platform and has sparked controversy on social media.

Born May 21, 1960, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer, he was described as an energetic and happy child until the age of 4, when surgery to repair a double hernia seemed to transform him. After that, he seemed grumpy and was always a little tough and mostly friendless as a teenager. He grew up listening to his parents fighting, so at the age of 14, he started drinking and drinking alcohol.

Link Fotos De Vítimas De Serial Killers

Link Fotos De Vítimas De Serial Killers

Geoffrey’s interest in inanimate objects was evident early on. At the age of four, his father would dig out animal bones from under his family’s house and he was always excited to hear them. At first, he collected large insects in vases, but later, as a teenager, he began collecting animal carcasses on the side of the road. As Jeffrey reaches adulthood, he realizes that he is gay, but keeps it to himself. And then, he fantasizes about a relationship where he has complete control over his partner. This is gradually associated with surgery.


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When Jeffrey was about 16 years old, he thought of a fantasy in which he played a runner who subconsciously found him attractive and then used his body. So to make up for it, he hides in the bushes in a baseball cap and waits for her. But the runners did not come to the field that day. Jeffrey later admitted that this was the first time he had tried to assault and assault someone. The runner, by chance, for some reason, could not follow the normal routine of the day and was saved, but the next victim, Geoffrey, was not so lucky.

Jeffrey committed his first murder on June 18, 1978, three weeks after graduating from high school. At the time, he was living alone in his family’s home in Bath, Ohio, after his parents divorced. That day he picked up a rider named Stephen Mark Hicks, who was about 19 years old. Stephen is going to a rock concert in Lockwood Corners, but when Jeffrey offers to come over to his house for a drink, he agrees. After a while, Steven wants to leave and Jeffrey doesn’t want him. So, as he sat on the bench, Jeffrey hit him twice on the back of the head with a 10-pound dumbbell.

As he falls forward unconscious, Jeffrey chokes him with a dumbbell bar. Then, he undressed Steven and masturbated on top of the body. The next day, Geoffrey disinterred her body in his basement, her body buried in a shallow grave dug in the backyard. A few weeks later, Jeffrey dug up the remains and separated the meat from the bones. He dissolved the skin in acid before flushing it down the toilet and crushing the bones, then scattered them in the woods behind his house.

Nine years later, on November 20, 1987, Jeffrey – while staying with his grandmother in Milwaukee – ran into 25-year-old Stephen Tuome of Ontonagon, Michigan at a bar. He convinced her to spend the night with him at the Ambassador Hotel, where he had rented a room for the night. Jeffrey only planned to drug and rape Stephen while he was unconscious, but ended up killing him as well. But this time, when he woke up, he couldn’t remember the events of the previous night or the murder. Jeffrey buys a large suitcase to transport the body to his grandmother’s house, where he dismembers Stephen, masturbates with the body, and keeps and uses the skull for at least a few weeks.

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After Steven’s murder, Jeffrey began actively searching for victims, usually finding them in gay bars or on the streets. Therefore, he usually took them to his grandmother’s house, where he drugged them with alcohol mixed with sleeping pills and then strangled them. After that, he did all sorts of sexual things with the corpse. Two months after Stephen, Jeffrey killed a 14-year-old Native American prostitute named James Dostator; who took her to her grandmother’s house with an offer of 50 dollars for a nude photo. Then, on March 24, 1988, Jeffrey met and killed a 22-year-old bisexual man named Richard Guerrero. This time, Geoffrey was able to do it just by offering his money, $50 to spend the night with her.

In September 1988, Jeffrey was arrested for drugging and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy he had lured by pretending to be naked. Early the following year, he was convicted of second-degree sexual assault and child seduction for immoral purposes. Two months later, on March 25, 1989, Jeffrey took the life of his fifth victim, a 24-year-old model named Anthony Sears. With Anthony, Geoffrey goes one step further – after the murder and decapitation, he permanently freezes and preserves his head and genitals in acetone.

Over the next two years, the number of Jeffrey’s victims only increased, reaching a total of 17. He also developed rituals as he progressed – experimenting with chemicals to permanently remove or preserve the body parts of his victims or photographing them as they were committed. killing and cutting their bodies. In addition to masturbating or engaging in other necrophilic practices with corpses, Jeffrey Dahmer even began to eat his victims. Sometimes Jeffrey would drill holes in their skulls while they were still alive to inject hydrochloric acid into them. Ingesting acid is in the hope of obtaining a permanent submissive partner.

Link Fotos De Vítimas De Serial Killers

In May 1990, Jeffrey killed a 32-year-old prostitute named Raymond Smith. Then, a month later, she lured a 27-year-old acquaintance named Edward Smith into her home. He tried to freeze Edward’s skull but it didn’t work and he couldn’t keep any part of it. Less than three months later, Jeffrey took a 22-year-old Chicagoan named Ernest Miller to his home, again for just $50. . And a week later, on September 24, Jeffrey took the life of David Thomas, another 22-year-old. He saved two skulls.

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During the next five months, Geoffrey killed another, but several times he tried to lure the young man to his house. It was in February 1991 that he struck again with the murder of 17-year-old Curtis Stratter, whom he had seen at a bus stop. Geoffrey held his skull, hands and genitalia, photographing each stage of the process. On April 7, he killed his eleventh victim, 19-year-old Errol Lindsey. Errol is followed by Tony Hughes, 31, and Konerak Cintasomfon, 14. Konerak is the younger brother of Jeffrey, who was convicted of assault in 1989.

After all this, Jeffrey went to Chicago, where he killed his last four victims: Matt Turner, 20, on June 30, Jeremiah Weinberger, 23, on July 5, Oliver Lacey, 24, on July 15, and Joseph Bradhoft, 25. , who turned one year old on July 19. On July 22, 1991, when Jeffrey was trying to capture his eighteenth victim, 32-year-old Tracy Edwards, he was caught and arrested. After a bit of a struggle, Tracy managed to escape and found two police officers. He called for help and led them to Jeffrey’s apartment, putting an end to the serial killer’s crimes.

As we speak, Jeffrey’s first murder was on June 18, 1978, when he beat and strangled 18-year-old Stephen Mark Hicks at his parents’ home in Ohio. Likewise, his last victim was 25-year-old Joseph Arthur Bradhoft, whom he strangled on July 19, 1991, in his Milwaukee home. Between 1978 and 1991, Jeffrey killed at least 17 men and boys in Ohio and Wisconsin. . Unfortunately, it is not known how many victims he ate, as he never spoke in detail about his cannibalistic habits.

However, we do know that the serial killer preferred to cut and dismember his victims before keeping their skulls and limbs. Some accounts say that Geoffrey used one or another body part from all seventeen of his victims. However, this hypothesis is debatable and should be considered hearsay, as we know that he butchered his first victim before dissolving the flesh in acid and crushing the bones. Although he had disposed of all of his previous victims, Jeffrey did not begin collecting body parts until he killed 22-year-old Richard Guerrero on March 24, 1988.

Quem Foi Jeffrey Dahmer?

When it comes to Guerrero, Jeffrey follows the usual operandi method for dispersal


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