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Latest Baby Eaten Alive By Rats Livescore


Latest Baby Eaten Alive By Rats Livescore – A three-month-old baby born in South Africa was eaten by giant rats after his mother left him alone to indulge in alcohol.

In Katlehong, Johannesburg, a girl has died after her mother left her unattended overnight, reports Khaleej Times Africa.

Latest Baby Eaten Alive By Rats Livescore

Latest Baby Eaten Alive By Rats Livescore

A 26-year-old mother was arrested for child neglect when she returned to the shack in the morning to find her baby’s remains covered in blood on the bed.

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The girl’s twin, named Lucky, was not in such a bad state as when he drank with her.

Explaining the fear, the neighbor said: “The child could have died painfully. The child’s tongue, eyes and fingers were eaten.

“In addition to these missing body parts, the remains of his body had bites and wounds all over his body caused by the sharp teeth of rats. This woman should rot in prison.”

Giant rats, some of which grow up to a meter in length, are a serious problem in the poor villages of South African cities.

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According to the Khaleej Times, in 2011 two girls were killed and eaten in separate incidents in contaminated villages.

Lunati Dvadva, 3, was killed in a shack outside Cape Town while lying on the ground next to her parents.

A month before Nomathemba’s 77-year-old grandmother Joya died, rats gnawed at her face while she slept. When the RSPB wiped out cats on a remote British island in 2002, it was seen as a conservation victory that allowed endangered frigatebirds and masked baboons to escape. succeed.

Latest Baby Eaten Alive By Rats Livescore

Hundreds of feral cats are trapped, euthanized or poisoned on Ascension Island, a British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic, while domestic cats are neutered and registered under an ambitious two-year project funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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But the program appears to have had unforeseen consequences for many populations of the black tern, a small, alarming black and white seabird.

According to Dr. Jim Reynolds of the University of Birmingham, despite hundreds of cats fighting the pest, the number of rats has “exploded” and the rats are increasingly eating black tern chicks and eggs.

The number of Steve Copsey terns has decreased by 84% over the past 60 years. Photo: Steve Copsey.

Dr. Reynolds of the Center for Ornithology believes that the rats attacking the chicks are already weakened by the fall of the fish, causing them to turn into nutrient-poor octopuses.

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He traveled to museums around the world looking for specimens of stuffed terns from Ascension Island so that he could compare the chemical traces in their feathers to modern terns and see how their diet has changed.

“In the background, there are nutritional issues that have existed for 20-30 years where chickens are weak because they eat unhealthy food, but now we have a new animal, mice, which we did not have. the problem is they kill young terns,” said Dr. Reynolds, whose team plans to radio-tag the rats to keep track of their whereabouts.

“There was a problem with domesticated cats escaping human habitats and preying on seabirds, but since the 2002 program there has been great success in restoring frigatebirds and boobies.

Latest Baby Eaten Alive By Rats Livescore

“But since then we have been seeing an explosion of mice. The removal of the apex predator allowed the mesopredator to flourish. And they go from the mountains to where sea birds breed.

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“Mice grow and grow and get bigger over time, so where they didn’t bother the terns, now they’re taking their chicks and their eggs.”

Ascension Island is the most important breeding station for seabirds in the South Atlantic, supporting a population that has declined from 20 million to 11,000 due to cats and rats over the past 150 years.

The removal of the feral cat occurred between 2002 and 2004, and the island was declared cat-free in 2006. Pets must be on a leash and their details must be kept in the registry.

Prior to this cat extermination program, birds and boobies were driven out of the country, leaving only a few breeding pairs on a small island off the coast. But seabirds have now covered the island with more than 1,500 pairs of boobies in 2015 and 335 birds in the current breeding season. 10 out of 11 seabird species expelled from the island have returned.

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Dr. Judith Brown, director of conservation and fisheries for the Ascension Island government, said the rats are attacking black tern chicks, but it’s not clear how many are causing the population decline.

“While a black tern chick has been seen alive and appears to have been attacked by a rat, there are no quantitative data on how often this occurs and how severely it affects seabirds.

“Rats are reported to destroy abandoned eggs and dead chickens, but the causes of abandonment and death are unknown. The presence of pets can affect the survival of chickens.”

Latest Baby Eaten Alive By Rats Livescore

Dr. Brown said climate change is also increasing Mexican thorn and guava plants, which provide food and habitat for rodents, which could exacerbate the problem.

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However, the RSPB has had successful eradication operations to protect birds, such as on Henderson Island, part of Britain’s Pitcairn Overseas, where rats have eaten 25,000 petrel chicks annually.

Jonathan Hall, our head of overseas regions, said: “The rat issue is definitely something we’re trying to address at the moment.

“Currently, there is no conclusive evidence for the rate of rat predation or population growth. But in the past we planned to get rid of rats2.

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