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Kingdom Wars 2.2.1 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Download


Kingdom Wars MOD APK is a very attractive defense strategy game that has plenty of “space” to freely show your creative tactical talents. It is also highly appreciated by many players for both plot and gameplay. Let’s see how things go in the game.

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The ultimate tower defense game on the planet!

Basic but great graphics

Instead of focusing on a complex picture and extremely high capability, Kingdom Wars has a fairly basic design. The soldiers and monsters in this game are created in a cute and fun chibi style. The surrounding perspective is also very relaxing without too many layers to make a difference in feel.

The sound is not very special. The background music is soft but not varied. The sound is basically chopping and chopping effects throughout the gameplay. Players who have high expectations for graphics and sound may be a bit disappointed. But, in return, when you enter the game, you will be astounded by the unique gameplay of Kingdom Wars.

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The story in Kingdom Wars is up to you to understand. For those who don’t care much about the story, Kingdom Wars defense is basically just a monster invading the kingdom and you have to lead the entire army to protect the area. Anyone who has ever played a game called Dragon Storm from the same company will know that this is the sequel. Many years ago, once monsters were defeated by humans, trapped in the depths of the earth. But now they have accumulated enough hidden weapons, intense hatred and decided to “take revenge”. From here, begins a series of invasions of the human kingdom more intense and prolific than the previous one.

Unique gameplay

Basically, Kingdom Wars is about castle protectors, but the beauty lies in the many small details in the gameplay process. It is a condition that makes you constantly get surprised every time you discover something interesting and unexpected.

You will lead the soldiers through strategic planning, control the generals to deal with them, and prevent attacks from the crazy monsters out there. The screen is divided into two halves, the left side is the host faction, and the right side is the monster faction. Monsters will constantly attack, and will display all kinds of tricks that will make you constantly struggle.

The first interesting point starts when you realize that monsters have many different skills. Each of them has a unique movement, size, shape and method of attack. In our team, soldiers also have exceptional skills. However, the number of uses is always limited depending on the type, so you should think about it constantly and use it only when absolutely necessary. This limitation forces the player to constantly think, judge and make urgent decisions. At this point, you will understand that although this is a small game, the amount of work that you have to take on is not small at all.

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The second attraction is in the upgrade system that is so diverse that it is very confusing. In fact, every game of the same genre has an upgrade mode from weapons to soldiers. But in Kingdom Wars, the system is much deeper. There are two attributes that you will level up: soldiers and castle.

Specifically, with soldiers, you will have the opportunity to increase their strength, and then every time you exceed the level, you will get gold coins. This gold coin is used to “buy” new soldier characters with different skills and destructive power. Note: the amount of money to buy soldiers is quite high, so you also need to think carefully.

Strongholds are also upgradeable. If the minions are to attack, then the castle is what you can do to strengthen your defenses and stop the enemy effectively. There are several upgrade stats for the castle: increase its hardness or weapon power. In particular, there is an additional food formation rate, which represents the entire force’s survival capacity for both the people in the city and the soldiers fighting around it. Remember, there is no point in preaching to a hungry man.

Fantastic tactics

You will witness the “overwhelming” levels in the kingdom wars, where the tactical element rises to another level. It’s still easy to pass the first few levels, but during the later stages, the battle is really tense. Monsters are constantly flowing one by one, sometimes rushing along with the whole herd. They have dragons and ghosts, buffalo-headed monsters, horse-faced monsters, bull demon king, ghost snake… all the monsters you can think of are in kingdom wars.

And most importantly, it is not easy for all of them to die. You have to use a sledgehammer to fall from the top to crush them, use a hurricane to blow up a group of monsters, use a heavy hero with iron wings to shoot a series of arrows, huge spaceships… you will be able to stop them.

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The tactic lies in the fact that it is not possible to have all these powerful attacks and minions at the same time. Open little by little, there are limited options, you have to grasp the situation skillfully, correctly position the soldiers front and back, coordinate smart attacks, make good decisions to be able to narrow through the scene. It’s really hard to get every victory.

Amazing numbers

Kingdom Wars contains more than four hundred levels from easy to very difficult. You have more than two hundred types of soldiers and enemies ready to go to war depending on your ability to open the lock, one hundred soldiers with big appearance with exceptional skill set. Just hearing it can make you feel very excited.

MOD APK version of Kingdom Wars

MOD . Feature

Unlimited Money


Diamonds increase when exchanged for gold.

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The strategy game is very great to show the fighting talents, commanding the troops to arrange generals of any high level player. The graphics are not impressive but it is enough to create an exciting environment throughout the game. Well it’s worth it for several days of experience, guys.

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