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Idle Army Base Mod Apk 2.2.0 (Free upgrade/purchase) download

Idle Army Base, from Neon Play, is an idle world building game where you focus on creating a powerful military base. Like all good idle games, this one features time-based gameplay, with a world that keeps progressing even when you’re not actively playing. You start out as a simple military leader, but you have a lot of potential, and your senior officials have already realized it. Soon you will be in charge of developing the place, completing challenges and building your army arsenal to create a formidable military base.


There are a few key areas that you need to focus on to improve the strength of your army base. Upgrade your base value with new expansions, improve your performance speed, bring more troops to your base by increasing the capacity of your troops, and make sure queues are fast for all the different areas of your base. It will not be easy, there is no place for lazy soldiers in this military base. Do you have what it takes to build the best military base the world has ever seen?

Best Features of Idle Army Base

Idle Army Base includes all the best features of classic Android idle games, which means you don’t have to stick to your phone to get the most out of this game. Life in your base continues at a steady pace and you can enjoy the game’s decent graphics, nice soundtrack, and admire your busy soldiers. Each area of ​​your base has unique animations, and you can watch your troops train in Urban Warfare, or practice in the yard. Here is a list of the best features of the game and why you should download Idle Army Base today.


Great graphics, watch the progress of the base

The game has great graphics and is well designed. Each area of ​​your base is unique, and it clearly shows how fast you are progressing as your base evolves larger and larger. You can reach a high capacity of soldiers very quickly, and the game runs well even under the greatest pressure of your growing army. Although there isn’t a lot of fine-grained management, this idle game is very satisfying, and that’s all that matters in a game like this.

Completing challenges will help you progress faster

There is a wide range of different challenges to complete in the idle army base which helps you to progress quickly through the game. These challenges are clearly detailed and easy to complete once you turn off the game mechanics. It can be anything from training a new battalion of Arctic Warfare troops, to creating a well-maintained training ground to keep your troops fighting fit. Here is a quick summary of the different challenges you can complete in the game.

idle-army-base-apk latest version

Every soldier has to start somewhere…

Before you can even start thinking about any kind of advanced warfare, you have to start with the basics. Every soldier must be fit to fight to get anywhere in the world of military prowess, and that starts with the exercise yard. This helps improve the performance of your soldiers and allows for a greater intake of new recruits. You’ll find dumbbells, soccer balls, monkey bars, and more, all specifically designed to be military-grade quality.

Train your soldiers in the art of war

A good army is a balanced army. You need troops capable of doing all kinds of combat action, from fighting on beaches to fighting in the mountains to fighting under the waves. There are no limits to battles in this modern era, and your troops must be prepared for anything! Urban Warfare teaches your forces how to control urban environments, from swat through building to building eliminating bad guys. Arctic Warfare is self-explanatory, and requires a special caliber of soldier to handle the cold temperatures. Fighting in the jungle is a nightmare – hot, sticky and full of insects. You will need to train your soldiers how to handle these difficult conditions.


Variety of weapons means your army can handle anything

As you develop Idle Army Base, you will be able to equip your soldiers with a range of different weapons, and as any good general knows, you need some full firepower to win wars. First, the basics: assault rifles and army gear. This is your first step into the realm of martial power, but don’t worry, things only get more intense as you progress. You can build tanks, rocket launchers, high-powered weapons, and all kinds of other vehicles. Get your hands on artillery to take down outposts from afar, build machine guns to hold important outposts, and develop chemical weapons if the next world war requires serious action.


Special Forces, Unique Requirements

No army will succeed without its unique forces. Whether it’s paratroopers trained to take down positions behind enemy lines, or Explosives experts who will defuse bombs or plant explosives in sensitive areas, your military base needs to make sure it’s getting plenty of specialized troops out. These are special upgrades that you will unlock as you progress in building your idle army base, and they take much longer to build than your average troop. When you get to this point, you know you did a great job creating a military base!

Idle Army Base Mod APK – Free Upgrade + Purchase

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