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How to find out your Samsung IMEI number. If you are looking for a way to determine your IMEI number, you have landed on the right page. This is because we will supply additional information regarding this topic. Here are advice and instructions on how to obtain your phone’s IMEI number if you don’t already know it.

What is IMEI?

Every cell phone has a unique code known as the IMEI number. Similar to ID cards, IMEI is quite useful as the identity of each cellphone you have. IMEI is also used by smartphone companies to connect phones to networks. This identity can also be used to create a blacklist of stolen phones.

What is the Function of the IMEI Number?

  • Useful when you want to register your phone for warranty
  • Block SIM Card
  • And many more!

How to find out your Samsung IMEI number

It is important to note that if your smartphone can support two mobile numbers, then you will have two separate IMEIs for the device.

1. Find out Your Email by dialing a specific code

The most straightforward approach of determining your device’s IMEI number. Users merely need to call the code *#06#* on their smartphones to the IMEI number. Here’s how:

  • Open the phone app
  • Press Keypad
  • On the keypad, enter *#06#* without pressing the call button
  • Here your IMEI number will be directly attached.

This is the most straightforward approach, however, it won’t get the job done very well because you can’t copy your IMEI number. You need to scribble everything down on paper, which can be very frustrating to work with.

2. Settings About Phone

You may also locate your IMEI by going into the Settings menu on your mobile device. You may find out information about your smartphones, such as the model number and the serial number, by going into the settings of your device. Your IMEI number is one of the many pieces of data that are saved within the settings app. How to do it:

  • Go to Settings
  • In the Settings section, look for About Phone
  • In About Phone, you will find the IMEI which will contain a 15-digit number.

3. In the Phone Box

If your Samsung smartphone is still in the box, you can find your IMEI number. On the back of a new cell phone box, generally you will get a sticker with the details of the cellphone you bought on the back. Here, you can also find the IMEI number of your smartphone in the sticker section.

4. Under Your Smartphone Battery

If your smartphone can’t be activated and the first 2 methods can’t be used, Samsung Phones generally provide a way to find your IMEI number on the back of your phone. But if not, and you have an older model smartphone, you can open your battery and find your IMEI number under the battery. Keep in mind that if you have a smartphone with built-in battery, this method may damage your smartphone.

That’s a little way to get your IMEI number on your SAMSUNG phone. Hopefully, the above guide can help you get the information you need.

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