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Horrorfield MOD APK 1.4.12 (Freeze Pyscho, Never Cage,Menu)

Horrorfield MOD APK Various types of games have been created for Inc, Skytec Games, allowing players to express their feelings differently. Survival games will make them anxious and require them to complete all their mental resources in order to survive. All this, download War Robots


for the field of horror apk mod, allowing players to express their feelings in different ways. Survival games will make them anxious and require them to complete all their mental resources in order to survive. Some of the scary aspects of horror games are that they will block images from a certain period and have scary scenarios.

Some of the most popular games that players have come across are Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and The Visitor. And you want to survive, you must download horror field mod.

It is known that the genre of this game is different. In it, players will be tied together to help each other survive. The game takes place in darkness shrouded in him, and is controlled by a psychopath. This area, but that’s not as straightforward as you might think.

See what is happening around you due to the lack of light bulbs. It will also be difficult to monitor what is happening around you, and you will most likely fall into the trap of people. To get out of this area, you will need to find the generator, and there are seven different types of characters in the game.


It might be the most terrifying horror adventure you’ve ever had!

The goal of the horror field mod is to provide players with a 3D perspective to observe what is happening around them and keep track of their teammates. It is currently a beta version only available to try and provide feedback to the creator. The company behind the mod is working to improve the central understanding to deliver the best possible experience after the official debut.

This multiplayer survival horror game is an exciting game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In a variety of ways. To survive the ax killer in the game, you must join your teammate.

scary design

The design of the horror field is very disturbing because it has a scary environment located in an ancient forest – the lights in this area dim as darkness approaches, a sign of approaching death. The effect of game bleeding is also stimulating and alarming.

assassinate or assassinate

In Horror Field, you will be able to play through one mode called Horror. It features a multiplayer mode that allows you to join a group of five people. You can also choose to play as either a survivor or an assassin.

The four different types of characters you can choose to play, as in the case of horror, are explorers. Each has their own specialty and skill set that they can use to improve their skills and save their teammates. For example, Stacey is a doctor who can use her skills to collect medicinal items from different locations on the map.

during the game. To survive, you will need to perform at a practical level while working with your teammates.

Horror Field map is completely self-contained. It features a variety of objects and weapons that you will need to find to survive. If you don’t see them, you won’t be able to survive. To become the winner of the game, you must complete all the stages.

Additional Functions and Important Items

Beautiful chase scenes that players perform in horror are the main factors that make the game unique. It also provides players with a variety of skills and abilities that they can use to improve their performance.

To take down The Psycho, you have to use different equipment and create new items in the game. However, this can be quite challenging since The Psycho can use many additional functions to make their weapons and abilities more deadly. Each version has its own unique balance that allows players to create their own unique experiences.

In-depth upgrade systems

In The Psycho and The Survivors, players will experience a complex and rich upgrade system that will allow them to improve their playing strategies. It will also give them various opportunities to invest in the entire game collection.

Pay attention to your heartbeat.

Since you won’t have access to a mini map, the camera will follow your character as they pass through the map. This can be very difficult as it allows the killer to find and kill you quickly. One small tip that gives you early warning is that disaster is about to happen.

If you can’t hear your heartbeat properly while playing Horror Field, use headphones to alert you. This will allow you to stop doing anything and start fleeing the area. An animated heart will also start beating faster as seen at the top of the screen.

Top Level Survivors

Character level is one of the most important factors players can consider when it comes to improving their character’s performance. This will allow them to gain vital stats such as speed, skill, and geometry. To upgrade the survivors, you must have a specific amount of silver. It can be obtained by playing four games of the game or given as a gift.

Handicrafts in the workshop

Without the necessary equipment and items, it will be difficult for you to escape or even defeat the lunatic temporarily. To make 13 different products, you’ll need an item layout.

You must level up a character to get a blueprint for their element. Next, you will need to learn the skill “Medical Tools” to create a first aid kit. This skill can be obtained by improving Mary’s level 3. After you master this skill, head to the workshop for her work and you will be able to build it every two hours after that. You can also upgrade him with silver to increase his stats. To equip an item, your character must have reached a certain level.

Unlock skills by leveling up

In addition to having their own abilities, every character in the horror field has a list of skills. To learn how to unlock these skills, go to the “Survivor Camp” menu and press the “Skills” button. For example, if you upgrade Jack to level 9, you can unlock his “Egoist” skill. When leaving the psychiatrist’s den, he will gain 30% more experience and silver.

Schemes for different items can be unlocked by acquiring specific skills. Among them is the “amateur chemist” of Jack. This skill can be used to improve the energy drink item. This item will increase the character’s running speed for a short time.

To buy some time, go to the buildings.

The survivors can try to escape by hiding inside the buildings. Various types of doors are presented in such structures, and they are more difficult to break than others. If you want to buy some time and escape, avoid these wooden door buildings.

Metal doors are also a good option because they allow the insane to take longer to demolish buildings. While doing this, try to go to the other side of the structure and avoid being tracked.

Do not stay inside the structure if the lunatic is knocking on the door. You will not be allowed to escape unless your speed is high. I think you should run in reverse to avoid being captured.

You will not be afraid anymore.

I was drawn to the other aspects of the job, because it allows you not to feel intimidated anymore. First you have to find and destroy the other players to take control of the madman. Just like in first-person shooter games, you have to use your manic skills to eliminate other players. You can also use the saw you have to track down and kill others. When approaching other players, you must have a specialty.

The game has its share of difficulties. When other players die, you have to kill them multiple times to save them. If you don’t react quickly, other survivors will try to help the person you just discovered. If you don’t respond right away, other players will try to find you and take you down.

In addition to seven characters, different outfits and weapons are available for each character. The hunting style of each character can be very satisfying for the players.

Players review

I’ve played the game since the beginning, and I love it, but since the last update, it’s getting more and more difficult to play. During my first experience, the scary music played when the psychic approached the player, and since I removed that, it became difficult to play with a heartbeat. Despite this, the game is still good, and I hope the next update will improve the features.

Some of the ideas I would like to see implemented in the game will greatly improve the gameplay. One of these is for poachers to move survivors into cages so they can escape. Also, the characters should be more intuitive, which makes collecting items easier. Another important aspect of the game is to add more goals so it doesn’t get boring.

Apps and games must follow company rules to be on the Google Play Store. The horrific mod APK file does not meet these rules because the app does not have a premium or modded version. This is why it is not available. Millions of games and apps are available in the store, but only a few can be considered for approval.


This guide was written by APKMODKING, I hope you can easily understand everything covered in it. Ask them in the comments section below. Also, follow our other articles for more horror mod updates.

How to install Horrorfield Multiplayer Horror Mod?

We downloaded Horrorfield Mod MENU APK As simple as possible for everyone who visited our site. However, this guide will come in handy if you want to try out the game from external sources.

01.Click on Download APK button to start the download process.

02.After it is completed, open the file manager and select the desired application file Horrorfield Multiplayer-aldohermaya.com.apk.

03.When you install an APK file for the first time, your device may ask you for several permissions. You have to open the device settings and run a file Allow from this source. tab to allow installation.

04.After the game installation is complete, it is available to play!

05.Don’t forget to delete the original Horrorfield Multiplayer before installing our mod To prevent errors during installation.

credits:- Skytec Games, Inc. (Owner and Publisher).

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