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GTA SAMP 0.3.7 Hack | RapidFire’s Project Death Cheat (2022)

If you are looking for GTA SAMP 0.3.7 Hack then you are in the right place because this cheat can help you to get a lot of free and cool features that you can use in many online GTA servers without any problems. There are a lot of great servers in SAMP like UIF and Zombie Apocalypse, you can join any of these servers and be the best players with hack.

Remember that server administrators can always block you no matter what, so use the hack at your discretion and don’t overuse cheating or dissuade it in front of moderators, until they get suspicious. If you keep a low level in the game while using SAMP Cheat, you will never be banned.

RapidFire’z Project Death: Public Version 0.3 is a free hack for San Andreas Multiplayer. Many people use cheats in GTA SA, so why not do it? Head over to the download button below and get started.

  • Developed by: RapidFire
  • Status: Undiscovered
  • Last update: 10.10.22
  • Current version: v0.3 for GTA Samp 0.3.7

RapidFire Project Death: SAMP Hack | Version 0.3

Here are some of the features of GTA SAMP Hack 2022

  • target cheat
  • Weapon cheat
  • Sync settings
  • Anti-crashers
  • Crashers player
  • player cheats
  • Auto Cheats
  • troll cheat
  • arms
  • vehicles
  • teleport
  • Miscellaneous

Instructions for using GTA SAMP Hack 2022:

Please follow the instructions carefully so as not to get banned from the game.

  1. Download GTA SA, completely free of any mods.
  2. Download SAMP.
  3. Download the hack from below.
  4. Turn on the hack
  5. Open the menu by pressing [F11].
  6. Enjoy!

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