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Grounded: All Secret Keys and Chest Locations Guide

grounded It is a sandbox survival game that shrinks you down to a miniature action figure to fight killer insects in the backyard.

Scattered throughout this backyard are secret keys and chests that unlock your recipes for vital and powerful weapons and equipment to help you complete missions. Finding all of them takes time and effort.

Fortunately, this guide will help you find the secret keys and the locker of each one. Let’s dive in.

How to find secret keys and chests

Keys and chests are in separate locations. Let’s talk about each key about where to find them and discuss how to get to the chest to open it.

1. Mossy key

The mossy key is located in it koa pool. It’s in the area in front of the juice box. Once you get there, simply Swimming straight down.

As you swim down, you will see bubbles heading straight towards the surface. Make sure to touch the bubbles as they will refill the air. Then, just follow the path to the chest in front of the rootstock.

The key is in laboratory. Right after the lab, you’ll see a huge vet with an aisle underneath. This is a secret tunnel that leads you to mossy key.

2. Minotaur key

Minotaur key can be located in exposed tube. You will need to bring a level 2 dagger to break the wet roots inside the tube.

The switch is located in a narrow space behind the wet roots. Break the roots to get the key.

After that, the box falls on Picnic table top. To get into the picnic table, you have to pass through a tilted shovel past the lunchbox. If you keep following the past, it will eventually lead you to Minotaur’s labyrinth

Inside the Minotaur, the maze will be the Minotaur’s key box.

3. melting trench

The melted trench can be found in the infamous Sandbox. You can access this area through the zipline picnic table. The Sandbox creates a deadly Sizzle effect that builds up over time.

A good tip to avoid burr is to go to the shaded area and use the Antlion gear beforehand for the anti-burr effect.

The key will be buried next to a plant strand located in front of Shovel Shadow.

4. Key installed

The sticky key is the most hidden key in the game.

located in upper right back yard. To get there you need to find a way to get to Ladderand make your way to the branches to climb to brick top.

Once you reach the bricks, you will see a file giant bubble gum. Use a level 3 shovel to destroy it and you will find that the sticky key has been inside a piece of gum the whole time.

You can only simply slides After the key is discovered, because turning back will take a long time.

The box is located in the giant frame located in middle back yard. To find it, simply dive into the water and you will easily find the box inside.

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