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Full New Video Mr Traumatik Homophobic Tweet

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At , we are dedicated to amplifying the voices of women, especially those rarely heard or deliberately silenced. We are publishing Allison Bailey’s Crowdjustice post because CrowdJustice removed her page due to outside pressure. This in itself points to a deeply disturbing dynamic in a democratic society. We support Allison’s quest for justice, not only for her, but for all women.

Full New Video Mr Traumatik Homophobic Tweet

Full New Video Mr Traumatik Homophobic Tweet

My name is Allison Bailey. I am a defense attorney, a feminist, a lesbian, a lifelong activist for racial equality, lesbian, gay and bisexual rights, and a survivor of child sexual abuse.

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Along with other LGB rights activists, I helped create the LGB Alliance. In retaliation, Stonewall Diversity Limited (Stonewall), in conjunction with the Bar Association of which I am a member, launched an investigation against me. It was Stonewall’s attempt to intimidate and silence me and others who criticize what we see as a damaging influence on British life: workplaces, schools, universities, the police, the judiciary, the Crown Prosecution Service and all government departments.

I am raising funds to pay for legal representation to take this case to the Employment Tribunal to show that: no one should be discriminated against or victimized by the campaign for lesbian, gay and bisexual rights; LGB people are free to organize and campaign around sexual orientation, not trans rights, without apology or permission from Stonewall or anyone else; criticism and exploration of gender identity concepts that are contrary to or harmful to the interests, safety and rights of women, children and LGB persons are not hateful or transphobic.

I am from Oxford, England, the daughter of Jamaican immigrant parents. At the age of 17, I realized that I was attracted to people of the same sex, that I was a lesbian. It was the late 1980s, a desperately difficult and lonely time for a young lesbian, gay or bisexual woman in the United Kingdom. Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988 was a historic crime that left young LGB teenagers like me without any resources, support or guidance. I still carry the scars of that abandonment.

Although I belong to section 28 and come from a community not known for accepting homosexuality, I have fond memories of finding community with other LGB people in Oxford in the late 1980s. There were two gay pubs: the Merry Farmers and the Apollo. I attended both. There was also an evening disco above the co-op on Cowley Road. I knew that being an open and proud lesbian was as much an act of self-preservation as it was an act of defiance and activism. I knew it because I lived it. I remember sitting in the Apollo during the Silence = Death act when they explained the badge attached to my jacket. This was my community and I was determined and proud to be a part of it. I always have been.

Heterosexism, Racism, And The Mental Health Of Sexual Minority People Of Color

In my late teens I left section 28 Britain for the US. I would spend the next 6 years living and working in the US, mostly as a bookseller and community activist. I lived in The Castro and worked in the Mission District of San Francisco, CA; the epicenter of gay and radical left political activism, at the height of the AIDS epidemic.

I volunteered as a Black British woman working with African American women locally to provide advocacy, community support and friendship to other Black, straight and LGB women facing social, health and income inequality in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 1991, I watched with horror and anger the television footage of Los Angeles police officers surrounding and beating Rodney King, an unarmed black man, as he lay face down on the ground.

Full New Video Mr Traumatik Homophobic Tweet

I hoped, despite everything, that the police officers responsible would be brought to justice. In 1992, when these same officers were acquitted, I took to the streets in a peaceful protest along with many others in San Francisco while rioting in Los Angeles. As then, as now, LGB representatives from all walks of life stand in solidarity against racial injustice. That night I and many others were illegally arrested in San Francisco and illegally imprisoned. They sent me to Santa Rita Women’s Prison.

Decriminalizing Lgbtq+: Reproducing And Resisting Mental Health Inequities

I applaud the Black Lives Matter movement. I hope we are finally at a point in history when racial injustice and police brutality can finally be addressed and reparations made.

However, I reject the suggestion by trans activists and their supporters, including so-called anti-fascist journalists, that women like me should give way in our activism to more worthy causes and simply silence our concerns about promoting a new Stonewall trans activism. This argument itself seems racist, misogynistic, naive and condescending.

Just as there may finally be a reckoning for racial injustice, I hope that one day soon there will be a similar reckoning for male violence, oppression and hatred of women; including a depiction of a moment in history when men tried to run away with women’s rights.

At the beginning of 2018, when I first heard that there were plans to make life easier for trans people, my reaction was that it was good and I didn’t think twice. I kept coming across the term “TERF” but ignored it. I thought the bigots were just called out.

Risk And Protective Factors For Intimate Partner Violence Against Bisexual Victims: A Systematic Scoping Review

Then one day I clicked on a link: terfisaslur.com, where someone has collected online abuse directed at women who, I understand, have very valid concerns and questions about the wisdom of gender reassignment.

I learned that the new trans activism wants to destroy the differences between men and women; replacing gender with concepts of gender identity; that gender difference is a matter of self-identification; and requires that any man who wishes to identify as a woman must do so.

I learned that the new trans activism inexplicably focuses on young children and declares them “trans”; treating puberty as a disease to be blocked with powerful drugs; handing our young people into the arms of a multi-million dollar industry of big pharmaceutical companies and plastic surgeons.

Full New Video Mr Traumatik Homophobic Tweet

I’ve seen the same men who would like society to think of them as women quickly brandishing knives, axes, baseball bats and nooses, threatening to rape women who question the sanity of gender reassignment – TERFs.

Billy Eichner Says ‘bros’ Bombed Because “straight People Just Didn’t Show Up”

I realized that the new trans activism runs a harsh but effective system of punishment and reward: agree to all the demands of the trans lobby and be safe; beating objects and faces, insults, boycott, murder and cancellation of character.

I wanted to look away, pretend I didn’t see it; if it didn’t cause the worst misogyny, misogyny, misogyny I’ve ever encountered in my life.

I didn’t look away and I encourage others not to look away either. Thank you to the brave women who came before me, like the late, great Magdalen Burns, whose boldness and no-nonsense approach to calling for the new trans activism as a men’s rights movement, so clearly, gave me courage.

I realized that I didn’t have to accept that any man could legitimately claim to be a woman without having to undergo hormonal or surgical intervention, a psychological evaluation or a risk assessment.

The Transdiagnostic Origins Of Anxiety And Depression During The Pediatric Period: Linking Nimh Research Domain Criteria (rdoc) Constructs To Ecological Systems

I realized that it is normal and needless to say that it is reckless and naive to think that men will identify as women only if they are scary, brave and harmless: they are evil, abusive, predatory, unhealthy and completely grumpy, according to some it is a miracle. refuse to enjoy the benefits of free and easy access to women, their politics, safe spaces, sports, legal protection and identity.

I was shocked to discover that a significant number of male sex offenders are allowed to identify as women and nothing seems to be done to stop them. In England and Wales, around 40% or more of transgender men in prison are men convicted of sexual crimes, including rape and possession of the most serious indecent images of children. I read a constant stream of news stories from around the world about men who identify as women committing serious sexual crimes.

I find it abhorrent and completely unacceptable, and frankly unbelievable, that the new trans activism demands that sex crimes committed by men who identify as women be registered as women; and that these men may demand to be referred to by female pronouns.

Full New Video Mr Traumatik Homophobic Tweet

I found that women in prison are still vulnerable to serious sexual abuse and emotional distress because men, including sex offenders, are incarcerated with them. The new trans activism demands that a man’s desire to identify as a woman is more important than the rights of incarcerated women to safety and dignity. These women have no way out, no choice, they are trapped. I don’t see how there is anything else

Syndemics And Clinical Science

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